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1962/63 Cinderella (New Theatre)
Jane Asher
Douglas Byng
Tony Holland
1965/66 Aladdin (New Theatre)
David Jason as Flip
John Dane as Slave of the Lamp
Ann Chapman as Slave of the Ring
Roger Ostime as The Emperor of China
Sandra Scriven as Princess Balroubadour
Frances Barlow as Aladdin
Richard Murdoch as Widow Twankey
Paul Bacon as Abanazar
Philip Hinton as Grand Vizier
Robert Fyfe as Flop
Anthony Wiles as Widhee Washee
1966/67 Robinson Crusoe (New Theatre)
Wilfred Bramble (Steptoe and Son) as Mrs Crusoe
Wally Whyton & Olly Beak as Captain and Mate
Pamela Charles as Robinson Crusoe
Susan Paule
Robert Fyfe (Last of the Summer Wine)
Anthony Baird
Karol Keyes

A David Poulson Production
1966 New Theatre Bromley.png
1968/69 Cinderella (New Theatre)
Bob Grant (On the Buses) as Ermyntrude
Richard Hearne as Baron Pastry
Elizabeth Mills as Fairy Godmother
Johnny Parker as Buttons
Sarah Atkinson as Prince Charming
Arthur White as Bertha
Robert McBain as Baroness
Antonia Ellis as Dandini
Sydonie Platt as Cinderella
with Arthur Nicol and James McAuley
1969/70 Jack and the Beanstalk (New Theatre)
Julie McKenzie as Tilly Harbuckle
Sam Kydd as Mr Fish
John Hanson as Jack Trott
Audrey Jeans as Dame Trott
Max Wall as Mr Chips
Joan Morrow as Mary
Bill Shine as Squire
John Harding as Buttercup
Pamela Denton as Buttercup
Geoffrey Davion as Nikki
Elizabeth Mills as Fairy Firelight
Jean Hampson as Polly
Anthony Baird as Giant Blunderbore
1970/771 Sleeping Beauty (New Theatre)
Brian Cant as Richard
Anthony Baird as Chamberlain
Robert Fyfe as King Marmaduke
Harry H Corbett as Preesto
Danny Gray as The Mate
Frank Williams as Queen Ermyntrude
Lynda Baron as Prince Gawain
Susan Maughan as Princess Melanie
Jeanne Mockford as Carabosse
1977/78 Cinderella (Churchill Theatre)
Dicki Henderson as Buttons
Una Stubbs as Cinderella
Lynda Baron as Prince Charming
Bill Owen as Baron Hardup
Vivien Johson as Dandini

Barry Howard as Bertha
Simon Barry as Ermyntrude
Terence Macklin as Btokersman
Jenny Layland as Fairy Godmother
1979/80 Aladdin (Churchill Theatre)
Harry H Corbett (Steptoe and Son) as Widow Twankey
Amanda Barrie (Coronation Street) as Aladdin
Stephen Lewis (On the Buses) as Abanazar
Stacey Gregg as Princess
Janina Faye as Washee
Carol Cleveland as Slave of the Ring
Ted Merwood as Wishee
Errol Shaker as Genie if the Lamp
Edward Phillips as Emperor
1980/81 Mother Goose (Churchill Theatre)
Ian Lavender (Dad's Army, Eastenders)
Norman Vaughan
Bill Pertwee (Dad's Army, You Rang M'Lord)
Tommy Boyd (No 73, CITV)
Julie Dawn Coles (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
Barbara Bolton
Tony Mathews
1981/82 Jack and the Beanstalk (Churchill Theatre)
Reg Dixon
Linal Haft
Jacqueline Reddin
Edward Brayshaw (Rentaghost)
Janet Mahoney (Carry on actress)
June Kidd
Paul Kidd
1982/83 Babes in the Wood (Churchill Theatre)
Michael Robbins (On the Buses)
Alan Brown
Christopher Lillicrap
Reg Dixon
Danielle Carson
1983/84 The Wizard of Oz (Churchill Theatre)
Charlie Drake
Fenella Fielding (Carry On actress)
Michael Waterman}Paul Leonard
Celena Duncan
Cynthia Morey
1984/85 Mother Goose (Churchill Theatre)
John Inman (Are You Being Served?, Grace and Favour) as Mother Goose
Barbara Newman as Priscilla
Len Lowe
Brian Conley

