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Prisoner Cell Block H cast in panto mini feature

ANNE CHARLESTON - Deidre Keane / Lorraine Watkins / Policewoman
IAN SMITH - Ted Douglas / Rev.Potter / Policeman

1989 Dick Whittington - Davenport Theatre Stockport

1990 Dick Whittington at the Brighton Dome

1991 Cinderella - Birmingham Hippodrome

1992 Dick Whittington - Hanley Theatre Royal

1993 Cinderella - Southampton Mayflower

1999 Jack and the Beanstalk - Pavilion Porthcawl

2000 Dick Whittington - Princess Theatre Torquay

2005 Aladdin - White Rock Hastings

2007 Cinderella - Opera House York

1991 Birmingham Hippodrome panto.png
RAY MEAGHER - Ernest Craven / Kurt Renner / Geoff Butler

1989 Snow White – Barking Assembly Hall

1991 Goldilocks and the Three Bears – Wimbledon

1993 Aladdin – New Victoria Woking

1994 Jack & The Beanstalk – Birmingham Hippodrome

1995 Jack & The Beanstalk – Southampton Mayflower

1996 Cinderella – Festival Theatre Chichester

1998 Cinderella – Cliffs Pavilion Southend

1999 Peter Pan – Grand Opera House Belfast

2000 Cinderella – Darlington Civic

2002 Peter Pan – Llandudno

2004 Dick Whittington – Palace Theatre Mansfield

2005 Aladdin – Bournemouth Pavilion

2006 Dick Whittington – Grand Theatre Blackpool

2007 Dick Whittington – Swansea Grand

2008 Aladdin – Anvil Basingstoke

2009 Peter Pan – Assembly Rooms Tunbridge Wells


The below video is a snippet from Ray Meagher's 2022 programme This is Your Life in which he briefly talks about panto and receives messages form panto co-stars Su Pollard and Bobby Davro

FIONA SPENCE - Vera 'Vinegar Tits' Bennett

1990 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs- Theatre Royal Hanley

1991 Aladdin - Theatre Royal Hanley

To watch both of Fiona's pantomimes in full visit our video page here

VAL LEHMAN - Bea Smith

1992/93 Aladdin - Opera House, Manchester

1993/94 The Wizard of Oz - Granville Theatre

JACKIE WOODBURNE - Julie 'Chookie' Eggbert

2000 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Pavilion Theatre Worthing

2001 Cinderella - Stafford Gatehouse

2000 Worthing Pavilion panto.png
1991 New Pavilion Rhyl panto.png
CORNELIA FRANCIS - Carmel Saunders

1990 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Cliffs Pavilion Southend
1991 Dick Whittington - Rhyl Pavilion

Cornelia passed away in 2018 aged 77 following a battle with bladder cancer

JUDY NUNN - Joyce Martin

1991 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Ferneham Halls Fareham

2001 Ferneham Hall panto.png
DEBRA LAWRANCE - Sally Dean / Daphne Graham

1991 Pinnochio - City Varieties, Leeds
1995 Cinderella - Assembly Rooms Tunbridge Wells

1991 City Varieties Leeds panto.png
1995 Assembly Hall Tunbridge Wells.jpg
BARRY QUINN - Greg Miller

1971 Aladdin - Connaught Theatre Worthing

MAGGIE DENCE - Bev 'The Beast' Baker

1992 Cinderella - Princess Theatre Torquay

1994 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage

LINDA HARTLEY - Rachel 'Roach' Waters

1990 Mother Goose - Charter Theatre Preston

1991 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Leicester

MAGGIE MILLAR - Marie Winter

2002 Aladdin - Opera House York

2003 Cinderella - Princess Theatre Torquay

2004 Cinderella - Queens Hall, Widness

TOM OLIVER - Ken Pearce

1995 Jack and the Beanstalk - De La Warr Pavilion - Bexhill on Sea

1997 Robinson Crusoe - Worthing Pavilion

1999 Cinderella - Beck Theatre Hayes

STEFAN DENNIS - Shane Berkley / Spike / Peter Richards

1990 Robin Hood – Liverpool Empire

1991 Aladdin – Mayflower Southampton

1992 Cinderella – Bournemouth Pavilion

1993 Jack & the Beanstalk – Wimbledon Theatre

1994 Peter Pan – Grand Theatre Blackpool

1998 Aladdin – Weston Super-Mare Playhouse

2007 Aladdin – His Majesty’s Theatre Aberdeen

2009 Cinderella – Grand Theatre Wolverhampton

ROGER OAKLEY - Chris Young

1990 Sleeping Beauty - Orchard Theatre, Dartford

MAURIE FIELDS - Len Murphy / Uncle Archie / Maurie Parks

1961 Puss in Boots - Princess Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)

Maurie passed away 18th December 1995 aged 69 following a heart attack. He had been married to actress Val Jellay who also appeared in Prisoner as Mabel Morgan.

NORMAN YEMM - Eddie Stevens

1959 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp - Theatre Royal, Adelaide (Australia)

Norman passed away 3rd February 2015 aged 82. Norman's daughter Jodie Yemm also appeared in Prisoner as inmate Rosemary Kaye.


1979 Cinderella - Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)
1980 Cinderella - Victoria VIC (Australia)

Betty passed away 30th November 2020, aged 81 following a stroke

SANDY GORE - Kay White

1979 Cinderella - Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)

GARY DOWN - Des Williams

1979 Cinderella - Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)
1997 Aladdin - Capers Cabaret, Hawthorn, Victoria (Australia)

PATSY KING - Erica Davidson

1957/58 Peter Pan - Princess Theatre, Melbourne (Australia)


1965/66 Robin Hood - Tivoli Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Peter passed away from cancer 13th December 1999, aged 61. Peter had been married to Prisoner actress Kirsty Child (Willie Beacham)

ROSLYN GENTLE - Brandy Carter / Laura Gardiner

1982 Sleeping Beauty - Philip Street Theatre, Sydney (Australia) 

TERRY GILL - Det.Insp Jack Grace

Terry Gill passed away on 25th February 2015 aged 75. after suffering with lung cancer.

