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GLORIOUS sets, fantastic musical numbers and (almost) as many jokes as a Jimmy Carr gig – Dick Whittington is pantomime heaven.

The Aylesbury Waterside Theatre’s second slapstick shindig is everything you could want in a panto – its rip-roaring fun, has spectacular set-pieces and is just a brilliant night out for people of all ages.

What it may lack in star power, it more than makes up with a stellar display of wonderful set-pieces, great performances and a genuinely funny script.

There’s something for everyone – for the adults, the jokes walk right up to the line of political correctness and innuendo acceptable for a family show, but never over-steps the mark.

And the kids will love the traditional and silly ‘it’s behind you’ moments.

Robbie Williams’ best mate Jonathan Wilkes is the headliner and plays a cheeky and charming Dick Whittington.

But it is Christian Patterson who steals the show as panto dame Sarah the Cook.

His over-the-top costumes, delivery and impromptu gags had the audience – and Wilkes – literally rolling with laughter.

They feed off each other on the stage and their chemistry is a joy to behold.

Traditionally, the panto dame is usually a banker for some belly laughs and the children love to cheer for the hero – but a good pantomime is nothing without a great villain, and Steven Serlin is a truly great panto villain.

There are also solid performances from EastEnders star Gillian Wright as Fairy Bow Bell and Suzanne Carley, who plays Alice.

But this pantomime belongs to the before mentioned comedy-trio – and the backstage team for some truly wonderful production work.

The sets are glorious - taking the audience through cobbled streets and onboard a storm-hit pirate ship before whisking them away to a Moroccan palace.

And the musical set-pieces are spectacular - including a rendition of the Disney singalong classic Under The Sea, featuring bubbles and glow in the dark fish. Clever stuff and beautifully executed.

The panto’s storyline says our hero comes to Aylesbury because the streets are paved with gold.

Well, in that case, Dick Whittington the pantomime must be encrusted with diamonds because it sparkles from start to finish.

A must-see family event.

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