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Sooty, Sweep and Sue have always been a highlight of my life. When I was younger

I used to love watching them on TV with Matthew and I even went to ITV studios to see

"Sooty home". I also remember going to see Sooty on Blackpool promenade when I was

little - they used to be a show next to the swimming pool. Anyway enough about my

childhood - since my earlier year's I've kept an eye on Sooty and now the amazing Richard and

heard nothing but good things about them both in panto. If you look below at there panto credits - he's been around a bit. 2023 marks Sooty's 75th Anniversary and what better why to help celebrate than adding Sooty, Richard and friends to the PANTO HALL OF FAME. I know from experience and reading from others (old and young) about how Sooty still makes people smile - and in my opinion that's what panto is all about. Congratulations and welcome to the PANTO HALL OF FAME.

Richard and Sooty 5.jpg
Richard and Sooty 3.jpg
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