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Grand Opera House

Panto history at Grand Opera House Belfast

1895: Blue Beard 
1980: Cinderella 
1981: Jack and the Beanstalk 
1982: Dick Whittington 
1983: Mother Goose
1987: Goldilocks and the three bears
1988: Cinderella
1990: Robinson Crusoe
1991: Babes in the Wood
1992: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1993: Jack and the Beanstalk 
1994: Dick Whittington
1995: Aladdin
1996: Mother Goose
1997: Jack and the Beanstalk 
1998: Cinderella 
1999: Peter Pan
2000: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 
2001: Aladdin
2002: Cinderella
2003: Dick Whittington
2004: Jack and the Beanstalk 
2005: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2006: Peter Pan
2007: Cinderella 
2008: Mother Goose
2009: Aladdin
2010: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

2011: Jack and the Beanstalk
2012: Cinderella
2013: Sleeping Beauty
2014: Aladdin
2015: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2016: Cinderella
2017: Peter Pan
2018: Jack and the Beanstalk
2019: Beauty and the Beast
2020: NO PANTO due to Covid-19
2021: Goldilocks and the three bears
2022: Cinderella 
2023: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

1895: Blue Beard

Opened 23rd December 1895

Frank Carson (as Buttons)

1980: Cinderella


Frank Carson (as Buttons), 
Olivia Page (as Fairy Godmother), 
Lorraine Lisbon (as Prince Charming), Neil France (as Annie), Paul Harris (as Fannie), 

George Carroll (as Baron Hardup), Nicola Kerr (as Cinderella), Wendy Barsley (as Dandini)

1981 Belfast Grand Opera House.png

1981: Jack and the Beanstalk

10th December 1981 - 6th February 1982 

Frank Carson (as Simple Simon), 
Paul Harris (as Dame Durden), 

Vivienne McMaster (as Fairy Kindheart), Sian Hopkins (as Jack Durden), 

Marion Geddes (as Princess Marigold), George Carroll (as Giant Blunderbore), 

Patrick Scully (as Fleshcreep), Jeff Briggs (as King Satupon Semolina),

George Carroll (as Jasper Jerk)

1982: Dick Whittington


Frank Carson (as Alderman Fitzwarren), Paul Harris (as Sarah The Cook), 

Rose Marie (as Dick Whittington), George Carroll (as Captain), 

Cardrew Robinson (as Mate), Patrick Scully (as King Rat), 

Amanda Huxley (as Tommy The Cat), Vivienna McMaster (as Fairy Bowbells), 

Fiona Douglas-Stewart (as Alice Fitzwarren), Tony Holborn (as King Neptune), 

Alan Morley (as Vizier),  Robin Bowditch (as Sultan of Morocco), 

Fiona Douglas-Stewart

Produced by E & B Productions

Directed by Brian Hewitt-Jones

Choreography by Teri Scoble

Musical Director David Beer

1987 Belfast Grand Opera House.png

1983: Mother Goose


Charlie Daze (as Mother Goose), 
Geoffrey Davies (as Billy Goose),

Gareth Marks (as Demon King), Brian Christopher (as Squire), 

John Boulter (as King of Gooseland), Nicholas Bailey (as Henchman), 

Deborah Thau (as Mary Mary), Amanda Huxley (as Billy's Buddy), 

Paddy Glynn (as Colin), Greta Schmidt (as Fairy), Robert Bowditch (as Rocket Control)

Produced by E & B Productions

Directed by Brian Hewitt-Jones

Choreography by Teri Scoble

Musical Director David Beer

1987: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

4th December 1987 - 9th January 1988

Geoffrey Hughes
James Ellis, Siobhan RedmondVictor Spinetti, Oscar James, 

David Lindsey Thomas

1988 Grand Opera House Belfast.png

1988: Cinderella

2nd December 1988 - 21st January 1989

Jimmy Cricket (as Buttons), 
Katie Budd (as Cinderella), Mandy Humphrey, Dawn Bowden, 

Andrew Bradley. Peter Sowerbutts, Candy Devine (as Fairy Godmother), Ward Allen, 

Peter Byrne

1990: Robinson Crusoe


Jimmy Cricket, 
May McFettridge, John Hewitt, John Daly

1991/92 Babes in the Wood

11th December 1991 - 25th January 1992


Tom O'ConnorMay McFettridge, Candy Devine, Josephine Mulvenna, Fred Reford, 

Peter Newman, Callum Forsythe, Jonathan Kelly, Gwyn Jones, John Hewitt

Produced by Paul Elliott

1992/93 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dana as Snow White

May McFettridge as Dame Dougnut

Sulie Branscombe as Queen Esmerelda

Barnaby as Muddles

Tommy O'Brien as Prince

Jakki Denver as Fairy

John Hewitt as Jason

This production ran from 19th December 1992 - 6th February 1993

1993/94 Jack and the Beanstalk

Jimmy Cricket

May McFettridge

Candy Devine

Gary Walker

Clare Hatfield

Julie Burnage

Stephen Critchlow

This production ran from 14th December 1993 - 29th January 1994

1994/95 Dick Whittington

Andy Gray as Idle Jack

May McFettridge as Sarah The Cook

Peter Corry as King Rat

Josephine Mulvenna

Vivian McMaster

This production ran from 9th December 1994 - 21st January 1995

1995/96 Aladdin

Peter Corry as Abanazar

May McFettridge as Widow Twankey

Kevin Devine as Wishee Washee

Maggie Moone as Aladdin

Anne Charleston as Genie of the Ring

Kate Lonergan as Princess

Rod Hull & Emu as The Chinese Policeman

Danny Price as Tommy the Cat

This production ran from 8th December 1995 - 20th January 1996

1996/97 Mother Goose

May McFettridge as Mother Goose

Briony McRoberts

Paul Hendy

Julian Simmons as Demon Vanity

Richard De Vere

Vivienne McMaster

This production ran from 6th December 1996 - 18th January 1997

1997/98 Jack and the Beanstalk

May McFettridge as Dame Trott

Su Pollard as Jack Tritt

David Griffin as Fleshcreep

Scorpio (Gladiators)

