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Noele Gordon (Meg Richardson/Mortimer) 1964-1981, 1983

1942 - Cinderella at the Alexandra Theatre Birmingham

1946 - Little Red Riding Hood at the Adelphi Theatre

1951 - Humpty Dumpty at the London Palladium

In 1981 Noele was sensationally sacked from Crossroads, this is dramatised in the 3 part 2023 ITV series 'Nolly'. She made a triumphant return in 1983 which was due to be the first of many re-curring guest returns to the series but she was diagnosed with cancer and became ill preventing this return. She passed away in 1985 and is buried in the churchyard of St Mary's Church in Ross-on-Wye

1942 Birmingham Alexandra.png

Below: Noele Gordon & Jean Bayless in Humpty Dumpty (1951)

Noele Gordon.jpg

Jane Rossington (Jill Richardson/Harvey/Chance) 1964-2001

????  - Mother Goose - Gatehouse Theatre Stafford

1996 - Dick Whittington - Gatehouse Theatre Stafford

2002 - Jack and the Beanstalk at the Sands Centre Carlisle

2003 - Peter Pan at the Wolverhampton Grand

Tony Adams (Adam Chance) 1978-2001

1966 - Humpty Dumpty - Bristol Hippodrome

1972 - Cinderella - Bristol Hippodrome

1986 - Cinderella at the Fairfield Halls Croydon 

1991 - Mother Goose at the Darlington Civic

1992 - Mother Goose at the New Pavilion Rhyl

1993 - Cinderella at the Horsham Arts Centre
1994 - Jack and the Beanstalk - Brighton Dome

1995 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Wolverhampton Grand
1996 - Aladdin - The Hawth, Crawley
1997 - Jack and the Beanstalk - Princess Theatre, Torquay

2000 - Jack and the Beanstalk at the Theatre Royal Nottingham

2001 - Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal Brighton

2002 - Dick Whittington at the Kings Theatre Southsea

2003 - Peter Pan at the Wolverhampton Grand

2006 - Jack & the Beanstalk at the Kings Theatre Southsea

2010 - Cinderella at the Devonshire Park Eastbourne

2013 - Sleeping Beauty at the Kings Theatre Southsea


Ann George (Amy Turtle) 1965-1976, 1987-1988

1977 - Cinderella - Ashton Tameside Theatre

Ann George passed away 8th September 1989, aged 86

Angus Lennie (Shugie McFee) 1974-1981

1976 - Jack & the Beanstalk at the Kings Theatre Edinburgh

1979 - Cinderella at the Kings Theatre Edinburgh

1983 - Mother Goose at the Kings Theatre Edinburgh

1991 - Cinderella at the Kings Theatre Edinburgh

2002 - Aladdin - Royal Spa Centre, ,eamington

Lennie died on 14 September 2014 , aged 85

Below: Images from Mother Goose 1995


Paul Henry (Benny Hawkins) 1975-1988

1979 - Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Norwich

1981 - Cinderella at the Sunderland Empire

1982 - Dick Whittington at the Birmingham Hippodrome

1983 - Dick Whittington at the Theatre Royal Norwich

1984 - Cinderella at the Grand Theatre Swansea
1985 - Cinderella - Lewisham Theatre, Catford

1986 - Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Plymouth

1987 - Cinderella at His Majesty's Theatre Aberdeen
1988 - Dick Whittington at the Marlowe Theatre Canterbury

1990 - Mother Goose at the Southport Theatre

1991 - Jack & the Beanstalk at the Churchill Theatre Bromley
1992 - Dick Whittington - Civic Centre, Halifax

2001 - Cinderella at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

Below: Images from Dick Whittington 1982


Below: Images from Dick Whittington 1983


Below: Images from Mother Goose 1990


Below: Images from Cinderella 2001


Susan Hanson (Diane Lawton/Parker/Hunter) 1966-1987

1981 - Cinderella at the Sunderland Empire

1982 - Cinderella at the King's Theatre, Southsea

1987 - Aladdin at De Montfort Hall Leicester

1981 Sunderland Empire.png
Susan Hanson in Dick Whittington.png

Stan Stennett (Sid Hooper) 1982-1987

1950 - Little Red Riding Hood at the Swansea Grand

1952 - Puss in Boots- Swansea Empire

1954 - Babes in the Wood - Derby Hippodrome

1959 - Mother Goose at the Swansea Grand

1968 - Robinson Crusoe at the Princess Theatre Torquay

1969 - Robinson Crusoe at the Grand Theatre Swansea
1971 - Little Red Riding Hood - Wolverhampton Grand

