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Many of the original pantomime traditions may have faded away but one that is still going stronger at most pantomime performances is the much loved song sheet. A time for the stage to be reset behind the tabs ready for that grand finale whilst the audience join in with a silly song with gusto, it's full on audience participation at it's very best.

Often this would also be the time when a number of children would be invited onto the stage  to take part in some time filling banter. “How old are you? “- “I’m Seven”. “Never! I was seven when I was your age”. it never gets old! Sadly many productions are now shying away from having children on stage, it's all health and safety ya know!

Originally the song sheets really were large sheets of canvas  which would be flown in with the words to the song on but more often than not nowadays, that sheet never actually appears.

Some of the songs often used were specially written for a panto whilst others were popular music hall novelty songs, but to work well they have to have a good sing-a-long chorus, plenty of actions the audience can join in with, and the element of competition.

“My side was louder than your side!”… “Oh, yes we were!”…”Oh, no you’re not!”

Gurt Lush
The Bristol Hippodrome, 2010 - Dick Whittington
GURT LUSH -I I'm in Love With My Babber - Andy Ford
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Delivered with his own unique Bristolian charm, comic Andy Ford delivered this little gem in 2010.  Babber is a term that orignated in Bristol and is a word once used to describe a loved one whilst gurt lush is another Bristol saying basically meaning really good!

Oh, I'm in love with my babber,

she's by far the cutest babber you will see


I've been and bought a bouquet for my babber,

but my babber's been bit busy

bought a bun for my tum,

yes my babber's been and bought a bun for me


The Penguin Song
From Snow White at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 2015
Performed by David Ashley as Nurse Nelly and Adam Woodyatt as Henchman
THE PENGUIN SONG - Unknown Artist
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Have you ever seen
A penguin round to tea?
when you look at me
A penguin you will see!

(In between each chorus, add one of the following by calling out the following commands with actions. Each time you call out a new command, you add it to the existing motions.)

Right Flipper (Flap right arm)
Left Flipper (Flap left arm)
Right Foot (Kick right foot)
Left Foot (Kick left foot)
Bob your head (bob your head...)
Turn around (turn in a circle)
Stick out your tongue (stick out your tongue and sing song)
Have you ever seen a penguin come to tea?

when you look at me a  penguin you will see!PENGUINS ATTENTION! PENGUINS DISMISSED! 

Umper Dumper Dookie
From Cinderella at the London Palladium 2016
Performed by Paul Zerdin with children from the audience

Umper dumper dookie
Umper dumper dookie
Umper dumper dookie... Yeah!
You haven't gotta spell it
You've only got to yell it
Umper dumper dookie... Yeah!

Felt Smart
From Aladdin at the Birmingham Hippodrome in 2015
Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs at the Wycombe Swan 2018

One smart fellow, he felt smart

Two smart fellows, they felt smart

Three smart fellows, they felt smart

They all felt smart together

The Pirate Song
From Peter Pan at the Wyvern Theatre in 2017
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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I had some fun in the Swindon sun

The Day I went to sea

I climbed aboard a pirate ship 

and the captain said to me

We're going this way, that way

Forward and back

over the Irish Sea

A bottle of rum to fill up my tum

a pirates life for me

Baby Shark 
From Aladdin at the Wyvern Theatre in 2018
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Bandy Bertha
I'm Happy
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