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His Majesty's

His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen is the largest theatre in north-east Scotland, seating more than 1,400.

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Panto history at His Majesty's Theatre

1906: Sweet Red Riding Hood
1907: Aladdin
1908: Robinson Crusoe
1909: Cinderella
1910: Robinson Crusoe
1911: Dick Whittington 
1912: Humpty Dumpty 
1913: Cinderella
1914: Jack and Jill
1915: Aladdin
1916: Little Bly Blue
1917: Old King Cole
1918: Babes in the wood
1919: The house that Jack built 
1920: Mother Goose
1925: Humpty Dumpty 
1926: Goody Two Shoes
1927: Dick Whittington
1928: Aladdin
1929: Cinderella
1930: Robinson Crusoe
1931: Babes in the Wood
1932: Goody Two Shoes
1933: Jack and the Beanstalk
1934: Red Riding Hood
1937: Jack and the Beanstalk 
1945: Snow White
1949: Cinderella
1950: Dick Whittington
1951: Sleeping Beauty
1952: Goody Two Shoes
1953: Mother Goose
1954: Queen of Hearts
1955: Cinderella
1956: Puss in Boots
1957: Robinson Crusoe 
1958: Aladdin 
1965: Cinderella
1966: A love for Jamie 
1971: Babes in the Wood
1972: Dick Whittington 
1974: Peter Pan
1975: Cinderella
1976: Aladdin
1978: Dick Whittington
1980: Cinderella 

1981: Babes in the Wood
1983: Cinderella
1984: Aladdin
1985: Dick Whittington
1986: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1987: Cinderella
1988: Goldilocks and the three bears
1989: Mother Goose
1990: Babes in the Wood
1991: Aladdin
1992: Cinderella
1993: Jack and the Beanstalk
1995: Robinson Crusoe
1996: Cinderella
1997: Aladdin
1998: Peter Pan
1999: Beauty and the Beast
2000: Jack and the Beanstalk 
2001: Cinderella
2002: Aladdin
2003: Peter Pan
2004: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2005: Jack and the Beanstalk 
2006: Cinderella
2007: Aladdin
2008: Peter Pan
2009: Cinderella
2010: Sleeping Beauty 
2011: Jack and the Beanstalk 
2012: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2013: Cinderella 
2014: Beauty and the Beast 
2015: Peter Pan
2016: Dick McWhittington
2017: Aladdin
2018: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2019: Cinderella
2021: Beauty and the Beast 
2022: Peter Pan
2023: Sleeping Beauty
2024: Jack and the Beanstalk 

