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1907/08 Jack and the Beanstalk

Alma O'Brey, Frances Drew

1908/09 Babes in the Wood

1909/10 Robinson Crusoe

1910/11 Babes in the Wood

Ivy Tallard

1913/14 Babes in the Wood

Ike Scott, Mike Scott

1916/17 Babes in the Wood

Ike Scott, Will Scott

1917/18 Red Riding Hood

1919/20 Jack and the Beanstalk

1959 Dick Whittington

1960 Jack and the Beanstalk

1961 Sleeping Beauty

1962 Jack and the Beanstalk

1964 Dick Whittington

1965 Mother Goose

1967 Puss in Boots

1968 Aladdin

1969 Cinderella

1970 Red Riding Hood

1971 Jack and the Beanstalk

1972 Dick Whittington

1973 Sleeping Beauty

1974 Cinderella

1975 Aladdin

1976 Mother Goose

Christopher Biggins (In his panto dame debut)

Frank Williams

Dougie Squires' Second Generation

Kay Lyell

Julie Collins

Joan Pendleton

Stephanie Lawrence

Mark Roan

Barry Stevens

Bernice Adams

David Hampshire

Opened 20th December 1976

1977 Dick Whittington

Christopher Biggins

1978 Cinderella

Cheryl Taylor, The Krankies, Graham Bickley

1979 Jack and the Beanstalk

Stephanie Lawrence, Maggie Rose

Opened 14th December 1979


1980 Sleeping Beauty

Mick Miller, Sally Ann Triplett, John Lavelle, Jim Lavelle

1981 Aladdin

Peter Polycarpou, Mark Curry

1982 Darlington Civic panto.png

1982 Dick Whittington

Mark Page as King Rat
Old Mother Riley as Sarah The Cook

Leigh Miles as Alice Fitzwarren

Peter Saint as Dick Whittington

with Michael Kirk, Chris Drake, Mark Ellis, Philip Theodore and The Mosaics

with Dougie Squires' Second Generation


1983 Peter Pan

David Yipp (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Brookside), Daryl Back, Wenda Holland, Fran Peppard, Maggie Henderson, Jan Wren, Steven Alvey

1984 Aladdin
Alison Dominic, Scott Wynter


1985 Mother Goose

Gudrun Ure, Bill Buckley, Barbara Newman, Raymond Ross

1986 Darlington Civic.png

1986 Jack and the Beanstalk

Bernie Clifton as Simple Simon

Kathy Staff (Crossroads, Last of the Summer Wine) as Dame Durden

Suzanne Dando as Jack Durden

The Chuckle Brothers as The Bailiffs

Alan Meadows as Fleshcreeo

Louisa Shaw as The Princess

Bryan Sullivan as The Giant

Shari Leighton-Clarke as Fairy

1987 Darlington Civic.png

1987 Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

Stu Francis (Crackajack) as Will Scarlett
Geoff Capes as Little John

The Chuckle Brothers as The Robbers

Linda Nolan as Maid Marion

With Des King, Alan Meadows, Anne Duval and M T Lundy

1988 Darlington Civic.png

1988 Dick Whittington

Shelley Preston (Bucks Fizz) as Alice Fitzwatten

The Grumbleweeds as Jack, Captain and Mate

Norman Collier as Alderman Fitzwarren

Mike Holoway as Dick Whittington

Des King as Sarah the Cook

Wanda Harper as The Cat

1989 Darlington Civic pantomime.jfif

1989 Cinderella

The Chuckle Brothers

Jimmy Cricket as Buttons

Anna Karen as Fairy Godmother

Nikki Ellen as Cinderella

With Anne Duvall and Chris Hayward

1990 Darlington Civic.png

1990 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Little & Large as The Odd Job Men
Geoffrey Hughes as Barney
Tony Peers as Sadie Spangle
Patsy Ann Scott as Ringmaster
Nikki Ellen as Goldilocks

Featuring Augustos Circus

With Julia Cook, Gordon Cook, Leigh Cook, Wanda Harper and Charlotte Lee


1991 Mother Goose

Jean Fergusson, Hilary O'Neil, Tony Adams, Keith Harris & Orville, Anne Duval, Wanda Harper and Nikki Ellen

1992 Babes in the Wood

Cannon and Ball

Leslie Ash (Men Behaving Badly, C.A.T.S Eyes)

Jonathan Kelly

Freddie Lees

Ian Sandy

Sean Canning

1993 Aladdin

The Krankies

Jet & Cobra (Gladiators)

Gareth Hunt (The New Avengers)

Hilary O'Neil

Darlington Civic 1994.png

1994 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Linda Lusardi (The Bill, Brookside)

