1968 BBC Pantomime - Humpty Dumpty
Broadcast 25th December 1968
Starred Leslie Crowther, Lynda Baron, Alan Curtis and Reg Varney

1969 BBC Pantomime - Cinderella

Broadcast 25th December 1969

Starred Anita Harris, Jimmy Tarbuck and Beryl Reid

1969 ITV Pantomime - Aladdin

Broadcast 25th December 1969

Starred Bernie Winters, Mike Winters and Jack Douglas

1970 BBC Pantomime - Robinson Crusoe

Broadcast 25th December 1970 

Recorded at the Royal Court Theatre Liverpool

Starred Ken Dodd (Billy Crusoe) and Arthur Mullard (Bosun)


1971 BBC Pantomime - Aladdin

Broadcast 25th December 1971

Recorded at the Wimbledon Theatre

Starred Cilla Black (Aladdin), Roy Castle (Wishee Washee), Alfred Marks (Abanazar), Elaine Paige (Princess)

1972 BBC Pantomime - Dick Whittington

Broadcast 25th December 1972

Recorded at the Wimbledon Theatre

Starred Michael Aspel (The Vizier) Gordon Peters (Idle Jack) Alan Curtis (King Rat) with Dick Emery and Peter Noone

1973 BBC Pantomime - Robin Hood

Broadcast 25th December 1973

Starred Dana  (Maid Marian), Anita Harris (Robin Hood), Terry Scott (Robber) and Billy Dainty (Nurse Trumpet)

1983 BBC Pantomime - Aladdin

Broadcast 25th December 1983

Starred Sarah Greene (Aladdin) Floella Banjamin (Slave of the Ring), Christopher Biggins (Genie), Jan Francis (Princess Balroubador), Terry Nutkins (Wishee Washee), Johnny Morris (Widow Twankey), Ann Emery (Empress),  with Sue Nicholls, John Craven, Clive Dunn, Kenneth Williams, Mark Curry, Keith Chegwin,  Brian Cant, Peter Duncan, Mike Read, Tracey Childs, Gary Wilmot, Barry Took, Johnny Ball, Todd Carty, Keneth Connor, Janet Ellis and Molly Weir

1984 BBC Pantomime - Aladdin and the Forty Thieves

Broadcast 1st  Jan 1984

Starred Sarah Greene, Jan Francis, Floella Benjamin, Molly Weir, Janet Ellis, Kenneth Williams, Sue Nicholls, Todd Carty, Christopher Biggins, Johnny Ball, John Craven, Mark Curry, Keith Chegwin, Peter Duncan, Elizabeth Watts, Tracey Childs, Gary Wilmot, Barry Took, Clive Dunn, Kenneth Connor, Ann Emery, Brian Cant, Edward Brayshaw and Terry Nutkins

1986 ITV Pantomime - Cinderella

Broadcast 25th December 1986


Starred Cheryl Baker (Cinderella), Brian Conley (Dandini),Roy Hudd (Ugly Sister), Brian Murphy (Ugly Sister), Danny La Rue (Stepmother), Faith Brown (Fairy), Jimmy Cricket (Buttons), Roy Kinnear (Baron Hardup) with Willy Rushton, Michael Howe, Brian Murphy, Ross Davidson, Basil Brush, Bob Carolgees, Roy Walker, Jm Bowen, Mike Reid and Les Dennis

1998 ITV Pantomime - Jack and the Beanstalk

Broadcast 25th December 1998

Filmed at the Old Vic Theatre

Starred Neil Morrissey (Jack) Adrian Edmondson (Dame Dolly), Julian Clary (Henchman), Julie Walters (Fairy), Denise Van Outen (Jill) with Morweena Banks and Paul Merton

2000 ITV Pantomime - Cinderella

Broadcast 2nd January 2000

Filmed at Brixton Academy

Starred Samantha Womack (Cinderella),  Sian Phillips (Baroness), Ronnie Corbett (Griselda - Ugly Sister), Julian Clary (Fairy), Paul Merton (Lucritia - Ugly Sister), Alexander Armstrong (Prince Charming), Ben Miller (Dandini) with Frank Skinner and Harry Hill

Video: Cinderella from 2000

2000 ITV Pantomime - Aladdin

Broadcast 25th December 2000

Filmed at the New Wimbledon Theatre

Starred Ed Byrne (Aladdin) Julian Clary (Genie),Martin Clunes (Abanazar), Patsy Kensit (Princess Jasmine), Ralf Little (Wishee Washee), Paul Merton (Spirit of the Ring), Billy Murray (Police Chief), Leslie Philliips (Prince), John Savident (Widow Twankey) with Meera Syel, Lisa Riley and  S Club 7

2002 ITV Pantomime - Dick Whittington

Broadcast 1st January 2002

Filmed at the New Wimbledon Theatre

Starred Kevin Bishop (Dick), Amanda Barrie (Queen on Tonga), Mark Williams (King Rat), Debra Stephenson (Alice Fitzwarren), Lee Mack (Idle Jack), Julian Clary (Chris the Cat), Richard Wilson (Sally the Cook), Kevin Bishop, James Fleet (Alderman Fitzwarren) and Lee Mack with Sanjeev Bhaskar, Harry Hill,  Paul Merton, Tina O'Brien, Vanessa Feltz, Jessica Hynes and Hear'say