1974 - Aladdin at the New Theatre Cardiff

1975 - Mother Goose at the New Theatre Cardiff

1976 - Cinderella at the New Theatre Cardiff

1977 - Babes in the Wood at the New Theatre Cardiff

1978 - Jack and the Beanstalk at the New Theatre Cardiff
1987 - Robinson Crusoe - Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl
1989 - Cinderella at the Grand Pavilion Porthcawl

2000 - Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood - Haberdashers School for Girls, Monmouth


Stan Stennett died in a hospital in Cardiff on 26 November 2013, at the age of 88

Gabrielle Drake (Nicola Freeman) 1985-1986

1973 - Robinson Crusoe at the Wolverhampton Grand

Kathy Staff (Doris Luke) 1978-2002

1981 - Mother Goose -  Theatre Royal Norwich

1983 - Cinderella -Palace Theatre Manchester

1985 - Cinderella - Bournemouth Pavilion

1987 - Aladdin - Reading Hexagon
1988 - Aladdin - Tameside Theatre

1989 - Mother Goose - Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
1990 - Cinderella - Blackpool Grand
1991 - Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood - Connaught Theatre, Worthing
1992 - Dick Whittington - Civic Centre Halifax

1993 - Dick Whittington - Devonshire park Eastbourne

1994 - Sleeping Beauty - Crewe Lyceum

1995 - Cinderella Bourn- Bournemouth Pavilion

1997 - Jack & the Beanstalk - Harlequin Theatre Redhill
1998 - Aladdin - New Theatre Hull

2000 - Cinderella - Stockport Plaza

Kathy died from a brain tumour on 13 December 2008 at the Willow Wood Hospice in Ashton-under-Lyne, at the age of 80, with her husband John at her bedside

Angela Webb (Iris Scott) 1980-1985

2015 - Beauty and the Beast at the Northampton Deco

2013 - Cinderella at the Leatherhead Theatre

2012 - Snow White on the Isle of Wight

2002 - Dick Whittington in Southsea

1993 - Peter Pan in Sunderland

1991 - Peter Pan at the Epsom Playhouse

1990 - Cinderella in Birmingham

1989 January - Mother Goose - Theatre Royal, St Helens

1989 - Mother Goose at the Lyceum Theatre Crewe

1982 - Dick Whittington at the Nell Gynne Theatre Hereford

Lynette McMorrough (Glenda Brownlow/Banks) 1976-1985

1993 - Puss in Boots at the Crewe Lyceum
1994 - Jack and the beanstalk - Brighton Dome

1995 - Snow White at the Harlequin Theatre Redhill 

1996 - Aladdin at the Crewe Lyceum
1997 - Peter Pan - Crewe Lyceum
1998 - Dick Whittington - Crewe Lyceum

1999 - Dick Whittington at the Wycombe Swan
2000 - Cinderella at the Marlowe Theatre Canterbury 

2001 - Dick Whittington at the Gordon Craig Theatre

2002 - Cinderella at the Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage

2004 - Snow White at the Connaught Theatre Worthing

2006 - Cinderella at the Lighthouse Theatre Poole

2007 - Cinderella at the Richmond Theatre London

2008 - Cinderella at the Tameside Theatre Grays

2013 - Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Margate


Ian Liston (Ron Brownlow) 1981-1985

1982 - Jack and the Beanstalk - Beck Theatre, Hayes

1984 - Dick Whittington - Orchard Theatre, Dartford


Joanne Good (Carole Sands) 1982-1984

1984 - Dick Whittington - Orchard Theatre, Dartford
1987 - Jack and the Beanstalk - Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green


Pamela Vezey (Kath Brownlow) 1980 - 1985

1987 - The Wizard of Oz - Horsham Arts Centre 


David Moran (Kevin Banks) 1980 - 1981

1985 - Cinderella - Lewisham Theatre
1987 - The Wizard of Oz - Horsham Arts Centre 

David passed away in May 2021

Cindy Marshall Day (Tracey Booth) 2001-2003

2003 - Mother Goose at the Seacombe Theatre Sutton

2004 - Peter Pan at the Rhyl Pavilion

Colin Wells (Jake Booth) 2001-2003

2005 Aladdin at the Camberley Theatre

Jane Asher (Angel Samson) 2003

1962 Cinderella - New Theatre, Bromley
2009 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs at the Richmond Theatre


Anne Charleston (Betty Waddell) 2003

Click here for Anne's panto history 

Sherrie Hewson (Virginia Raven/Wesson) 2001-2003

1988/89 Cinderella - Dominion Theatre

1997/98 Mother Goose - Chichester

2000/01 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Mayflower Theatre Southampton

