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In October 2019 a stunning set of 5 pantomime designs were unveiled as a new release for the 50p exclusively to the Channel Island of Guerney. 4,000 of each design were released into circulation but 2 collector packs were also made available through The Westminster Collection.  A special coloured set was made available at a  price of £325 whilst a standard Stirling silver set was available for £30. The designs depicted popular pantomimes  Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, Dick Whittington and Jack & The Beanstalk.




Starring: John Bishop, Sheridan Smith, Chesney Hawkes, Ami Metcalf, Samangha Spiro, Lisa Jackson, Kaye Wragg, Mark Benton, Daniel Bishop, Dean Whatton, Kenneth Cranham, Trevor Dwyer-Lynch, John Macmillan and Michael Cochrane

Rated: 12

Original release date: 9th December 2013

Catalogue: 2EDVD0864

This is the official DVD release of the 2012 one off ITV special Panto!  Lewis Loud (John Bishop), Morecambe FM's cheeky DJ, has his stage debut at The Grand Theatre Lancaster, playing Jack The Lad in Dick Whittington. However, when his son Paul is delivered to the stage door by his ex-wife Gina (Kaye Wragg), and his girlfriend Tamsin (Sheridan Smith) presents him with an unmissable opportunity, Lewis has to make the biggest decision of his life.

Dick Whittington

Starring: Ben Faulks, Eric Potts, Ashleigh & Pudsey, Andy Ford and Brenda Edwards

Rated: U

Original release date: 2nd November 2015

Catalogue: B00Q8PO796

This is the official DVD release the recording of the Bristol Hippodrome's First Family Entertainment 2014/15 pantomime. Dick Whittington tells the rags-to-riches tale of a young man and his cat on an exciting quest for fame and fortune, but will the evil King Rat thwart his plans or will Fairy Bowbells save the day? All will be revealed in this magical pantomime. Featuring all the traditional ingredients; sensational songs, a live band, magic, dazzling dance routines, magnificent slapstick comedy and bags of audience participation - Dick Whittington is guaranteed to delight audiences

CBeebies Panto: Peter Pan

Starring: Katrina Bryan, Justin Fletcher, Ben Faulks, Cat Sandion, Chris Jarvis and Andy Day

Rated: U

Original release date: 2nd November 2015

Catalogue:  B013GTDGF2

The centrepiece of the CBeebies Christmas schedule sees JM Barrie's classic tale adapted for stage to tell the story of the boy would wouldn't grow up and the adventures of the Darling children in Neverland as they battle with Captain Hook. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell visit the home of the Darling Family, taking the children on an adventure to Neverland. There they meet the Lost Boys & Girls and Captain Hook, who each want Wendy as their Mother. Staged at The Lowry, Salford, with a cast packed with children's favourite CBeebies stars, the blend of music, laughter and high-flying adventure is a treat for all the family.

CBeebies Panto: Strictly Cinderella

Starring: Chris Jarvis, Katrina Bryan, Justin Fletcher, Ben Faulks, Phil Gallagher and Alex Winters

Rated: U

Original release date: 3rd November 2014

Catalogue: B00MISU18I

Join the stars of CBeebies for an exciting Christmas treat! Let's head to Hardup Hall where Baron Hardup's about to tell the story of Strictly Cinderella - the Christmas Panto that transports the glass slipper tale to the ballroom. Katrina Bryan from Nina and the Neurons stars as Cinders with Alex Winters as Prince Charming,as well as Phil Gallagher and Justin Fletcher as the ugly sisters. Prince Charming enters a dance competition - only to be given the lowest score ever by the  judges. Later in the woods, he meets a beautiful girl who teaches him a few steps - but when she disappears, he decides he must see her again, so he holds a royal ball for everyone in the land.

CBeebies Panto: Jack and the Beanstalk

Starring: Sid Slaone, Andy Day, Chris Jarvis, Cerrie Burnell, Phil Gallagher and Ben Faulks

Rated: U

Original release date: 3rd November 2014

Catalogue: B00MISU12Y

The King is worried that is daughter is more concerned with working in her lab than finding a prince and things keep going missing. He decides that whoever finds the missing items will be rewarded with his daughter's hand in marriage. Nearby, on a small farm lives a boy called Jack with his mum Dame Trott, his sister Jill and their cow Daisy. When Daisy runs out of milk, Dame Trott decides to sell Daisy and sends Jack off to market. On the way, Jack bumps into Fair Deal Fred who agrees to buy Daisy for 6 gold pieces. On his return home Jack discovers that Fred has tricked him and has actually given him beans. 

