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The 1970s section on PANTO ARCHIVE is mostly taken over by the fabulous NOLAN SISTERS - we have them all on here so have a look around and see who else you remember from the 70s.

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Did you know?

Popular music of the United Kingdom in the 1970s built upon the new forms of music developed from blues rock towards the end of the 1960s, including folk rock and psychedelic rock movements. Several important and influential subgenres were created in Britain in this period, by pursuing the limitations of rock music, including British folk rock and glam rock, a process that reached its apogee in the development of progressive rock and one of the most enduring subgenres in heavy metal music.

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David Essex

David Essex OBE (born David Albert Cook; 23 July 1947) is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. Since the 1970s, he has attained 19 Top 40 singles in the UK (including two number ones) and 16 Top 40 albums. Internationally, Essex had the most success with his 1973 single "Rock On". He has also had an extensive career as an actor.

1991/92: Robinson CrusoeBradford Alhambra

1992/93: Robinson CrusoeSouthampton Mayflower
Robinson CrusoeLiverpool Empire

1995/96: Robinson CrusoeTheatre Royal, Newcastle

1997/98: Robinson CrusoeRichmond Theatre, Surrey
Robinson CrusoeNew Theatre, Cardiff
Robinson CrusoeBournemouth Pavilion

2007/08: Peter PanRoyal & Derngate, Northampton

2010/11: Peter PanDarlington Civic

David Essex
1997 Richmond Theatre.png
1999 Bournemouth Pavilion.jpg
1991 Bradford Alhambra.jpg
1995 Theatre Royal Newcastle.png
1994 Liverpool Empire panto.png

The Nolans are an Anglo-Irish girl group who formed in Blackpool in 1974 as the Nolan Sisters, before changing their name in 1980. Often referred to as Ireland's First Family of Music, they were the first Irish performing family to achieve international success, preceding the likes of the Corrs.

1990/91: Robin Hood and the Babes in the WoodLiverpool Empire

1991/92: CinderellaMarlowe Theatre, Canterbury

1993/94: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsCivic Hall, Guildford
1994/95: Babes in the WoodWhite Rock Theatre, Hastings
1997/98: Beauty and the BeastWeymouth Pavilion

1999/00: CinderellaSouthampton, Guildhall

2001/02: AladdinMuniciple Hall, Colne

2002/03: CinderellaSouthport Theatre

2003/04: Peter PanGrand Theatre, Blackpool

2004/05: CinderellaDoncaster Civic

2007/08: Sleeping BeautyGala Theatre, Durham

2010/11: Jack and the BeanstalkShaw Theatre, London

2012/13: Sleeping BeautyPalace Theatre, Redditch

2013/14: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsSands Centre, Carlisle

2014/15: CinderellaRegent Theatre, Ipswich

2015/16: CinderellaCivic Theatre, Rotherham

2017/18: Peter PanBlackpool Opera House

2018/19: CinderellaTyne Opera House

2019/20: CinderellaMiddleton Arena

2020 (Easter): Goldilocks and the Three Bears Theatre Royal St Helens


2021/22: Snow WhiteGatehouse Theatre, Stafford

2022/23: Jack and the BeanstalkBolton Albert Halls

Maureen Nolan

The Nolans

The Nolans
1994 White Rock Hastings panto.png
Middleton Arena 2019 panto.png
1997 Weymouth Pavilion.png
1993 Civic Hall Guildford.png
1999 Southampton Guildhall.jpg
Video: Maureen Nolan at the press launch for Cinderella 