2001/02 Aladdin - The Opera House Manchester

2004/05 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Assembly Rooms Derby

2006/07 Sleeping Beauty - Sheffield Lyceum

2008/09 Cinderella - Southport Theatre

2012/13 Jack & The Beanstalk - Wolverhampton Grand

2013/14 Dick Whittington - Theatre Royal Stratford East

2014/15 Aladdin - New Theatre Hull

2015/16 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - De Montfort Hall Leicester

2016/17 Aladdin - Manchester Opera House

2017/18 Beauty and the Beast - Theatre Royal Nottingham

2019/20 Sleeping Beauty - Venue Cymru Llandudno

Linda Robson (Wanda Wise) 2003

Click here for Linda's panto history 


James McKenzie Robinson (Ray Dobbs) 2001-2002

1999 - Cinderella - White Rock, Hastings
2000 - Cinderella - Sands Centre, Carlisle

2000 Carlisle Sands Centre.jfif

The Noele Gordon Collection DVD review

REVIEW: 13/2/2023


Whoever would have thought that almost 60 years after it originally made it's debut on TV screen the Midlands based soap famed for it's wobbly walls and sometimes even wobblier dialogue would be having such a resurgence. Not only did 2023 bring the brilliant 3 part ITVX drama 'Nolly' but the good folk at Network DVD have now released the ultimate tribute to the golden age of Crossroads with actress Noele Gordon at the very heart of it as Meg Richardson/Mortimer we are of course referring to CROSSROADS: THE NOELE GORDON COLLECTION

Head back to King's Oak and embrace those shaky sets, missed cues and occasionally fluffed lines once more and as we find ourselves back in a simpler time with this television classic with the characters that filled your tv screens at teatimes for almost three decades, characters such as the Queen of telephone acting Meg Richardson, hapless hat wearing handyman Benny, the ever dependable Miss Diane, forever forgetting her lines Amy Turtle and let's not forget the dashing yet cunning Adam Chance, champion of the cleaning rag Doris Luke and the likes of Jill Richardson, Sandy Richardson, Glenda Brownlow, Shughie McFee and so many more.


This impressive box set boasts a massive 94 discs containing over 700 episodes of the soap produced during the ATV years, hundreds of which have never been previously released on DVD, which brings you every known existing episode from the earliest surviving episode from 1964 through to Noele's much publicised exit in 1981. Who could forget the shocking moment when the motel went up in flames on bonfire night 1981 leaving everyone asking just one question...Would Meg survive? I don't think it would be a spoiler to say that she would and would go on to wave us all farewell aboard the QE2. Once again you can revisit such storylines as Megs wedding to Hugh, Sandys accident, the shooting of David Hunter, Meg in prison and add in a good mix of poisoning, terrorists, bombs, Russians spies and takeover bids and you know you have arrived at the Crossroads Motel.


The nostalgia comes flooding back with ATV introductory fanfare followed by those iconic opening chords of the very recognisable Tony Hatch theme tune and suddenly we are checked in to the Crossroads Motel for a 14,400 minute stay! this is going to be quite the binge watch.

The package is impressive and will sit proudly amongst any DVD collection but don't delay in making your purchase as this is a limited edition set. When it's gone it's gone!

Aside from the episodes there are a wealth of special features including behind the scenes insights and footage, rare tv appearances by the cast, images, unearthed episodes and audio excerpts, out-takes,  trailers, interviews, Megs 1983 return episode filmed in Venice and so much more and to top it off it comes complete with a photo souvenir book.  There is no word yet as to whether we will get a release of the following years which saw life at the motel go on without our beloved Meg which were produced by Central Television, or the ill-fated version which saw the show return thanks to Carlton Tv in 2001 but this collection gives us plenty of viewing to keep us going for a good while yet.


Featuring: Noele Gordon, Tony Adams, Sue Lloyd, Jane Rossington, Ronald Allen, Roger Tonge, Paul Henry, Susan Hanson, Sue Nicholls, John Bentley, Angus Lennie, Ann George, Carolyn Jones, Kathy Staff, Lynette McMorrough, Stan Stennett, Peter Hill, Angela Webb, Jack Haig, 

This release is available now priced £13O. For full details and to order visit Crossroads: The Noele Gordon Collection / Network On Air



1980 Theme Tune

Paul McCartney & Wings version

King's Oak version

2001 version

2003 version

Crossroads Kings Oak opening titles

Fan made opening titles

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