Dianne Lee
Katie Budd
Jack Haig (Allo Allo)
1985 Churchill Theatre Bromley.jpg
1985/86 Jack and the Beanstalk (Churchill Theatre)
Rod Hull and Emu
Carol Lee Scott
Carl Wayne as Jack
Don Smoothey as Same Trott
Freddie Stevens
Graham Cole (The Bill) as The Giant
Anne Ziegler
1986/87 Dick Whittington (Churchill Theatre)
Roy Hudd as Idle Jack
Bill Pertwee (Dad's Army, You Rang M'Lord) as Alderman Fitzwarren
Jimmy Thompson as Sarah The Cook
Lyn Paul as Dick Whittington
Lambert & Ross as Captain and Mate
Roger De Courcey as Sultan of Morocco
Jane Hutchinson as Fairy Bowbells
Debbie Flitcrift as Alice Fitzwarren
Derek Holt as Cat
1987/88 Mother Goose (Churchill Theatre)
Danny La Rue as Mother Goose
Leon Greene
The Simmons Brothers
Jenny Logan
Kay Lyell
Robert Aldous as Demon Discontent
David Ellen
1988/89 Babes in the Wood (Churchill Theatre)
Barbara Windsor (Carry on Films, Worzel Gummidge, Eastenders) as Fairy
Nicholas Parsons
Julie Rogers
Christopher Farries
Ava Healy
Roland Rat
1989/90 Cinderella  (Churchill Theatre)
Lionel Blair (Give Us A Clue) as Buttons
Wendy Richard (Are You Being Served?, Grace and Favour, Eastenders) as Fairy Godmother
Stephanie Lawrence as Cinderella
Ross Davidson (Eastenders, Hollyoaks) as Prince Charming
Michael Medwin as Baron Hardup
Paul Gyngell
Fred Evans
Roy North
Nick Bailey
1990/91 Aladdin  (Churchill Theatre)
John Inman (Are You Being Served? Grace and Favour) as Widow Twankey
Paul Shane (Hi De Hi, You Rang M'Lord, Oh! Doctor Beeching, Holby City)
Susan Maughan
Christopher Farries
Steve Bryan
Nicholas Brent
Jo-Anne Sale
Eli Woods
David Janson as Wishee Washee
1991/92 Jack and the Beanstalk  (Churchill Theatre)
Ronnie Corbett
Barry Howard (Hi De Hi)
Karen West
Hazel Kidd
Paul Kidd
Paul Henry (Crossroads)
Joe Rice
1992/93 Dick Whittington (Churchill Theatre)
Jimmy Tarbuck
George Sewell
Susan Maughan
Joe Black
Neville King
1993/94 Cinderella (Churchill Theatre)
Ronnie Corbett as Buttons
Janet Brown as Fairy Godmother
Lisa Hollander as Prince Chamring
The Patton Brothers as Buttercup and Tulip
Don Smoothey as Baron Hardup
Elizabeth Watts (Playschool, Playbus, Playdays)
Sophie Corbett as Dandini
Kim McManus as Chamberlain
1994 Churchill Theatre Bromley pantomime
1994/95 Babes in the Wood (Churchill Theatre)
Max Boyce as Robin Hood
Arthur Bostrum (Allo Allo) as Little John
Jennifer Howe as Maid Marion
Sheila Steafel as Fairy