CBeebies Panto: A Christmas Carol

Starring: Katrina Bryan, Derek Griffiths, And Day, Chris Jarvis, Steven Kynman, Phil Gallagher, Ben Faulks and Justin Fletcher

Rated: U

Original release date: 3rd November 2014

Catalogue: B00MISU1GK

Sooty: Panto Palaver

Starring: Richard Caddelll

Rated: U

Original release date: 3rd November 2014

Catalogue: B00MFTR8EA

Join Richard, Sooty, Soo and Sweep in this Panto release. When the actors for Mr. Slater's pantomime don't turn up, Sooty, Sweep and Soo perform instead. Will the Wicked Bunny have Little Blue Riding Hood for his supper, or can Sooty the woodcutter come to her rescue? Episodes include Panto Palaver, Pranks and Presents, Disco Disco!, Sooty Takes Off and Record Breakers

Balamory: Panto and other stories

Starring: Julie Wilson-Nimmo, Mary Riggans and Miles Jupp

Rated: U

Original release date: 8th November 2004

Catalogue: B00061RZRE

Panto - A very special episode in which PC Plum puts on a performance of Cinderella in the village hall. Miss Hoolie takes the starring role, with Archie and Plum as the Ugly Sisters. 

Sinderella 2: Comes Again Live

Starring: Jim Davidson, Mia Carla, Roger Kitter, Dave Kristian, Dave Lee and Jess Conrad

Rated: 18

Original release date: 8th November 2004

Catalogue: B0002W19TC

The League of Gentlemen are Behind You

(The Live Pantomime)

Starring: Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss and Jermey Dyson

Rated: 15

Original release date: 20th November 2006

Catalogue: B000I5XNJW

Seasonal helping of The League Of Gentlemen - the popular TV comedy programme set in the perpetually creepy village of Royston Vasey. The tradition of the great British panto is lampooned by the crackpot League Of Gentlemen Team. The annual panto in Royston Vasey is at least as creepy and wacky as you'd expect.

Buttons, Sinderella and Baron Von Hard-On reunite to get up to their old tricks and naughty makeovers in Jim Davidson's raunchy adult panto



Rainbow Christmas Pantomime

Starring: Geoffrey Hayes, Stanley Bates, Rod Burton, Jane Tucker, Freddy Marks, Neil Stinchcombe and Roy Skelton

Rated: U

Original release date: 1988

Catalogue: B0006681J0

Tweenies: Everybody Panto

Starring: Dieter Jansen

Rated: U

Original release date: 14th October 2012


There are lots of fantastic things to do when the Tweenies decide to put on their very own pantomime! Join in the fun when the Tweenies make invitations and decorate the playroom. Milo finds out about snow and Fizz makes some very funny wishes with Doodles' wishbone. The excitement builds as the Tweenies get ready to perform... Jake and the Beanstalk!

The ITV Panto: Jack and the Beanstalk

Starring: Paul Merton, Neil Morrissey, Denise Van-Outen, Julian Clary. Adran Edmondson and Julie Walters

Rated: PG

Original release date: 22nd November 1999

Catalogue: B00004D0AD

This version of the famous panto, scripted by 'Men Behaving Badly' writer Simon Nye, was recorded live in front of a theatre audience and first broadcast on Christmas Day 1998. Jack (Neil Morrissey) is in something of a pickle after selling his mother's (Adrian Edmondson) prize cow for some magic beans. They can't afford their rent, and how will Jack ever be able to win the hand of girlfriend Jill (Denise Van Outen) once he's been thrown out on the street? However, the beans sprout into a magic beanstalk, which Jack climbs in order to find fame, fortune... and Julian Clary.

