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It is all of 20 years and more since Colin Baker became the sixth television incarnation of Doctor Who. Nevertheless, the recent revival of interest in the Time Lord ensures that his track record does not go unnoticed either on the Bath pantomime posters or during the largely traditional show itself. Baker, who makes the switch from cosmic do-gooder to equally flamboyant villain with some style as Fleshcreep, is even chased off the stage at the denouement by a young chorus member dressed as a Dalek.

Elsewhere, we are on pretty familiar panto territory, with the indomitable Chris Harris doubling as director and one of the very best dames in the land for the eighth entertaining year running. As usual, his Dame Trott is both a character study and a master class in female impersonation.

Everyone in the small cast has to work hard, with Jon Monie handling the slapstick comedy in infectious fashion as Simple Simon and Susan Penhaligon proving an absent-minded Fairy who seems to have strayed in from several other pantomimes. Lewis Bradley, in the title role, causes more than just Martine McMenemy's heart to flutter as the Princess, and Marcus Knibbs has more chances than usual to make his mark as the King.

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