2005 ITV Pantomime - The Coronation Street Pantomime

Broadcast 26th December 2005, ITV 6.30pm

In a Weatherfield winter wonderland, the country's favourite Street characters took part in a show of panto anarchy which combined the nation's favourite pantomimes rolled into an hour-long special. Frankie Baldwin (Debra Stephenson) took the lead as Cinderella, with estranged husband Danny (Bradley Walsh) as her dashing Prince Charming, Norris (Malcolm Hebden) and Roy (David Neilson) as the Ugly Sisters, Blanche (Maggie Jones) as Widow Twankey, Les (Bruce Jones) as the Demon King, Bev (Susie Blake) as the Fairy Godmother and Jack Duckworth (William Tarmey) as Baron Hardup.

2009  Cbeebies Pantomime - Jack and Jill

Cast: Chris Evans, Andy Day, Justin Fletcher, Katy Ashworth, Cerrie Burnell, Sid Sloane, Alex Winters, Andrew Agnew and Pui Fan Lee

2010 Cbeebies Pantomime - Aladdin

Filmed at BBC Television Centre, LondonCast: Justin Fletcher, Katy Ashworth, Alex Winters, Chris Jarvis, Pui Fan Lee, Cerrie Burnell, Andy Day and Sid Sloane

2010 Cbeebies Pantomime - Aladdin

Filmed at BBC Television Centre, LondonCast: Justin Fletcher, Katy Ashworth, Alex Winters, Chris Jarvis, Pui Fan Lee, Cerrie Burnell, Andy Day and Sid Sloane

2012  Cbeebies Pantomime - Jack and the Beanstalk

Filmed at the Palace Theatre in ManchesterCast: Justin Fletcher, Steven Kynman, Pui Fan Lee, Rebecca Keatley, Katrina Bryan, Katherine Smee, Cerrie Burnell, Joe Chambers, Sy Thomas, Alex Winters, Ben Faulks, Katy Ashworth, Phil Gallagher, Ranj Singh, Bernard Cribbins, Chris Jarvis, Andy Day, Sid Sloane and Sophie Aldred

2013 Cbeebies Pantomime - Christmas Carol

Filmed at the Crucible Theatre Sheffield

Cast: Cat Sandion, Andy Day, Sophie Aldred, Gemma Hunt, Alex Winters, Chris Jarvis, Ben Faulks, Derek Griffiths, Phil Gallagher, Richard David-Caine, Joseph Elliott, Justin Fletcher, Cerrie Burnell, Pui Fan Lee,  Ian Lauchlan, Dave Benson Phillips, Floella Benjamin,  Katrina Bryan, Rebecca Wheatley and Steven Kynman

2014  Cbeebies Pantomime - Peter Pan

Filmed at the Lowry Theatre, Salford

Cast: Katrina Bryan, Chris Jarvis, Pui Fan Lee, Katy Ashworth,  Justin Fletcher, Ben Faulks, Cat Sandion, Steven Kynman,  Andy Day, Ella Kenion, Richard David-Caine, Joseph Elliott, Cerrie Burnell, Gemma Hunt,  Rebecca Keatley, Alex Winters, Phil Gallagher and Sid Sloane 

2015  Cbeebies Pantomime - Alice in Wonderland

Filmed at the Millenium Centre Cardiff

Cast: Alex Winters, Cat Sandion, Rebecca Keatley, Katrina Bryan, Steven Kynman, Ben Faulks, Ella Kenion, Richard David-Caine, Joseph Elliott, Phil Gallagher, Andy Day, Chris Jarvis, Pui Fan Lee, Justin Fletcher and Gemma Hunt

2016  Cbeebies Pantomime - The Nutcracker

Filmed at the CrucibleTheatre in Sheffield

Cast: Justin Fletcher, Cerrie Burnell, Cat Sandion, Ben Faulks, Chris Jarvis, Pui Fan Lee,  Andy Day, Joseph Elliott,  Richard David-Caine, Katrina Bryan, Steven Kynman, Ryan Harston and Laura Jones

2017  Cbeebies Pantomime - The Snow Queen

Filmed at the Curve Theatre in Leicester on the 4th November 2017
Cast: Rebecca Keatley, Justin Fletcher, Dr Raj Singh, Cat Sandion, Andy Day, Maddie Moate, Gemma Hunt, Richard David-Caine, Jennie Dale, Joseph Elliott and William Vanderpuye

2018 Cbeebies Pantomime - Thumbelina

Filmed at the Regent Theatre in Stoke on Trent on 3rd & 4th November 2018

Cast: Katrina Bryan, Aimee Campbell, Justin Fletcher, Ben Faulks, Maddie Moate, Andy Day, Phil Gallagher, Richard David Caine,  Joseph Elliott, Gemma Hunt, Rebecca Keatley, Ben Cajee, Evie Pickerill

2019 Cbeebies Pantomime - Hansel & Gretel

Filmed at the Festival Theatre Edinburgh

Cast: Andy Day, Maddie Moate, Justin Fletcher, Jennie Dale, Joseph Elliott, Steve Kynman, Phil Gallagher, Gemma Hunt, Rebecca Keatley,  Joshua Haynes, Cat Sandion, William Vanderpuye