Pussy in Boots

Starring: Mike Reid, Barbara Windsor, Lynne Perrie and John Altman

Rated: 18

Original release date: 13th November 1998

Catalogue:  B000057LE5

Mike Reid's very blue, crude and oh so saucy adult pantomime with the stars of Eastenders and Coronation Street


Boobs in the Wood

Starring: Jim Davidson, Zoe Nicholas, Christie Goddard, Dave Lee, Kenny Baker, Tim Churchill, Peter Mandell, Paul Judge  and Victor Spinetti

Rated: 18

Original release date: 15th November 1999

Catalogue:  B00004R7A8

Jim Davidson presents his saucy follow-up to 'Sinderella' with this adult pastiche of the Robin Hood legend. The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham  can't wait to get his hands on lovely, busty Maid Marian. Will Robin and his merry band be able to stop him?

A DVD version was made exclusively available through Jim Davidson's own website.


Sinderella Live

Starring: Jim Davidson,Charlie Drake, Jess Conrad, Roger Kitter, Mia Carla, Dainne Lee, Dave Lee and David Kirstian

Rated: 18

Original release date: 1st September 1997

Catalogue: B0000576YD

Adult panto at it's very best with Jim Davidson's first ever romp into the murky world of adult pantomime

A DVD version was released exclusively through Jim Davidson's own website


Panto on Button Moon

Rated: U

Original release date: 

Catalogue: B000668596



Mr Men: A Christmas Pantomime

Roger Hargreaves

First published: 2015

ISBN 10/EAN: 1405279478 /  9781405279475

Little Miss Trouble loves Christmas. There are just so many opportunities to cause trouble. So when it comes to the auditions for the Christmas pantomime, it's no surprise to hear that she doesn't get a part. But when things start to go wrong in the rehearsals, Little Miss Bossy knows just who to look for...

A History of Pantomime

Maureen Hughes

First published: 2013

ISBN-10: 1844680770

ISBN-13: 978-1844680771

Producing Pantomime and Revue

Ivan Butler

First published: 1962
Published by W & G Foyle




The Panto Mime Book

Paul Harris

First published: 2008


ISBN-10: 0720613191

ISBN-13: 978-0720613193

A Practical Guide to Pantomime

Tina Bicat

First published: 2004


ISBN-10: 1861266928

ISBN-13: 978-1861266927

Creating Pantomime

Joyce Brannagh and Keith Orton

First published: 2011


ISBN-10: 1847972551

ISBN-13: 978-1847972552

It's Behind You!

Peter Latham

First published: 2004

ISBN-10: 1843307367

ISBN-13: 978-1843307365

Panto The Manual

Andrew Pastor

First published: 2015

ISBN-10: 1505961068

ISBN-13: 978-1505961065

The Bumper Book of Panto

Patrick Prior

First published: 2017

ISBN-10: 1546568379

ISBN-13: 978-1546568377

Staging a Pantomime

Gill Davies

First published: 1995

ISBN-10: 0713641207

ISBN-13: 978-0713641202

The Golden Age of Pantomime

Jeffrey Richards

First published: 2014

ISBN-10: 1780762933

ISBN-13: 978-1780762937

The Pantomime Life of Joseph Grimaldi

Audrey McConnell Stott

First published: 2010

ISBN-10: 1847677614

ISBN-13: 978-1847677617

Paige the Pantomime Fairy

Daisy Meadows

First published: 2006

ISBN-10: 1846162092

ISBN-13: 978-1846162091

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat

Enid Blyton

First published: 2003

ISBN-10: 1405203994

ISBN-13: 978-1405203999

Panto for Beginners

Hugh Cook

First published: 2010

ISBN-10: 1904312969

ISBN-13: 978-1904312963


Royal Mail 2008 UK postage stamps

Issued 4th November 2008

Royal Mail 1985 UK postage stamps

Issued 4th November 2008

Jersey 1995 postage stamps

Isle of Man 2016 postage stamps


The House of Puzzles 'Pantomime Treat'

250 pieces

Falcon Puzzles 'Pantomime'

1000 pieces


Promotional pantomime badges from the White Rock Theatre

Promotional pantomime badges from the Cambridge Arts Theatre

Promotional pantomime badges from the Key Theatre Peterborough

Promotional pantomime badges from the Theatre Royal Norwich

Promotional pantomime badge from the Congress Theatre Eastbourne


A 2021 pantomime wall calendar was produced in late 2020 to raise funds for theatres struggling following the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19. The calendar was made up of images donated by pantomime stars past and present.

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