2022 - Jack and the Beanstalk - London Palladium

2021 - Pantoland at the Palladium - London Palladium
2020 - Pantoland at the Palladium - London Palladium
2019 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the London Palladium

2018 - Snow White at the London Palladium

2017 - Dick Whittington at the London Palladium

2016 - Cinderella at the London Palladium

2015 - Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Plymouth

2014 - Jack & The Beanstalk at the Birmingham Hippodrome

2013 - Snow White at the Birmingham Hippodrome

2012 - Jack & The Beanstalk at the Mayflower Southampton

2011 - Robinson Crusoe at the New Theatre Cardiff

2010 - Aladdin at the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton

2009 - Jack & The Beanstalk Theatre Royal Nottingham

2008 - Robin Hood at the Birmingham Hippodrome

2007 - Cinderella at the Richmond Theatre

2006 - Cinderella at the New Victoria Woking

2004 - Aladdin at the New Wimbledon Theatre

2003 - Aladdin at the Milton Keynes Theatre

2002 - Snow White at the New Theatre Hull

2001 - Cinderella at the Millfield Arts Centre Edmonton

1999 - Snow White at the Floral Pavilion New Brighton

1998 - Cinderella at the Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage

1997 - Snow White at the Orchard Theatre Dartford

1996 - Jack and the Beanstalk at the Barnsley Civic

1995 -  Cinderella at the World Trade Centre Dubai

1994 - Cinderella at the Charter Theatre, Preston

1993 - Cinderella at the Octagon Theatre Yeovil

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Panto puppet wars broke out in 2012  after popular ventriloquist Paul Zerdin launched a verbal attack on his veteran rival Keith Harris. At the time Paul dubbed 62-year-old Keith “old-fashioned, bitter and twisted”. But Keith has hit back by saying his puppet, Orville The Duck, is far more famous than his rival’s sidekick, Sam and the veteran also accused Paul of stealing part of his act when he was first starting out.  The peak of Keith’s career came with his TV show in the 1980s and Orville’s 1983 hit single, I Wish I Could Fly. Paul, meanwhile has featured in several Royal Variety Performances and  TV series like Comedy Rocks With Jason Manford.

Paul said “I don’t want to knock Keith. He’s had a fantastic career, but he wasn’t very nice to me when we met in Blackpool a few years ago, I went up to say hello and offered to buy him a drink, and the first thing he said to me was: ‘You don’t threaten me’, which clearly I did! He talked at me for half an hour about how he’d done it all before me.If you’re going to be like that, forget it. His nose was put out of joint that someone younger had come on to the scene. I think it’s great that ventriloquism is cool again. The more people who are doing it, the more popular it is. We should embrace new acts. Let’s be positive about it and not bitter and twisted.I really don’t remember watching Keith when I was growing up. I wasn’t influenced by him or Roger De Courcey and Nookie Bear. I was fascinated by The Muppets. But I watched Keith on the documentary he did with Louis Theroux and he seemed jealous that his puppets got all the attention. I thought: ‘How embarrassing, that’s a bit sad’.”

But Keith has hit back, saying: “If you showed pictures of Orville and Sam to people in the street, I wonder which one people would instantly recognise? Paul is a talented ventriloquist who has found his niche, but we all pinch stuff when we’re starting out, and he did use part of my routine involving a balloon. I told him not to do that when we met – and, by the way, I bought him a drink! He said he’d never seen my act but I find that hard to believe as I was on TV for 13 years. I am the forerunner for all these guys. I was the first ventriloquist to do pantomime, 46 years ago and I developed the trick of leaving Orville on stage by himself, and now Paul does something similar. He seems to have a bee in his bonnet about me but I wish him all the best. Let’s see if he’s still around in 20 years time – longevity is the key.

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