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2009/10 - Cinderella (Halle Productions)

Casey-Lee Jolleys (Coronation Street)

Lance Stuart

Anthony Wren

2010/11 - Dick Whittington (Halle Productions)

Rowetta (X Factor)

Andy Scott-Lee (X Factor)

Eddie McNamee

Gareth James

John Garfield Roberts

Naomi Cooper-Davis

Mia Jay Clarson

Lydia Louisa

2011/12 - Jack and the Beanstalk (AB Productions)

Dave Benson Phillips (Get Your Own Back)

Be Minor

2012/13 - Sleeping Beauty (AB Productions)

David Spinx (Eastenders)

Scott Wright (Coronation Street)

Amy Diamond

2013/14 - Aladdin (AB Productions)

Arthur Bostrum (Allo Allo)

Steve Moorewood

Ryan Greaves

2014/15 - Cinderella (AB Productions)

Dane Bowers (Another Level)

Anne Hegerty (The Chase)

Steve Moorewood

Ryan Greaves

2015/16 - Peter Pan (Strictly Productions)

Nikki Grahame (Big Brother)

Christopher Maloney (X Factor)

Danny Mills

Paul Lawrence-Thomas

Shelley Anne Rivers

Deborah Owen

Benjamin Joseph

2016/17 - Beauty and the Beast (KD Theatre Productions)

Charlie Healy

Isabelle Lock

Gregory Hazel

Rob Stevens

Oliver Scott

Ross McNeill

2017/18 - The Wizard of Oz (KD Theatre Productions)

Rob Stevens

Oliver Scott

Hannah Shaw

Vikki Lyons


2018/19 - Dick Whittington (KD Theatre Productions)

Rob Stevens

Oliver Scott

Rory McCollum

2019 Grange Theatre pantomime.jpg

2019/20 - Aladdin (KD Theatre Productions)

Rob Stevens

Oliver Scott

Anabelle Davis

Ashley Shackell

Tom Booth

Joseph Hewlett

2020/21 - No panto due to Covid-19


2019/20 - Aladdin (KD Theatre Productions)

Oliver Scott

Hannah Ponting

Grace Thorne 

Molly Angus

Joshua Edwards


2019/20 - Sleeping Beauty (KD Theatre Productions)

Mollie Kate Angus

Lucy Brindle

Jake Hankey

Mark Hyde

Charles M Duke

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