Bill Bellamy
Richard Gauntlett
Hugh Lloyd as Nurse
Leon Greene as Sheriff of Nottingham
1995 Churchill Theatre Bromley.jpg
1995/96 Aladdin (Churchill Theatre)
Gloria Hunniford as Slave of the Ring
George Sewell as Abanazar
Bonnie Langford as Aladdin
Christopher Biggins as Widow Twankey
Mickey Hutton as Wishee Washee
1996/97 Mother Goose  (Churchill Theatre)
Ronnie Corbett as Mother Goose
Donald Hewlett (You Rang M'Lord)
Patton Brothers
Lisa Hull
Sophie Corbett
Paul Valentine
1997/98  Jack and the Beanstalk (Paul Elliott Production) Churchill Theatre
Matthew Kelly as Dame Trot

Toyah Willcox as Jack
Robert Duncan (Drop the Dead Donkey) as Fleshcreep
Chris Jarvis (Cbeebies) as Silly Billy
Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo) as Fairy
Ward Allen
Michelle Potter

Postman Pat
1998/99 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Churchill Theatre)
Lionel Blair (Give Us A Clue)
Rula Lenska (Coronation Street) as Wicked Queen
Toby Anstis (CBBC) as Muddles
Roger Kitter (Allo Allo) as Nurse
Ben Richards (The Bill)

Lisa Kay as Snow White
Edward Baker-Duly

Mr Blobby
1999 Churchill Theatre Bromley panto.png
1999/00 Dick Whittington (Qdos) Churchill Theatre
Su Pollard as Dick Whittington
Terrence Hardiman as King Rat
Scorpio (Gladiators)
Tudor Davies as Sarah the Cook
Powys & Jones
Amy Richardson
Nigel Garton
2000/01 Cinderella (A Talentspot pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Russ Abbot as Buttons
Louise Perry as Cinderella
Postman Pat
2001/02  Peter Pan (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Paul Nicholas (Just Good Friends, Sunburn, Eastenders) as Captain Hook
Julie Buckfield (Hollyoaks) as Peter Pan
Kim Smith
Carol Ball
Lucy Morgans
Nicky Mullens
Amy Mason
Sian Jones
Edwin Ray
Stuart Rogers
2002/03 Dick Whittington (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Hale & Pace as Captain and Mate
Neil Gore
Rachel Slater
Danielle Smith
Libby Newton
Paula Brabbing
Clair Colton
Sarah Jane Honeywell
Georgina Field
Kerry Jay
Adam Price
James Lucas
Luke Johnson
Laura Bruce
Richard Calkin
2003 Churchill Theatre Bromley.jpg
2003/04 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Linda Lusardi (The Bill, Brookside) as Wicked Queen
Sam Kane (Brookside) as Prince
Gary Sharley
Phil Lowen
Danielle Courtney-Smith
2004 Churchill Theatre Bromley.png
2004/05 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Karl Howman (Brush Strokes, Eastenders) as Abanazar
Jay Bunyan (Neighbours) as Aladdin
Tudor Davies as Widow Twankey
Cezarah Bonner
2005/06 Cinderella (A First Family Entertainment pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Stephen Gately (Boyzone) as Prince Charming
Laura Hamilton as Cinderella
Shaun Williamson (Eastenders) as Buttons
Jessica Martin as Fairy Godmother
2006/07 Mother Goose (A First Family Entertainment pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Jeff Hordley (Emmerdale) as The Demon of Discontent
Ian Good as Mother Goose
Stephen Mulhern (Catchphrase) as Billy Goose
Sophia Thierens as Jill
John Barr as Squire / King