John Evans

Ivan Little

Zippy, George and Bungle

This production ran from the 5th December 1997 - 17th January 1998


1998/99 Cinderella

May McFettridge as Baroness Hardup

Cannon & Ball as The Debt Collectors

Pamela Ballantine as Fairy Godmother

Michelle Potter as Cinderella

Fogwell Flax as Buttons

Richard Pocock as Bianca

William Elliott as Tiffany

Matthew J Shaw as Dandini

John Sheridon as Prince Charming

Postman Pat

This production ran from 4th December 1998 - 16th January 1999


1999/00 Peter Pan

May McFettridge

Ray Meagher as Captain Hook

Sonia Evans as Peter Pan

Paddy Jenkins as Smee

Kevin Finch

2000/01 Snow White (A Talentspot pantomime)

May McFettridge as Nurse

Britt Ekland as The Wicked Queen

Robin Cousins as Prince

Gary Lovini

Paddy Jenkins as Muddles

Karen Rush as Snow White

This production ran from 1st December 2000 - 20th January 2001

2001/02 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge as Widow Twankey

Lisa Riley as The Genie

Clive Webb & Danny Adams as The Chinese Policeman

This production ran from 30th November 2001 - 19th January 2002

2002/03 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge

Scott Wright as Prince Charming

Richard Cadell as Buttons


Lucy Morgans as Cinderella

This production ran from 29th November 2002 - 18th January 2003


2003/04 Dick Whittington (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge as Sarah the Cook

Leslie Grantham as 'Dirty' King Rat

Emma Dodd as Alice Fitzwarren

Craig Turner as Tommy the Cat

Nigel Roche as The Sultan of Morocco

Dan Burton as Dick Whittington

Ian Jones as Winkle

Kim Joyce as Captain Cockle

Aly McInnes as Spirit of the Bells

This production ran from 28th November 2003 - 17th January 2004

2004/05 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge as Dam eTrott

Dan Paris as Jack Trott

William Caulfield

Paddy Jenkins

2005/06 Snow White (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge as Nurse

Linda Nolan as The Wicked Queen

William Caulfield as Muddles

Paddy Jenkins

Eamonn Holmes (voice only) as The Magic Mirror

2006/07 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge

Jack Ellis as Captain Hook

Aston Merrygold as Peter Pan

Paddy Jenkins as Smee

2007/08 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge as Fairy Godmother

Patrick Harvey as Prince Charming

Aidan O'Neill

Paddy Jenkins

Sinead Byrne as Cinderella

2008/09 Mother Goose (Qdos Entertainment)

May McFettridge as Mother Goose

Olivia Nash

Paddy Jenkins

Aidan O'Neill

Sinead Byrne

2009/2010 Aladdin (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Widow Twankey

Aidan O'Neill

Paddy Jenkins

Gavin Woods

Sinead Byrne

2010/11 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Nurse May

Aidan O'Neill as Muddles

Paddy Jenkins

Sarah O'Connor as Snow White

Lesley Joseph as The Wicked Queen

2011/12 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Dame Trott

Aidan O'Neill as Jack Trott

Paddy Jenkins as The King

2012/13 Cinderella (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Fairy Godmother

Basil Brush

Jayne Wisener as Cinderella

This production from 8th December 2012 - 26th January 2013

2013/14 Sleeping Beauty (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Queen May

Lorraine Chase as Carabosse

This production ran from 30th November 2013 - 19th January 2014

2014/15 Aladdin (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Widow Twankey

Faye Tozer

Jimmy Tamley

Jayne Wisener

2015/16 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Nurse

Chico as The Prince

2016/17 Cinderella (Qdos)

May McFettridge as The Fairy Godmother

Gareth Gates as Prince Charming

Jayne Wisener as Cinderella

2017/18 Peter Pan (Qdos)

May McFettridge

Paddy Jenkins

Paul Burling as Smee

Claire King as The Mermaid


2018/19 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos)

May McFettridge as Dame Trott

Rikki Jay

Paddy Jenkins

David Badella as Fleshcreep

Joanna O'Hare

Georgia Lennon


2019/20 Beauty and the Beast (Qdos)

May McFettridge

Ben Richards

Mandy Muden

Paddy Jenkins

Joanna O'Hare

2020/21 No pantomime


2021/22 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Crossroads Pantomimes)

May McFettridge

Paddy Jenkins
Adam C Booth
Anne Smith
Kia-Paris Walcott

Alfio Macaggiei

David Robert

Mary Maguire

Jo Donnelly

Kira Mcpherson


2022/23 Cinderella (Crossroads Pantomimes)

May McFettridge as Fairy Godmother

Paddy Jenkins as Buttons

Adam C Booth as Dandini

Kia-Paris Walcott as Cinderella

Jo Donnelly

Gyasi Sheppy 

Jolene O'Hara

Conor Headley as Prince Charming


2022/23 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Crossroads Pantomimes)

May McFettridge

Video tour of the Grand Opera House with a wonderful panto song by panto music legend Gary Hind to accompany it!








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