1983 Hull.jpg

1906/07 Sweet Red Riding Hood - His Majesty's

Opened 3rd December 1906

Red Riding Hood: Lyuba Lova

Little Boy Blue: Winifred Harbord

Mother Hubbard: Willie Garvey

Written by Frank Dix

Robert Arthur Pantomimes


This was the very first show to ever be staged at this venue

1907/08 Aladdin -  His Majesty's

Blanche Asley

Elsie Skillings

1908/09 Robinson Crusoe -  His Majesty's

1983 Hull.jpg

1909/10 Cinderella -  His Majesty's

1910/11 Robinson Crusoe -  His Majesty's

1912 His Majesty's Theatre Aberdeen.jpg

1911/12 Dick Whittington - His Majesty's

This production opened 11th December 1911

Kathleen Grey

Bessie Burke

Dolly Crown


Written by J J Hewson

Produced by Ernest Dottridge and Herbert Harwood

1912/13 Humpty Dumpty -  His Majesty's

Murray Ashford

Jessie Forbes

1913/14 Cinderella -  His Majesty's

Edna Morgan

Frank Dunlop

1914/15 Jack and Jill -  His Majesty's

Connie Emerald

Kathleen Gordon

1915/16 Aladdin -  His Majesty's

1916 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen.jpg

1916/17 Little Boy Blue - His Majesty's

Opened 16th December 1916


Pearl Gray

Gladys Nelson

Bertha Pearl

Written by James Hewson

Produced by Geo T Minshull


1917/18 Old King Cole -  His Majesty's

Fred Colley

Blanche Pearl

1918/19 Babes in the Wood -  His Majesty's

1919/20 The House That Jack Built -  His Majesty's

Kitty Sorrow

Ernie Leslie

1920/21 Mother Goose - His Majesty's

Kitty Evelyn

Rita Hutchison

No pantomimes 1921 - 1924

1925/26 Humpty Dumpty -  His Majesty's

Harry Gordon

1926/27 Goody Two Shoes -  His Majesty's

Harry Gordon

1927/28 Dick Whittington -  His Majesty's

1928/29 Aladdin -  His Majesty's

Harry Gordon

1929/30 Cinderella -  His Majesty's

1930/31 Robinson Crusoe -  His Majesty's

1931/32 Babes in the Wood -  His Majesty's

Walter Cross

Marjorie Cross

Pat Pope

1983 Hull.jpg

1932/33 Goody Two Shoes -  His Majesty's

Opened 12th December 1932

Produced by: Limbert & Russell

Written by A K Chesterton


1933/34 Jack and the Beanstalk -  His Majesty's

Will Fyffe

1934/35 Red Riding Hood -  His Majesty's

Georgie Wood

No pantomime 1935/36

No pantomime 1936/37

1937/38 Jack and the Beanstalk -  His Majesty's

No pantomime 1937 - 1944

1945/46 Snow White -  His Majesty's

Betty Shaw

No pantomime 1946 - 1948


1949/50 Cinderella - His Majesty's


Valerie Ware

Helen Russell

John Baskcomb

Jacqueline Terry

Colin Ross

Terry Bartlett

Elaine Wells

Bell & Kaye

1950/51 Dick Whittington - His Majesty's

Dick Emery

1951/52 Sleeping Beauty - His Majesty's

Billy Tasker

1952/53 Goody Two Shoes - His Majesty's

Betty Shaw

Billy Whitaker

Jack Tripp


1953/54 Mother Goose - His Majesty's


Jack Tripp

Billy Whitaker

Betty Shaw

1954/55 Queen of Hearts - His Majesty's

Dave Willis

Jack Anthony


1955/56 Cinderella - His Majesty's


Hope Jackman

Gary Grande

David Mars

Walter Jackson

Peter Butterworth

Margaret Dickie

Valerie Carton

June Allan

Elizabeth French

Patricia Cochrane

Eileen Ewen

Joan Tucker

Joe Scott Parkinson


1956/57 Puss in Boots - His Majesty's


John Carter

Audrey Mitchell

Patricia Cree

Sheila Brindley

Sam Kemp

Eddie Reindeer

Aly Wilson

Margo Henderson

Judy Cornwall

Johnny Scrim

Antony Carrick

John Carte

1957/58 Robinson Crusoe - His Majesty's

Jack Radcliffe

George Bolton

1958/59 Aladdin - His Majesty's

Andy Stewart

No pantomime 1959 - 1964

1965/66 Cinderella - His Majesty's

Billy Tasker

Helen Russell


1966/67 A Love for Jamie -nHis Majesty's


Alec Finlay

Produced by: Howard & Wyndham Ltd

No pantomimes 1967 - 1970

1971/72 Babes in the Wood - His Majesty's

Pat Kirkwood

Barry Martin

1972/73 Dick Whittington - His Majesty's

Pat Kirkwood

Hugh Lloyd

George Lacey

1973/74 No Pantomime

1974/75 Peter Pan - His Majesty's

1975/76 Cinderella - His Majesty's

Wei Wei Wong

Marie Price Gordon

1976/77 Aladdin - His Majesty's

Denny Willis

Mark Windsor

1977/78 No pantomime

1978/79 Dick Whittington - His Majesty's

Denny Willis

Mark Windsor

Marie Price Gordon

1979/80 No pantomime

1980/81 Cinderella - His Majesty's

Anne Lorne Gillies

1981/82 Babes in the Wood - His Majesty's

Anne Lorne Gillies

1982/83 No pantomime - His Majesty's

1983 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen.png

1983/84 Cinderella - His Majesty's

9th December 1983 - 7th January 1984


Leslie Crowther

Russell Hunter

Fiona Kennedy

Lynda Baron

Caroline Ashley

Bob Carolgees

Simon Barry

Alan Vicars

Choreography by Roger Hannah

Musical Director Frank Wheeler

Directed by Leon Thau

Produced by Paul Elliott

1984/85 Aladdin - His Majesty's

Edwina Lawrie

Louise English

Allan Stewart

Pete Morrison

Denny Willis

1987 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen.png

1985/86 Dick Whittington - His Majesty's

Russell Hunter

Leon Howe

Fiona Kennedy

Jan Hunt

1986/87 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - His Majesty's
Honor Blackman
Ted Rogers