Freya Copeland (Emmerdale) as Fairy
2007/08 Peter Pan (A First Family Entertainment pantomime) Churchill
Paul Michael Glaser (Starksky and Hutch) as Captain Hook
Rebecca Seale
Andy Ford as Smee
2008/09 Cinderella (A First Family Entertainment pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Helen Lederer (Absolutely Fabulous) as Fairy Godmother
Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy) as Baron Hardup
Laura Hamilton as Cinderella
John Barr and David Langham as Ugly Sisters
2009/10 Sleeping Beauty (A First Family Entertainment pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Claire Sweeney (Brookside, Loose Women, Scarborough) as Wicked Fairy
Lorna Want as Sleeping Beauty
Kev Orkian
George Wood as Prince
2010/11 Aladdin (A First Family Entertainment pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Melinda Messenger (Fort Boyard) as Genie of the Lamp
Don Gilet (Eastenders) as Abanazar
Chris Till (Fun Song Factory) as Aladdin
2011/12 Snow White (A UK Productions pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Patsy Kensit (Holby City, Emmerdale) as Wicked Queen
Barney Harwood (Blue Peter) as Muddles
Ben Harlow as Prince
David Spinx (Coronation Street) as Henchman
Sarah Lark (I'd Do Anything) as Snow White
2012/13 Peter Pan (A UK Productions pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Andrew Agnew (Balamory) as Smee
Jennifer Ellison (Brookside, Phantom of the Opera) as Peter Pan
Ace Bhatti (Eastenders) as Captain Hook
Gemma Hunt as Tinkerbell
The Nitwits as The Pirate Crew
Joanna Forest as Wendy
Amanda Jones as Tiger Lily
2013/14 Cinderella (A UK Productions pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Andrew Agnew (Balamory) as Buttons
Matt Lapinskas (Eastenders) as Prince Charming
Anna Williamson as Cinderella
Jessica Martin as Fairy Godmother
David Ball as Ugly Sister
Byron Mondahl as Ugly Sister
with Marcus Knibbs and Charles Brunton
2014/15 Sleeping Beauty (A UK Productions pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Sonia Evans as Good Fairy
Marc Baylis (Coronation Street) as prince
Bobby Crush as Nurse
Zoe Birkett (Pop Idol) as Carabosse
Jamie Rickers
2015/16 Aladdin (A UK Productions pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Scott Maslen (The Bill, Eastenders) as Abanazar
Jen Pringle (Milkshake) as Princess Jasmone
Bobby Crush as Widow Twankey
Luke Roberts (HI-5) as Aladdin
Jess Robinson as Genie
Mark James as Wishee Washee
with Charlie Guest as PC Pong
2016/17 Peter Pan (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Craig Revel Horwood (Strictly Come Dancing) as Captain Hook
Paul Burling as Smee
Dawson Chance
Rachel Spry
Ryan Heenan
Liberty Buckland
Reece Woodier
Melissa Sharp
2017/18 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Jessie Wallace (Eastenders, Redwater, The Road to Coronation Street) as Wicked Queen
Jason Sutton as Nurse Nancy
Pete Firman as Muddles
Oliver Tompsett
Naomi Cowe
Joshua Harwood
Michael Gardiner
Cameron Vear
Luke Haley
Bethany Hunt
Luke Bennett
Zach Parkin

Written by Alan McHugh
2018/19 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Lelsey Joseph (Night and Day, Birds of a Feather) as Fairy Godmother
Phil Reid as Buttons
Charlotte Haines as Cinderella
Graham Hoadly
Jack Land Noble
James Darch
Gary Watson
Rosie Southall
Darcy Owen
Samuel Lawson
David Prempeh
Written by Alan McHugh
2019/20 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime) Churchill Theatre
Christopher Biggins as Widow Twankey
Max Fulham
Rikki Jay as Wishee Washee
2020/21 No panto due to Covid-19

2021/22 Sleeping Beauty (Crossroads pantomimes) Churchill Theatre
Lee Mead
Bonnie Langford
Lloyd Hollett
Myra DuBois
Claudillea Holloway

Churchill Theatre Bronley 2021 launch.jfif

2022/23 Jack and the Beanstalk (Crossroads pantomimes) Churchill Theatre

Anton Du Beke

Rhiane Drummond

Lloyd Hollett

Rachel Spry

Darren Machin

Rachel Izen

Joseph Barbrook

Alex Hetherington

Charlie Anne

Serena Newell

Megan Spiers

Izzy Read

Musical Supervisor Olly Ashmore

Written by Alan McHugh


2023/24 Cinderella (Crossroads pantomimes) Churchill Theatre

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