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CORNELIA FRANCES - Sister/Matron Grace Scott (1976-1979)
1990 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Cliffs Pavilion Southend
1991 Dick Whittington - Rhyl Pavilion
Cornelia passed away in 2018 aged 77 following a battle with bladder cancer
1991 New Pavilion Rhyl panto.png

FRANK LLOYD - Ted Wilcox (1983)

1956/57 Peter Pan - princess Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)
1957/58 Jack and Jill - Princess Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)
1958/59 Aladdin - Princess Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)
1970/71 Dick Whittington - Parade Theatre, Kensington, NSW (Australia)
1985/86 Jack and Jill - Tivoli Theatre, Sydney (Australia)
Frank passed away 15th December 1995

JACKIE WOODBURNE - Maggie Gordon (1981 - 1982)

2000/01 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Worthing Pavilion

2001/02 Cinderella - Stafford Gatehouse

The Young Doctors theme tune
Opening titles to the last ever episode
Fan made opening titles


The Young Doctors - Collection One
Via Vision 
Released: 16th June 2021
Contains the first 250 episodes

What a joy it is to return to this classic Australian series from Grundy, the undisputed kings of Australian soap opera who cornered the market in melodrama for a generation. Life at the Albert Memorial Hospital may be a far cry from the hustle and bustle in shows such as ER and even Casualty but this show has a special charm all of it's own.  The late Cornelia Frances shines as the much feared Sister Scott who rules the nurses with a rod of iron and an icey exterior whilst maintaining whilst swanning around the hospital complete with her iconic large flapping sister hat (I'm sure there is a proper name for this glorious piece of headwear!).  Medical procedures take a back seat to the drama in the lives of the hospital staff with bed hopping pin-up doctors and nurses. There are a host of familiar faces from other shows to spot including Peta Toppano (Prisoner's Karen Travers), Abigail (Sons & Daughters' Caroline Morrell) and Paula Duncan (Prisoner's Lorelei Wilkinson) to name a few and let's not forget those memorable characters we meet in this set such as the gossip heavy kiosk worker Ada Simmons, the snappy and hated Dr Snape, everybody's friend Nurse Tania Livingstone, charmer Doctor Raymond Shaw, chancer Dennis Jamison and dependable secretary Helen Gordon.

Via Vision are continuing their recent very welcome trend of bringing us nostalgic treats with this epic 35 disc set which is beautifully presented. Considering this series is well over 40 years the picture quality is surprisingly good and very clear. Bring on collection 2 and keep up the good work Via Vision!

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