Adam Matalon

Jessica Martin

1987/88 Cinderella - His Majesty's

11th December 1987 - 9th January 1988


Buttons: Paul Henry 

Baron Harup: Bill Owen 

Prince Charming:Jan Hunt 

Cinderella: Fiona Kennedy  

Dandini: Toni Arthur 

Ward Allen

Nigel Ellacot

Betty Benfield

Peter Robbins

Directed by Peter Purves

Produced by Paul Elliott

1988 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen.png

1988/89 Goldilocks and the Three Bears - His Majesty's

9th December 1988 - 7th January 1989

Adrian Mills

Martin Daniels

Lisa Maxwell

Damien McLeod

Russell  Hunter

Victor Spinetti

Produced by Paul Elliott

1989 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen.png

1989/90 Mother Goose - His Majesty's

6th December 1989 - 6th January 1990


Mother Goose: Matthew Kelly 

George Duffus

Caroline Ashley

Dave Lynn

Peter Newman

Claire Callaghan

Pamela Power

Directed by Brian Howard

1990 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen panto

1990/91 Babes in the Wood - His Majesty's

7th Dcember 1990 - 5th January 1991


Stephne Robertson
Grant Baynham
Geoff Duffus
David McLeod
Catherine Terry
Shona Lindsey
James Baron

Produced by Paul Elliott

1991/92 Aladdin - His Majesty's

Rolf Harris

Andy Gray

Caroline Ashley

1992/93 Cinderella - His Majesty's

11th December 1992 - 9th January 1993


Buttons: Andy Gray 

Frederick Payne

Hilda Bracket

Ward Allen

Sophie Louise Dawn

Stewart Permutt

Robert Howie

Rachel Woolrich

Produced by Paul Elliott


1993/94 Jack and the Beanstalk - His Majesty's


Andy Gray

Briony McRoberts

Graham Hamilton

Johnny Dallas

Jenny Howe

William Shrew

1995 HMT Aberdeen panto.png

1995/96 Robinson Crusoe - His Majesty's

8th December 1995 - 6th January 1996


Gerard Kelly

Robinson Crusoe: Briony McRoberts

The Wicked Pirate: Derek Lord 

Man Friday: Cornell John 

James Horne

Mairi McHaffie

Barry Clark

Sarah Louise Mayne

Produced by Paul Elliott

1996 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen panto

1996/97 Cinderella - His Majesty's

6th December 1996 - 4th January 1997


Buttons: Andy Gray as Buttons
Baron Hardup: David Rintoul 
Cinderella: Alison Douglas 
Fairy Godmother: Vivien Heilbron 
Prince Charming: Tanya Whatley
Richard Pocock
William Elliott
Julia Lloyd


