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There's a catastrophe at the very beginning of Aylesbury's Cinderella as the actress playing Fairy Godmother is 'injured'. Fortunately, a first aider is on hand, bearing a remarkable resemblance to performer Suzanne Shaw, who is willing to step into her sparkly shoes at the last minute.

This scenario is pursued in the early stages of Act I to allow Shaw to enjoy a bit of banter with the audience as she steps in and out of her fairy character. Fortunately, it is left aside in the most magical Frozen-influenced sequence of the evening, when Shaw and Holly Brewer's sweet Cinderella prepare for the royal ball, and belt out Let It Go in the process.

Director Chris Nelson, who also appears as Dandini, ensures this traditional fare rocks along at a swift pace and showcases the talents of a strong ensemble. Tim Hudson and Dave Lynn are a top notch pair of conniving Ugly Sisters and Andrew Derbyshire, in the role of Prince Charming, impresses vocally throughout Russell Grant pops in as Baron Hardup, but it's almost a cameo.

Best of all is the bundle of energy that is Andy Collins' Buttons, whose rapport with the young volunteers during the pre-finale singsong had the audience in stitches.

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