Maureen Nolan_edited.png


1988/89: Babes in the WoodPalace Theatre Manchester

1989/90: Babes in the WoodBirmingham Hippodrome

1990/91: Babes in the WoodMayflower Southampton

1991/92: Dick WhittingtonNew Theatre Hull

1992/93: Jack and the BeanstalkKings Theatre Southsea

1993/94: CinderellaBrighton Dome
1994/95: Jack and the BeanstalkBrighton Dome

1997/98: Jack and the BeanstalkGrand Theatre Blackpool

2006/07: Snow WhiteCroydon

2007/08: CinderellaOpera House Manchester

2009/10: CinderellaGrove Theatre Dunstable

2011/12: Beauty and the BeastGordon Craig Theatre

2012/13: Sleeping BeautyEastbourne Devonshire Park

Bernie passed away on the 4th July 2013

Bernie Nolan

1993 Brighton Dome.png
1997 Grand Thetare Blackpool.png
1994 Brighton Dome panto.png

1984/85: CinderellaCoventry

1985/86: AladdinCivic Centre Halifax

1986/87: CinderellaFairfield Halls Croydon

1987/88: Robin Hood & the Babes in the WoodDarlington Civic
1988/89: CinderellaThe Hawth, Crawley

1989/90: Jack and the BeanstalkGrand Theatre Blackpool

1990/91: Dick Whittington -Wolverhampton Grand

1991/92: CinderellaThe Swansea Grand

1992/93: Jack and the BeanstalkThe Hexagon Reading

1993/94: Jack and the BeanstalkCharter Theatre Preston

1994/95: Dick WhittingtonBarnsley Civic
1995/96: AladdinGlasgow Pavilion

1997/98: CinderellaAshton Under Lyne Thameside Hippodrome
1998/99: AladdinConnaught Theatre, Worthing

2005/06: Snow WhiteGrand Opera House Belfast

2010/11: Snow WhiteConnaught Theatre Worthing

2011/12: Jack and the BeanstalkThe Shaw Theatre London

2014/15: Jack and the BeanstalkTheatre Royal St Helens

2016/17: Jack and the BeanstalkCharter Theatre Preston
2019/20: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsPrinces Theatre, Clacton

Linda Nolan

1988 Haeth Crawley panto.png
1985 Civic Theatre Halifax.jpg
1987 Darlington Civic.png
1994 Barnsley Civic panto.png
1990 Wolverhmapton Grand panto.jfif
1993 Charter Theatre Preston.jpg
1005 Glasgow Pavilion.png
1997 Tameside Hippodrome.png
1998 Connaught Theatre panto.png
Linda Nolan_edited.png

Anne Nolan

1988/89: Babes in the WoodTheatre Royal, Newcastle

1990/91: AladdinTheatre Royal Nottingham

1991/92: Robin Hood and Babes in the WoodDoncaster Dome

1992/93: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsAlban Arena St Albans

1993/94: CinderellaCliffs Pavilion Southend
1994/95: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsRhyl Pavilion

1995/96: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsGrand Theatre Blackpool

1997/98: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsSouthport Theatre
1999/00: Jack and the BeanstalkTameside Hippodrome

2001/02: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsPrince of Wales Theatre Cannock

2002/03: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsTameside Hippodrome

2003/04: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsSouthport Theatre

2004/05: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsBrindley Runcorn

2005/06: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsGrand Opera House York

2017/18: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsMuni Theatre Colne
2018: Jack and the BeanstalkBolton Albert Halls (Summer panto)

2019/20: CinderellaVictoria Hall Bolton

1994 Rhyl Pavilion panto.png
TamesideHippodrome 1999 pantomime.png
Video: Anne Nolan in the finale of Jack and the Beanstalk from 2017

1990/91: Dick WhittingtonHarlequin Theatre Redhill

2012/13: CinderellaLiverpool Empire

2017/18: CinderellaBradford Alhambra

Coleen Nolan

Video: Coleen Nolan in the finale of Cinderella from 2017

1980/81: Cinderella - New Theatre Hull

1981/82: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsTameside Theatre

1982/83: CinderellaBradford Alhambra

1983/84: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsCliffs Pavilion Southend

1984/85: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsNew Victoria Theatre Belfast

1985/86: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsEmpire Theatre Liverpool

1986/87: Jack and the BeanstalkWimbledon Theatre London

1987/88: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsWoodville Halls Gravesend