Produced by Paul Elliott


1997/98 Aladdin - His Majesty's

Wishee Washee: Andy Gray 

Aladdin: Romana D'Annunzio 

Widow Twankey: Adam Daye

Produced by Paul Elliott


1998/99 Peter Pan - His Majesty's

4th December 1998 - 3rd January 1999

Captain Hook: Andy Gray 

Peter Pan: Sonia 

Smee: Tony Roper 

Mrs Darling: Judy Buxton 

Tinkerbell: Kerris Peeling 

Wendy: Sarah Whittuck 

Produced by Paul Elliott


1999/00 Beauty and the Beast - His Majesty's


Natalie Robb

Daniel Brown

Billy Riddoch

Alison Douglas

Kim Ismay

Andy Leach

Steven Kavanah

Produced by: Qdos

2000/01 Jack and the Beanstalk - His Majesty's


Jack: Su Pollard 

Dame Trott: Billy Riddoch as Dame Trott

The Jester: Otis Aardvark

Luke McCulloch

Lucinda Gill

Tania Whatley

Produced by: A Talentspot pantomime

2001/02 Cinderella - His Majesty's

7th December 2001 - 5th January 2002


Baron Hardup: Billy Riddoch

Buttons: Stu Francis 

Prince Charming: Jansen Spencer

Fairy Godmother: Joyce Falconer 

Dandini: Duncan Breeze 

Cinderella: L.A Johnson

Nigel Ellacott

Peter Robbins

Produced by: A Qdos pantomime

2002/03 Aladdin - His Majesty's

6th December 2002 - 5th January 2003


Widow Twankey: Billy Riddock 

Abanazar: James Macpherson 

Wishee Washee: John Evans 

Aladdin: Stephen Dean 

Princess: Juliet-Jane Horne 

Produced by: Qdos pantomime

2003/04 Peter Pan - His Majesty's


Captain Hook: James Macpherson 

John Evans

Anna Lowe

Amy Lennon

Cameron Scott


Produced by: Qdos pantomime

2004/05 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - His Majesty's


The Prince: Cameron Scott 

Julie Coombe

Alan McHugh

Derek McGhie

Laura Harrow

Produced by: Qdos pantomime

2005/06 Jack and the Beanstalk - His Majesty's


Cameron Scott

Marti Webb

Miles Jupp

Alan McHugh

Produced by: Qdos pantomime

2006 His Majestys Theatre Aberdeen panto

2006/07 Cinderella - His Majesty's


The Prince: Dan O'Connor 

Dandini: James Mackenzie 

Fairy Godmother: Joyce Falconer

Alan McHugh

Amy Lennox

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2007/08 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime) His Majesty's

8th December 2007 - 5th January 2008

Abanazar: Stefan Dennis 

Widow Twankey: Alan McHugh 

Aladdin: Jordan Young 

Princess Jasmine: Laura Harrow 

Emperor of China: Anne Smith 

Scherazade: Kitty Whitelaw 

Directed by Alan Cohen

Choreography by Francesca Whitburn

Music and Lyrics by Olly Ashmore

Musical Director Gareth Weedon

2008/09 Peter Pan - His Majesty's


Captain Hook: Alan Fletcher 

Alan McHugh

Jordan Young

Peter Pan: Keith Jack

Produced by: Qdos pantomime

2009/10 Cinderella - His Majesty's


Fairy Godmother: Elaine C Smith 

Alan McHugh

Jordan Young

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2010/11 Sleeping Beauty - His Majesty's


Carabosse: Elaine C Smith

Nurse Nancy: Alan McHugh 

Muddles: Jordan Young 

King Hector: John Bett 

Queen Morag: Sarah Collier 

Fairy Celeste: Donna Steele 

Princess Beauty: Sophie Boyne 

Prince Angus: Michael MacAveety 

Alistair G Bruce

Darren Di Biasi

Andrew Denton

Faith-Louise Francis

Jack Gow

Zoe Jobson

Ross Logan

Olivia Williams

Nicola Pendergast

Directed by Alex Norton

Executive Producer Michael Harrison

Musical Supervisor Olly Ashmore

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2011/12 Jack and the Beanstalk - His Majesty's


Fairy Flora MacDonald: Elaine C Smith 

Heather MacBlether: Alan McHugh 

Jack: Jordan Young 

King Crumble: Sean Scanlan as

Fleshcreep: Tom McGovern as

Princess Apricot: Amy Creighton

Helen Boyes

Dean Brown

Kayleigh Gore

Natasha Thompson-Wild

Brett Watkiss

Tommy Tonge

Innis Robertson

Claire Spence

Directed by Alex Norton

Executive Producer Michael Harrison

Musical Supervision Olly Ashmore

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2012/13 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - His Majesty's


The Wicked Queen: Elaine C Smith 

Betty: Alan McHugh

Boabby: Jordan Young 

First Minister: Tom McGovern 

Snow White: Frances Mayli McCann 

Fairy Aurora: Liz Ewing 

Prince Peter: Matt Wilman

Jack Butterworth

Ross Logan

Natasha Thompson-Wild

Claire Spence

Luke Farmer

Annie Kitchen

Dean Brown

Alex Louise Bird

Produced byQdos pantomime


2013/14 Cinderella - His Majesty's

30th November 2013 - 5th January 2014

Fairy Godmother: Elaine C Smith 

Alan McHugh

Buttons: Jordan Young as Buttons

Barbara Rafferty

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2014/15 Beauty and the Beast - His Majesty's


Mrs Potty: Elaine C Smith 

Dame Kitty Brewster: Alan McHugh 

Boabby Brewster: Jordan Young 

Deadly Nightshade: Anne Smith 

Belle: Maggie Lynne 

Prince Sebastian: Luke Newton 

Harris McTweed: Paul Luebke 

Dean Brown

Mark Cameron

Amy Kent

Scott Norton

Ross Logan

Emily Sunman

Robyn Richford

Hayley Jo Pendreich

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2015/16 Peter Pan - His Majesty's


