Flash Free Fridays is our new campaign for the 2021/22 panto season.

The matter of having flashing toys in an auditorium during pantomimes has been a bone of contention for many years with a lot of theatre goers whilst other people don’t mind them at all and in fact see them as being another part of the pantomime experience.

Flashing toys can be a huge distraction from the action on stage and at times can ruin amazing special effects.

So it’s time to give everyone the choice and the chance to tailor their panto experiences with the introduction of ‘Flash Free Fridays’.

‘Flash Free Fridays’ offers a day when venues agree not to sell any flashing items as part of their merchandise range and will actively promote these performances to audiences and encourage people not to bring along their own flashing toys as these will not be permitted in the auditorium at these select performances.

We have reached out to production companies and venues and below are those that have agreed to take part in offering Flash Free Friday performances.