Stu Francis (Crackajack)

Mickey Hutton

Nicki Kelly (Hi De Hi)
Dooby Duck


1995 Cinderella

Paul Shane, Sarah Thomas, Gayle Blakeney, Gillian Blakeney with Zippy, George and Bungle


1996 Jack and the Beanstalk

The Grumbleweeds, Michael Elphick, Hilary O'Neil

1997 Darlington Civic.jpg

1997 Robin Hood

Otis the Aardvark

The Krankies as The Robbers

Shane Ammann (Home and Away)

1998 Dick Whittington

The Chuckle Brothers

1999 Peter Pan

Dave Benson Phillips
Norman Bowler

2000 Cinderella

Ray Meagher (Ray Meagher)

Stu Franics

Ward Allen

Postman Pat

A Talentspot Pantomime

2001 Aladdin

The Chuckle Brothers as Wishee and Washee

A Qdos Production

This production ran from 5th December 2001 - 20th Januaury 2002

2002 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Linda Lusardi (The Bill, Brookside) as Wicked Queen

Sam Kane (Brookside) as The Prince


Danielle Smith as Snow White
Powys & Jones as Chambers and Muddles

Lisa Ritchie

Andy Jones

Written by Jon Conway

Directed by Sam Kane

Assistant Director Linda Lusardi

Choreographer Paul Robinson

This production ran from 5th December 2022 - 19th January 2003

A Qdos Production


2003 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Lisa Riley (Emmerdale, Loose Women)

Clive Webb

Danny Adams

A Qdos Production

2004 Peter Pan

Cannon and Ball as The Pirates

Lee Brennan (911) as Peter Pan

A Qdos Production

2005 Beauty and the Beast

The Grumbleweeds

Zoe Birkett (Pop Idol)
Anthony Hutton (Big Brother)

A Qdos Production

2006 Cinderella

Denise Welch (Soldier Soldier, Coronation Street, Loose Women) as Fairy Godmother

The Krankies

A Qdos Production

2007 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

John Altman (Eastenders) as Henchman

Emma Atkins (Emmerdale) as The Wicked Queen

Zoe Birkett (Pop Idol) as Snow White

Steve Arnott as Nurse

Peter Piper as Muddles

A Qdos Production

2008 Jack and the Beanstalk 

Ian Reddington (Eastenders, Coronation Street)

Steve Arnott
Pete Hillier 
Charlie Cairoli

A Qdos Production

2009 Aladdin 

Chico (The X Factor)

The Grumbleweeds

Max Somerset

A Qdos Production

2010 Peter Pan 

David Essex as Captain Hook

The Grumbleweeds as Smee and Starkey

Susan Hallam-Wright as Peter Pan

A Qdos Production

2011 Cinderella 

Ray Quinn (Brookside, X Factor, Hollyoaks)

Jimmy Cricket

Deena Payne (Emmerdale)

A Qdos Production

2012 Sleeping Beauty 

Linda Lusardi (The Bill, Brookside)

Sam Kane (Brookside)

Andy Jones

Phillip Meeks (Emmerdale)

A Qdos Production

2013 Aladdin 

The Chuckle Brothers

Phil Corbitt

Phillip Meeks (Emmerdale)

A Qdos Production

2014 The Chuckles of Oz (Qdos)

The Chuckle Brothers

Phil Corbitt

Adam Booth

Danny Potts

Beth Stobbart

2015 Cinderella (Qdos)

Ashleigh and Pudsey (Britain's Got Talent)

Matt Edwards

Niki Evans (X Factor)

Brendan Sheerin (Coach Trip)


No panto due to refurbishment

2017 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos)

Lee Ryan (Blue)

Zoe Birkett (Pop Idol)

Patrick Monahan

Eric Potts (Coronation Street)

Liam Mellor

2018 Aladdin (Qdos)
Louie Spence (Pineapple Dance Studio)
Zoe Birkett (Pop Idol)

Robin Askwith (Confessions of a...)

Eric Potts (Coronation Street)

Liam Mellor


2019 Jack & The Beanstalk (Qdos)
Shirley Ballas (Strictly Come Dancing)
George Sampson (Britain's Got Talent)
Phil Walker
Daniel Taylor

2020 No pantomime due to Covid-19

2021 Cinderella (Crossroads Pantomimes)

Faye Tozer

Patrick Monahan

Peter Peverley

Phil Corbitt
Tanisha Butterfield



2022 Peter Pan (Crossroads Pantomimes)

Christopher Biggins

Rikki Jay

Steve Arnott

Peter Peverley

Sheri Lineham

James Hameed

Tegan Bannister



2023 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Crossroads Pantomimes)


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