For many years, Gill and his wife Carol Ann ran The Tivoli theatre restaurant in Melbourne, producing pantomimes and theatre shows featuring many well-known Australian performers. Together Terry and Carol Ann would open their own string of theatre-restaurants, writing, directing and producing shows at the Bull n Bush in Warrandyte, The Naughty Nineties in Hawthorn and the Tivoli in Malvern -with the latter also serving as the home of children’s pantomimes for decades. Over the years their casts have included, Ken James (Sons and Daughters' Mike O'Brien), Colette Mann (Prisoner's Doreen Anderson/Burns) and Lisa Crittenden (Prisoner's Maxine Daniels).

Terry would write the shows — borrowing heavily for the pantomimes from traditional stories, he penned 13 pantomimes of his own. 

Just for fun.... based on the pantomime story-line featured in Prisoner in episode 165 here is our poster for the prisoner's own version of Cinderella.
Prisoner panto poster.png
Head back behind bars with a reminder of the classic Prisoner theme tune......
Enjoy the lesser heard instrumental version here...

Prisoner Cell Block H end credits

Home media release...

2022 Australian release


March 2022 saw Via Vision (the saviours of classic Aussie Drama on DVD) issue another repackaged release of Prisoner, this time we were treated to a mammoth 41 disc set which covered the first two seasons of the series taking us from the moment Karen Travers and Lynne Warner first arrive at Wentworth right up to the infamous pantomime tunnel escape and collapse. 

Hardcore fans will no doubt already own one of the previous releases, this now being the fourth time the full series has been repackaged although the discs themselves are identical in every way to the very first release of the series back in 2006, then released as a monthly release subscription. This is a straight repackaging of the first two releases from the 2016 release. Prisoner remains very watchable and the perfect long binge so those fans who owned the originally release may just decide to make this purchase as a back up if they have watched their discs to the point of wearing them we practically have! 

The only downside of this release comes with the actual packaging, it looks good and sits well on the shelf alongside other releases but there is nothing either on the packaging, inserts or the discs themselves to tell you which episode is featured on each disc making it very hard to go straight to a specific episode if one wished to.

2016 Australian release


Prisoner was once again given a full series release in Australia by Via Vision, this time in 'complete season' releases between November 2016 and September 2017 across 8 volumes.

Once again the discs themselves were identical to the very first full season release by Shock Entertainment. 


2006 Australian release


This first full series release consisted of 40 volumes released between 2006 - 2009 with a full collection being made available in a presentation case with an exclusive book in 2007 with a re-release in 2011

2010 The Edna Pearson Story


In a worldwide first, The Edna Pearson Story brings to DVD some of the most controversial and talked about episodes in the history of Wentworth. Now, for the first time, all original and fully un-cut episodes of the infamous 'poison' story line are featured on DVD. Starring one of Australian TV's best known actress Vivean ray (The Sullivans, Neighbours), these episodes were banned in Australia and heavily cut for UK transmission. Sit back and enjoy the arrival of Edna at Wentworth, having been found guilty of attempting to murder her husband. is she as innocent as she claims? As rat poison goes missing it is wise to have her on kitchen duty? And when Marlene collapses with stomach pains who should the inmates blame? Available for the first time in twenty five years, The Edna Pearson Story is a genuinely un-missable DVD event for all fan of Prisoner Cell Block H.

2008 UK full series release


This first full series release consisted of 20 volumes released between 2008 - 2013 

2002 The Best of dvd releases


Volume 1: 3 discs set featured:

Disc 1: The Early Years
Episode166: 1981 season premiere - the aftermath of the Tunnel escape.

Episode 287: The arrival of Joan Ferguson

Episode 327: The Wentworth Fire

Episode 400: Final episode with Bea Smith

Disc 2: The Terrorist Siege

Episode 536: In a rare moment of reflection the inmates recall some favourite moments, and infamous faces, from Wentworth's rather jaded past.

Episodes 550, 551, 552: The Ruth Ballinger Siege

Disc 3: The End
Episodes 600 & 601: The Lou Kelly Riot

Episodes 691 & 692: The final 2 episodes

(Left - the original release and below the two repackaged releases for the UK and the USA for the shows 25th anniversary)


Volume 2: 3 discs set featured:


Episodes 1-4. 


20 - Franky and Doreen Escape

165 - The start of the tunnel escape

471 - Marie Winter's helicopter escape

598 - Lexie Patterson escapes


Episodes 247 & 248 - The Sandy Edwards Riot

Episode 586 - Rita is inducted into Wentworth

Episode 667 - The Blackmoor Riot

(Left - the original release and the repackaged release for the USA 


Volume 3: 3 discs set featured:

Disc 1: 'Ann and Meg's Kidnapping' - Episodes 498, 499, 500 & 501

Disc 2: Rita at Blackmoor - Episodes 664, 665, 666 & 667

Disc 3: Lead-Up to the Final - Episodes 687, 688, 689 & 690 

1993 USA VHS release


In June 1993 the first 12 episodes of Prisoner were released on VHS in America across 6 volumes BY MPI Home Media


1993 UK VHS release

Between 1993 and 1994 the first 12 episodes of Prisoner were released on VHS by NTV Entertainment plus an additional tape featuring episodes 326 & 327. The Great Escape stage show was also released as part of this set. There were a total of 8 VHS tapes released in the UK.

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