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1941/42 Robinson Crusoe (Palace)

George Hirste

Helen Binnie

Nita Grey

Wendy Maye

Fred Sanger

Pat Nash

Fred Fields

Daniel Dare

1942/43 Aladdin (Palace)

Francis Whitmer

Joe Nicholls

Jean Rayner

Frank Leslie

Ken Douglas

1943/44 Cinderella (Palace)

Cora Craven

John Powe

Kitty Keir

Kay Kench

1945/46 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

1946/47 Aladdin (Palace)


1947/48 Babes in the Wood (Palace)


1948/49 Mother Goose (Palace)

Tommy Fields

Doreen Dukes

Margot Field


1949/50 Goody Two Shoes (Palace)

Sonny Jenks

Joy Hayden

Vic Marlowe

Bobbie Medlock

1950/51 Humpty Dumpty (Palace)

Billy Danvers

1951/52 Jack and Jill (Palace)

Roy Barbour

Henry Lytton


1952/53 Little Miss Muffet (Palace)

Charlie Cairolo

Sylvia Norman

Normal Caley

Yvonne Marsh

Henry Lytton

1953/54 Aladdin (Palacee)

Nat Jackley

Jimmy Clutheroe

The Tiller Girls


1954/55 Cinderella (Palace)

Tommy Fields

Barbara Evans

1955/56 Puss in Boots (Palace)

1956/57 Mother Goose (Palace)


1957/58 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Reg Varney (On the Buses)

Billy Burden (Grace and Favour)

1958/59 Little Miss Mufett (Palace)


1978/79 Cinderella (Palace)

Frankie Howerd

Julian Orchard

John Boulter

Peter Jones

Terry Gadener

1981/82 Jack and the Beanstalk (Palace)

Allen Christie

1982/83 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Harry Worth

Ian Lavender (Dad's Army, Eastenders)

Mark Wynter

Rikki Fulton

1983/84 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)

Terry Scott (Terry and June, Carry On Films)

Bernard Bresslaw (Carry On Films)

Dilys Watling
Norman Vaughan

Pictured below: Terry Scott and the Babes


1984/85 Mother Goose (Theatre Royal)

Danny La Rue

Patricia Michael

Peggy Mount (Oliver!) -  Due to illness Peggy was replaced by Patsy Rowland (Carry on Films)

The Simmons Brothers

Billy Boyle

Charles West

Pollyann Tanner

Pictured below: Cast includes Pollyann Tanner (Far left) and Danny La Rue (Far right)


1985/86 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

Roy Hudd

Jack Tripp

Geoffrey Durham
Leon Greene
Allan Christie
Vincent Osborne
Julia Howson
Jacinta Mulcahy


1986 (November) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Theatre Royal

Honor Blackman (The Upper Hand)

Ted Rogers (3,2,1)

Jessica Martin

Pictured below: Ted Rogers as Muddles


1986/87 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Paul Henry 

Chris Harris

Susan Maughan

Donald Hewlett

Jan Hartley

Jacinta Mulcahy

Nyree Dawn Porter

Simon Browne

year unknown theatre royal plymouth.jpg

1987/88 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Bernard Cribbins

Andrew Sachs (Fawlty Towers)

Anita Harris (Carry on Films)

Nick Wilton (Eastenders)

Glyn Owen (Howards' Way)

Edmund Hockridge

Chris Harris

Pictured below: Anita Harris waits backstage to make her entrance


1988/89 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Ruth Madoc (Hi De Hi)

John Nettles (Bergerac)

Hope & Keen

Douglas Mounce

Nick Staverson

Emma Chance

Kenny Andrews

Patrick Clancy

Clare Rimmer


1989/90 Sleeping Beauty (Theatre Royal)

Jeffrey Holland (Hi De Hi)

Hinge & Brackett

Bobby Crush

Bernard Bresslaw (Carry On Films)

Peter Goodwright

Gemma Page

1990 Theatre Royal Plymouth.jpg

1990/91 Cinderella  (Theatre Royal)

Des O'Connor

Peggy Mount

Eric Sykes

The Simmons Brothers

Jodie Wilson

David Morton

Brian Godfrey

Alison & Rebecca Marsh

John Sowden

Pictured below: Eric Sykes poses for the camera, also Eric with Des mid scene


Behind the scenes video


1991/92 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)

Roy Hudd

June Whitfield (Last of the Summer Wine)

Jack Tripp

Ann Sydney

Keith Barron (Duty Free)

Gary Lovini

Geoffrey Hughes (Coronation Street, Carry On At Your Convenience, Keeping Up Appearances)

Pictured below: June Whitefield backstage and Geoffrey Hughes pays a visit to stage door mid performance


1992/93 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Les Dawson

Ellis Ward

Michelle Dotrice (Some mother's Do 'Ave Em)

