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The main commercial theatre in Oxford is situated on George Street. It was originally named  New Theatre Oxford (1836 - 1977) and then became The Apollo (1977 - 2003) before reverting to New Theatre Oxford (from 2003).

1925/26 Dick Whittington (New Theatre)

Charles Gulliver


1938 New Theatre Oxford.jpg

1938/39 Mother Goose (New Theatre)

Rex London as Mother Goose

Marjorie Sandford as Colin

George Bolton as Johnny

Jimmy Plant as Squire

Edna Clarke as Phyllis

Joe Arthur as Belinda The Goose

Ann Steel as Fairy Happiness

Harold Mortlake as Demon Discord

Trixie Sales as The Queen of Snow


1946/47 Babes in the Wood (New Theatre)

Jill Manners
Neil McKay
Charles Harrison
Chas Cameron
Arthur Rigby
Brenda Gay


1949 New Theatre Oxford.png

1949/50 Mother Goose (New Theatre)

Marion Gordon

Betty Jumel

Bunny Doyle

Jack Stanford

Joe Arthur
Hilary Allen

Brian Kent

Gwen Vaughan

Humphrey Heathcote

Barbour Brothers

The Pagolas


1949 New Theatre Oxford.png

1952/53 Aladdin (New Theatre)
Jack Hylton


1956/57 Jack and Jill (New Theatre)
George Kazanzi
Bert Brownbill
Gordon Peters
Sid Plummer

Patricia Mortimer
Erica Yorke

Charlie Chester

Molly Veness
The Barbour Brothers
Josephine Giles
Irene Claire

1957 New Theatre Oxford.png

1957/58 Aladdin (New Theatre)
Jimmy Clitheroe

Jack Skinner
Sonnie Willis
Betty Wheeler
Doreen Robinson
Maureen Hartley
Shirley Brett
Roy Jefferies
Nat Jackley
Joy Carter
Martin Lawrence


1960/61 Dick Whittington (New Theatre)
Richard Hearne

Roy Hudd

Don Murray

Tom Howard

Maggie Fitzgibbon

Gloria Gale

Valerie Masterton

Eric Garrett

1961/62 Babes in the Wood (New Theatre)
Vernon Drake
Dickie Valentine
Terry Scott
Maxine Shaw
Lynne Errington
George Truzzi
Lauri Lupino Lane
Pat Kirkwood
Margaret Macdonald
Angela Handby
Annette Dalziel

1962 Oxford panto.png

1962/63 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (New Theatre)

Harry Worth
Peter Butterworth
Jacqueline Moran
Allan Bruce
Brian Moorehead
Shelagh Miller
Freddy Payne
Jeanne Craig
Lorna Green
Joe Black


1963/64  (New Theatre)Merry King Cole

Audrey Jeans

Jimmy Edwards
David Watson
Mary Bassano
Sheila Holt
Tom Gillis
Helen James

Dot Williams
Martin Gluth

Ernest Arley

1964/65 Cinderella (New Theatre)


Des O'Connor

Danny La Rue
Alan Hayes
Erica Yorke
Jack Douglas
George Arnett
Wendy Cameron



1965/66 Aladdin (New Theatre)

Billy Fury (Replaced partway through the run by Jean Bayless)
Ray Fell
Angela Ryder
Cheryl Kennedy
Pan Yue Jen
The Gamblers
Lauri Lupino Lane

1966 New Theatre Oxford.png

1966/67 Dick Whittington (New Theatre)

Bud Flanagan

Charlie Naughton

Eddie Gray

Clifford Henry

Veronica Page

Ken Wilson

Stephanie Voss
With the Rita King Girls, Bel Canto singers & Vera Legge Children

1968 Oxford New Theatre.png

1968/69 Babes in the Wood (New Theatre)

Bruce Forsyth
Jimmy Lee
Yvonne Marsh
Rikki Fulton
Clem Ashby
Dailey & Wayne
Jeanette Ranger
David Richmond
Jonathan Coles
With the Rita King Girls, Bel Canto singers & Vera Legge Children