1988/89: Dick WhittingtonBournemouth Pavilion

1989/90: CinderellaBuxton Opera House

1990/91: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsCliffs Pavilion Southend

1991/92: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsHarlequin Theatre Redhill

1992/93: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsOrchard Theatre Dartford

1993/94: Jack and the BeanstalkTheatre Royal Mansfield

1994/95: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Woodville Hall Gravesend

1996/97: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsPrincess Theatre Torquay

1997/98: CinderellaMusic Hall Shrewsbury

1998/99: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsRiviera Theatre Torquay

1999/00: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsGrand Opera House York

2000/01: Jack and the BeanstalkConnaught Theatre Worthing

2003/04: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsOakengates Telford

2005/06: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsGrand Pavilion Porthcawl

2006/07: Sleeping BeautyHarlequin Theatre Redhill

2007/08: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsBroxbourne Civic Centre

2008/09: CinderellaThe Buxton Opera House

2010/11: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Bridlington Spa

2011/12: Beauty and the BeastCarriageworks Leeds

2012/13: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsBroxbourne Civic Centre

2014/15: Snow White and the Seven DwarfsMarina Theatre Lowestoft

Denise Nolan

Harlequin Theatre Redhill.jpg
1993 Mansfield Palace panto.png
1992 Orchard Theatre Dartford.jpg
2008 Buxton Opera House.png

2013/14: CinderellaBeck Theatre Hayes (As Shane Richie Jr)

2017/18: CinderellaBradford Alhambra

2019/20: CinderellaMiddleton Arena

Shane Nolan (also known as Shane Richie Jnr)

Middleton Arena 2019 panto.png
Video: Trailer for Cinderella from 2017

Toyah Ann Willcox is an English musician, actress, and TV presenter. In a career spanning more than 40 years, Willcox has had eight top 40 singles, released over 20 albums, written two books, appeared in over 40 stage plays and 10 feature films, and voiced and presented numerous television shows.

1993/94: Peter PanYvonne Arnaud Theatre

1994/95: Peter PanChichester Festival Theatre then onto Edinburgh Festival Theatre (January 1995)

1995/96: Peter PanPalace Theatre Manchester 

1996/97: Jack and the BeanstalkTheatre Royal Norwich

1997/98: Jack and the BeanstalkChurchill Theatre Bromley

1998/99: Jack and the BeanstalkRichmond Theatre

1999/00: Peter PanMarlowe Theatre Canterbury

2000/01: Snow WhiteGorodn Craig Theatre

2001/02: AladdinPlaza Theatre Stockport

2002/03: AladdinAnvil Theatre Basingstoke

2003/04: Snow WhiteMarlowe Theatre Canterbury

2004/05: Sleeping BeautyMarlowe Theatre Canterbury

2005/06: Snow WhiteMilton Keynes Theatre

2006/07: AladdinTheatre Royal Brighton

2007/08: Jack and the BeanstalkHexagon Theatre Reading

2009/10: Snow WhiteThe Lyceum Theatre Sheffield

2010/11: Sleeping BeautyMalvern Theatre

2011/12: Snow WhiteAlban Arena St Albans

2012/13: Sleeping BeautyMarlowe Theatre in Canterbury


1996 Norwich Theatre Royal panto.png
1999 Marlowe Theatre Canterbury.jpg
1995 Edinburgh Festival Theatre.jpg
2002 Anvil Basingstoke panto.png

Video: Toyah talks panto (2013) 

Video: Snow White panto launch (2011) 


Tony Christie (born Anthony Fitzgerald, 25 April 1943) - An English musician, singer and actor, best known for his recording of "Is This the Way to Amarillo", a double UK chart success. He lived for many years in Sheffield where his wife, Sue, was born. He used to be a frequent artist on the stage at many working men's clubs like his contemporary, Joe Cocker.

2011/12: Sleeping BeautyTheatre Royal Windsor

2017/18: Jack & The BeanstalkCambridge Arts Theatre

Tony Christie

Tony Christie
music in 1970s.jpg


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