Peter Goodwright

Patrick Mower (Emmerdale)

Dooby Duck

Pictured below: Les Dawson does his best Madonna impersonation as Dame


1993/94 Jack and the Beanstalk (Theatre Royal)

Rolf Harris

Bonnie Langford (Eastenders)

David Griffin

Dame Hilda Bracket

Douglas Mounce

Pictured below:  Rolf Harris as Simple Simon


1994/95 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

Danny La Rue

Karl Howman (Brush Strokes, Eastenders)

Dawson Chance

Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo)

Gerald Harper

Allan Stewart

1995/96 Mother Goose (Theatre Royal)

Howard Leader (That's Life)

Jack Tripp

Roy Hudd

Douglas Mounce

Judi Spiers (Pebble Mill)

Terence Donovan (Neighbours, Home and Away)


1996/97 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Lesley Joseph (Birds of a Feather)

Jeffrey Holland (Hi De Hi)

John Nettles (Bergerac)

Katie Budd

The Simmons Brothers

Nicholas Parsons

1997/98 Peter Pan (Theatre Royal)

Russ Abbot

Chloe Newsome (Coronation Street)
Tim Marriott

Kerris Peeling

1998 Theatre Royal Plymouth.jpg

1998/99 Jack and the Beanstalk (Theatre Royal)

Su Pollard (Hi De Hi)

Mark Speight

Scorpio (Gladiators)

Seeta Idrani (The Bill)

Terence Hardiman (Demon Headmaster)

1999 Theatre Royal Plymouth.png

1999/00 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Brian Conley

Danny La Rue

Duncan Breeze

Dawson Chance

Brian Godfrey

2000/01 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

John Inman (Are You Being Served?)

Gary Wilmot


2001/02 Snow White (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Danny La Rue

Britt Ekland

Dave Benson Phillips

Rhoddri Williams

2002/03 Peter Pan (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

John Nettles

Michaela Strachan

Keith Simmons

2003/04 Dick Whittington (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Gary Wilmot

Jeffrey Holland (Hi De Hi)

John Challis (Only Fools and Horses, The Green Green Grass)

Casey Lee Jolleys (Coronation Street)

2004/05 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Brian Conley

Nigel Ellacott

Peter Robbins

2005 Theatre Royal Plymouth.jpg

2005/06 Jack and the Beanstalk (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

The Chuckle Brothers

Tudor Davies

Jason Pethers

2006/07 Snow White (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Linda Lusardi

Sam Kane (Brookside)

Leslie Grantham (Eastenders)

Kev Orkian

2007/08 Peter Pan (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Paul Nicholas (Just Good Friends, Sunburn, Eastenders)

Toby Hull & Emu

2008/09 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal 

Leslie Joseph (Birds of a Feather, Night and Day)

Matt Slack

Laura Evans

Martin Ramsdon

David Robbins

Chris Ellis-Stanton

2009/10 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Christopher Biggins

Ben Langley

Samantha Andrews

2010/11 Sleeping Beauty (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Joe Pasquale

Ceri Dupree

2011/12 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Julian Clary

Keith Harris & Orville

2012/13 Dick Whittington (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Christopher Biggins

Basil Brush

Hilary O'Neil

2013/14 Robin Hood (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Lee Mead (Any Dream Will Do)

Nigel Havers (Coronation Street, Benidorm)

Jeffrey Holland (Hi De Hi)

Bobby Davro

2014/15 Jack and the Beanstalk  (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

John Challis (Only Fools and Horses, The Green Green Grass)

Jeffrey Holland (Hi De Hi)

Bobby Davro

Chico (X Factor)

2015/16 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Gok Wan

Paul Zerdin

Video: 2015 panto trailer

2016/17 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Lesley Joseph (Birds of a Feather)

Duncan James (Blue)

Ben Nickless

2017/18 Peter Pan (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

Steve McFadden (Eastenders)

Andy Ford

2018/19 Dick Whittington (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal

John Partridge (Eastenders)

Samantha Womack (Game On, Eastenders)

Andy Ford

Nigel Ellacott

2019/20 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal
Brian Conley
2020/21 Robinson Crusoe (A Qdos pantomime) Theatre Royal
Andy Ford
Les Dennis
Connor McIntyre
Simon Webbe
Jennie Dale
The Timbuktu Tumblers
2021/22 Aladdin (Crossroads Pantomimes) Theatre Royal
Joe Pasquale
Alistair So
Natalie Chua
David Robbins
Sarah Earnshaw

2022/23 Sleeping Beauty (Crossroads Pantomimes) Theatre Royal
Shane Richie
Matt Terry
Ceri Dupree
Peter Piper
Jarneia Richard-Noel
Stephanie McKenzie

2022/23 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Crossroads Pantomimes) Theatre Royal

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