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According to Joan Collins it was her close friend and pantomime veteran Christoper Biggins who talked her into making her pantomime debut in Dick Whittington playing Queen Rat at the Birmingham Hippodrome in 2010. Joan made her first panto appearance alongside lifelong fan Julian Clary and actor Nigel Havers aswell as the late Keith Harris and panto dame Jeffrey Holland. Joan is most famous for playing superbad Alexis in Dynasty, back in the outrageous eighties. She injected that Alexis attitude into her new role. “As Queen Rat, I am an absolute monster,” she said. “It’s a part that I know how to play very well. Panto is about being much larger than life, and I’ve no trouble with that at all. I come from a theatrical family,

with a long history of performers. My father and grandfather were theatrical agents and entrepreneurs.  My aunts Lalla and Pauline were musical comedy actresses. My grandmother was a soubrette — a singer and dancer — who toured South Africa in the early 20th century alongside her two sisters as the Three Cape Girls. I never saw Grandma in panto, but she did regale me with

stories of her successes in Britain as principal boy.

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In 1985 British born actress Emma Samms took over the role of Fallon Carrington from actress Pamela Sue Martin  and would play Fallon not only in Dynasty but also in it's spin off series The Colbys (She was the one who flew off in a UFO as part of the season finale!). Emma also returned to the Denver based saga for the 1991 TV reunion  movie some 2 years after the original series came to an end. In 2013 Emma took to the stage appearing as Fairy Twinkletoes in Jack an the  Beanstalk at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. Emma saw herself very much as part of a team effort and refused to be singled out as the star of the show and declined

celebrity billing, you would only have known she was appearing once you arrived for the show, she did not appear on any posters.     

1990 The Orchard Theatre Dartford.png


In 1986 Kate O'Mara joined the ranks of the prime time USA bitches alongside the likes of Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham - The power bitches who were dominating the glamour stakes in Dynasty and The Colbys. As Caress Morell she would give her sister Alexis a run for her money. O'Mara died on 30 March 2014 in a nursing home, aged 74, from ovarian cancer. She left a £350,000 estate, bequeathing £10,000 to the Actors’ Benevolent Fund and, after the funeral and legal fees, the remainder to her younger sister Belinda Carroll, a former actress. 


1983 Cinderella - Bristol Hippodrome 

1990 Sleeping Beauty - Orchard Theatre, Dartford
1992 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Orchard Theatre, Dartford

1993  Dick Whittington - Richmond Theatre
1994 Dick Whittington - 
 Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe
1996 Sleeping Beauty - Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage

1999 Aladdin - Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

1996 Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage.jpg
1992 Orchard Theatre Dartford.jpg


Born in Casablanca, raised in the UK and worked in Hollywood, Stephanie Beacham certainly upped the glamour stakes when she arrived in Dynasty and it's spin off series The Colbys as Sable Colby, cousin to Alexis. Stephanie was born with complete deafness in one ear and only partial hearing in the other but that was not going to hold her back, she was determined and carved out a successful film and television career. The 2006/07 season saw Stephanie appear in Snow White as the Wicked Queen Sadista at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford and she enjoyed it so much she returned to the same venue for Jack and the Beanstalk the following year, this time playing Venus Flytrap, an alternative villain to Fleshcreep. For the 2013/14 season Stephanie treated audiences at the Birmingham Hippodrome to her Wicked Queen in Snow White alongside John Partridge, Danielle Hope, Gary Wilmot Paul Zerdin, Matt Slack and fashion guru Gok Wan who was making his panto debut.


1982 as Prince Charming in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Theatre Royal, Norwich
1997 as Abanazar in Aladdin at the Theatre Royal, Norwich

In February 2010, Cazenove collapsed at his London home. He was taken to St Thomas' Hospital in London, suffering from septicaemia. He died on 7 April 2010 from the effects of the illness at St Thomas's Hospital, aged 66

1998 Theatre Royal Norwich.png


In 1989 Gordon Thomson appeared in Dick Whittington in Canada

Thompson was disappointed that the role of Adam was re-cast for the Dynasty Reunion movie despite the fact his commitments to filming the USA soap Santa Barbara left him unable to participate. In 2017 Thomson spoke out strongly against the all new version of Dynasty labeling it as 'Utter Shit' and an insult to the original. Around the same time Thompson also came out as gay.


In 1983 Michael starred as Aladdin over the pantomime season in a unique

show called 'Abbracadabara' which involved the music of Abba with all new lyrics

and a panto storyline.

Enjoy the Dynasty theme tune here

Enjoy the Dynasty reboot theme tune here

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