The Mermaid: Elaine C Smith 

Mrs Smee: Alan McHugh 

Smee: Jordan Young 

Produced by: Qdos pantomime

2016/17 Dick McWhittington - His Majesty's


Elaine C Smith 

Alan McHugh

Jordan Young

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2017/18 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime) His Majesty's


Abanazar: Jimmy Osmond

Widow Twankey: Alan McHugh 

Aladdin: Jordan Young as

Lisa-Anne Wood as Princess Jasmine

Billy Riddoch as Emperor Ming

Nicola Jane Meehan

Lois Brookes

Dean Brown

Ross Logan

Robyn Richford

Robert Sharpe

Daniel Moir

Amy Kent

Nicola Gilliland

Below:  The cast on stage mid scene
Video promotion starring Jimmy Osmond


2018/19 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - His Majesty's


Prince: Lee Mead 

Nellie MacDuff: Alan McHugh 

Muddles: Jordan Young

The Wicked Queen: Juliet Cadzow 

Snow White: Jenna Innes 

Finlay Bain

Kamen Brown

Matt Baines

Andrew Fraser

Finlay McFarlane

Steven Dalziel

Martin Murphy

Ross Clifton

Stephen Loriot

Aislinn Oakley

Mark D'Arcy

Calon MacKinnon

Sophia Parton

Katriona Ramsay

Tamika Williamson

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2019/20 Cinderella - His Majesty's

Baroness Hardup: Alan McHugh 

Dandini: Louie Spence 

Fairy Godmother: Laura Main 

Buttons: Paul-James Corrigan 

Hernia: Joy McAvoy

Verruca: Sally Howitt

Prince Charming: Paul Luebke 

Cinderella: Rachel Flynn 

Stephen Loriot

Aislinn Oakley

Michael Nelson

Calon MacKinnon

Ellen Oakley

Tamika Williamson

Megan Toft

Adam Paul-Robertson

Produced by: Qdos pantomime


2021/22 Beauty and the Beast - His Majesty's

4th December 2021 - 2nd January 2022


Alan McHugh

Laura Main

Paul-James Corrigan

Danielle Jam

Joyce Falconer

Janey Godley was originally announced as leading the cast but she withdrew from the production on 19th September following criticism from newspaper reports of historic racist tweets by the performer. 

Produced by: Crossroads pantomime


2022/23 Peter Pan - His Majesty's

3rd December 2022 - 8th January 2023

Captain Hook: Brendan Cole

Mrs Smee: Alan McHugh 

Smee: Paul-James Corrigan

Tinkerbell: Danielle Jam 

Produced by: Crossroads pantomime

Aberdeen 2023 v3.jpg

2023/24 Sleeping Beauty - His Majesty's

2nd December 2023 - 7th January 2024

Gary: Tank Commander

Alan McHugh,

Paul J Corrigan

Danielle Jam

Julie Coombe

Produced by: Crossroads pantomime

Aberdeen - Crossroads 2024.jpg

2023/24 Jack and the Beanstalk - His Majesty's

30th November 2024 - 5th January 2025


Gary: Tank Commander

Alan McHugh

Paul J Corrigan

Danielle Jam

Julie Coombe

Michael Karl-Lewis

Jemma Ferries

Produced by: Crossroads pantomime


2017 Cinderella (Attic Theatre) Tivoli Theatre


2017 Beauty and the Beast (Aberdeen Arts Centre)

Hannah Donaldson
Lisa Milne
Cameron Mowat
Ewan Petrie
Mark Wood


2018 Peter Pan (Attic Theatre) Tivoli Theatre


2018 Jack and the Beanstalk (Aberdeen Arts Centre)


2018/19 The Snow Queen (Joseph Purdy Productions) Tivoli Theatre

Nikki Graham (Big Brother)

Troy Harris

Oliver Murphy

Julie Hutchison

Warren Donnelly


2019 Snow White (Attic Theatre) Tivoli Theatre

2020/21 Jack and the Beanstalk (Attic Theatre) Tivoli Theatre


2020/21 Sleeping Beauty (Talegate Theatre Productions) Aberdeen Arts Centre

2020/21 No panto at His Majesty's Theatre due to Covid-19

2022/23 Cinderella (A Joe Purdy Pantomime) Tivoli Theatre


2022/23 Cinderella (Talegate Theatre Productions) Aberdeen Arts Centre


2023/24 Sleeping Beauty (A Crossroads pantomime) His Majesty's

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