Produced by: Bill Roberton
Choreographed by: Rita King

1969 Oxford panto.png

1969/70 Cinderella (New Theatre)

Roy Castle
Barry Howard
John Inman
Joyanne Delancey
Eli Woods
Jenny Wren
Nicholas Parsons


1970/71 Sleeping Beauty (New Theatre)

Jimmy Edwards

Allan Barnes

Dorothy Dampier

Alan Dalton

Don Maclean

Peter Glaze

Freddie Starr

1971 New Theatre Oxford.png

1971/72 Goody Two Shoes (New Theatre)

Hugh Lloyd

Ronnie Hilton

Audrey Jeans

John Gower

Hope & Keen

Liz Edmiston

1973 Oxford panto.png

1973/74 Babes in the Wood (New Theatre)

Terry Scott
Blayne Barrington
Paula Hendrix
Martin Dell
Gordon & Bunny Jay

Directed by: Roger Redfarn

1984 Oxford panto.png

1975/76 Cinderella )New Theatre)

Roy Hudd
Bill Simpson
Joyce Blair
with Luckens Shetland Ponies

1976/77 Aladdin (New Theatre)

Freddie Garrity

1977 New Theatre Oxford.png

1977/78 Jack and the Beanstalk (New Theatre)
Freddie Davies

Joyce Blair

Audrey Jeans

Ken Wilson

Virginia Drinwater

Marianne Panrnell

Keefe & Annette

1978 New Theatre Oxford.png

1978/79 Aladdin (New Theatre)
Little & Large
John Gower
Marta Gillot
Geoffrey Russell
Norman Collier
Maria Morgan
Bert Francis
Patsy Ann Scott
Charlie Cairoli
Paul & Peta Page

Produced by Dennis Chrithley

1979 Oxford panto.png

1979/80 Mother Goose (New Theatre)
John Inman
Billy Burden
Susan Paule
Jimmy Patton
Brian Patton
Brian Godfrey
Barbara Newman
Nicholas Brent

With The Des King Dancers, Paul & Peta Puppets and the Oxford Babes

Choreographed by: Rita King
Produced by: Bill Roberton


1981/82 Babes in  the Wood (Apollo)

The Krankies
Stu Francis
Graham Hamilton

1984 Oxford panto.png

1982/83 Aladdin (Apollo)

Keith Harris with Orville & Cuddles
Barbara Windsor
Katie Budd
Allen Christie

Jack Tripp

1983 Oxford panto.png

1983/84 Robinson Crusoe (Apollo)

Norman Wisdom
Dino Shafeek
Tony Fayne
Sandy Warren
Tony Scott
George Reibitt
Derick Warren
Mary Mitchell
Samantha O'Brien

with The Mollie Tanner Juveniles and the Regent Dancers & Singers

Featuring The Apollo Theatre Orchestra

Choreographed by: Jan Lynton
Musical Director: Paul Vincent
Lighting by: John Redgrave
Directed by: John Redgrave

1984 Oxford panto.png

1984/85 Dick Whittington (Apollo)

Cilla Black
Jimmy Cricket
Graham Hmailton
Danny O'Dea
Ben Warriss
Billy Dainty

Directed by: Dick Hurran


1985/86 Cinderella (Apollo)

Jim Davidson

John Bardon

Dianne Lee

Roger Kitter

Danny O'Dea

Yvonne Marsh
Hilary O'Neil

Liz Fraser

Directed by: Dick Hurran

1984 Oxford panto.png

1986/87 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Apollo)

Ross Davidson
Mike Newman
Frankie Desmond

1987 Oxford Apollo panto.png

1987/88 Aladdin (Apollo)

Marti Caine
Geoffrey Durham
Brian Conley
Michael Sharvell-Martin
Gareth Hunt
Ava Phillips
Michelle Hooper

With The Sunshine Boys and The Brian Roger Dancers

1988 Oxford Apollo.png

1988/89 Jack and the Beanstalk (Apollo)

Anne Charleston
Alvin Stardust
Freddie Garrity
Lynsey De Paul

Peter Thorne



1990/91 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Apollo)

Michelle Collins
Phil Angell
Bobby Bennett
Michael Sands

1991 Oxford Panto.png

1991//92 Cinderella (Apollo)

Emily Symons
Guy Pearce
Ellis Ward
Peter Goodwright
Andy Couchman
Ian Kearney
Phi Angell
with Perrier Petite Ponies


Written by Dennis Critchley

With The Sunshine Boys and The Brian Roger Dancers


1992/93 Aladdin (Apollo)

Ashley Paske
Bradley Walsh
Amelia Frid
Michelle Collins

Eli Woods
Mike McCabe
Tony Monopoly
Shane Ellis
Richard De Vere


1993/94 No panto - 'Scrooge' was playing starring Anthony Newley (Apollo)


1995/96 Mother Goose (Playhouse)
Ian Lavender
Milton Johns

1996/97 No panto -  'Pickwick The Musical' was paying starring Harry Secombe (Apollo)


1997 Oxford panto.png

1997/98 Jack and the Beanstalk (Playhouse)

Brian Hibbard
Christopher Scott
Nicola Fulljames

Written by Paul Knight
Directed by: Michele Hardy


1998/99 Cinderella (Playhouse)

Nicola Fulljames

Rosie Ashe

Brian Parr

1999/00 Sleeping Beauty (Playhouse)

2000/01 Aladdin (Playhouse)
2001/02 Mother Goose (Playhouse)
2002/03 Puss in Boots (Playhouse)










2003/04 Jack and the Beanstalk (Playhouse)

Russell Dixon

Clive Hayward

Nicola Keen

Anny Tobin

Lizzie Deane

2003/04 'Cats' was playing at the New Theatre

2004/05 Peter Pan (Playhouse)

2004/05 'Miss Saigon' was playing at the New Theatre

2005/06 Cinderella (Playhouse)
2005/06 'The Wizard of Oz' (Non-panto version) was playing at the New Theatre starring Amanda Barrie

2006/07 Dick Whittington (Playhouse)

2006/07 'Cats' was playing at the New Theatre

2007/08 Aladdin (Playhouse)

2007/08 'Starlight Express' was playing at the New Theatre

2008/09 Sleeping Beauty (Playhouse)

2008/09 'Flashdance' was playing at the New Theatre

2009/10 Jack and the Beanstalk (Playhouse)

2009/10 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' was playing at the New Theatre

2010/11 Cinderella (Playhouse)
2010/11 'The Sound of Music' was playing at the New Theatre

2011/12 Mother Goose (Playhouse)

2011/12 'South Pacific' was playing at the New Theatre

2012/13 Dick Whittington (Playhouse)
2012/13 'Starlight Express' was playing at the New Theatre

2013/14 Robin Hood (Playhouse)

2013/14 'Cats' was playing at the New Theatre

2014/15 Beauty and the Beast (Playhouse)
2014/15 'Dirty Dancing' was playing at the New Theatre

2015/16 Aladdin (Playhouse)

2015/16 'Annie' was playing at the New Theatre

2016/17 Cinderella (Playhouse)

2016/17 'The Rocky Horror Show' was playing at the New Theatre

2017/18 Jack and the Beanstalk (Playhouse)
2017/18 'War Horse' was playing at the New Theatre

2018/19 Dick Whittington (Playhouse)

2018/19 'Jersey Boys' was playing at the New Theatre

2019/20 Beauty & The Beast (Playhouse)
2019/20 'Motown The Musical' was playing at the New Theatre

2020/21 No pantomime due to Covid-19

2020/21 No show at the New Theatre due to Covid-19

2021/22 Robin Hood (Playhouse)
2021/22 'School of Rock' was playing at the New Theatre

2022/23 Cinderella (Playhouse)

2022/23 'Mamma Mia' was playing at the New Theatre

2023/24 Jack and the Beanstalk (Playhouse)

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