1883/84 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)

1884/85 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Prince's)

1886/87 Robinson Crusoe (Prince's)

1887/88 Puss in Boots (Prince's)

1898/89 Sinbad the Sailor (Prince's)

1896/87 Blue Beard Junior (Palace)

1902/03 Robinson Crusoe (Prince's)

1913/14 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Daisy Wood

Madge Vincent

Albert Le Fre

Lupino Lane

Alice Pollard

Cyril Thompson

Horrace Mills

1916/17 Cinderella (Palace)

Clarice Mayne

1917/18 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Dorothy Ward

Ernie Mayne

1918/19 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Clarice Mayne

Harry Weldon

1919/20 Aladdin (Palace)

Ella Retford

Lupino Lane

Nellie Wallace

1920/21 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Ella Retford

Lupino Lane

Nellie Wallace

1921/22 Puss in Boots (Palace)

Mona Vivian

Billy Merson

1922/23 Mother Goose (Palace)

Dorothy Ward

Shaun Glenville

Georgie Wood

1923/24 Cinderella (Palace)

Vera Pearce

George Gregory

1925/26 Queen of Hearts (Palace)

Gwladys Stanley

Jack Edge

1926/27 Humpty Dumpty (Palace)

Georgie Wood

1927/28 The Sleeping Beauty (Palace)

Kitty Reidy

Jay Laurier

1928/29 Aladdin (Palace)

Nellie Wallace

Gwladys Stanley

1929/30 Robinson Crusoe (Palace)

Dorothy Ward

Shaun Glenville

1930/31 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Jack Edge

Faye Compton

1931/32 Jack & The Beanstalk (Palace)

Betty Jumel

Billy Danvers

James Craig

1933/34 Cinderella (Palace)

Billy Danvers
Phyllis Neilson-Terry
Winnie Collins
Gracie West


1934/35 Sleeping Beauty (Opera House)

Binnie Barnes

Gene Gerrard

Rex London

Olive Groves

Ruth Sherman

Helen Brothers

Helga Stone

1934/35 Peter Pan (Manchester Hippodrome)

Dinah Sheridan

1935/36 Jack and the Beanstalk (Palace)

1936/37 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

1938/39 Aladdin (Opera House)

Cora Goffin

Stanley Holloway

Dave Burnaby

Gloria Day

1939/40 Babes in the Wood (Opera House)

Hal Bryan

Veronica Wilson

1942/43 Red Riding Hood (Palace)

1943/44 Jack and the Beanstalk (Palace)

1944/45 The Queen of Hearts (Palace)

1946/47 Cinderella (Hippodrome)
Billy Tasker

1947/48 Cinderella (Palace)
Beryl Reid

1948/49 Dick Whittington (Palace)

1949/50 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Jimmy Jewel

1949/50 Jack and Jill (Hippodrome)

1951/52 Old King Cole (Palace)

1952/53 Babes in the Wood (Hulme Hippodrome)

Nat Mills
Mary Naylor
Joy Jackley
Gordon & Colville

1952/53 Little Miss Muffet (Manchester Hippodrome)

1952/53 Humpty Dumpty (Palace)

1953/54 Puss in Boots (Palace)

1953/54 Mother Goose (Manchester Hippordrome)

Tommy Fields

Margaret Burton

Charles Warren

1953/54 Little Bo Beep (Hulme Hippodrome)

1954/55 Dick Whittington (Palace)

1955/56 Humpty Dumpty (Palace)

Harry Seacombe (Oliver!, Highway)
Roy Castle

1956/57 Mother Goose (Palace)

George Lacey

1957/58 Aladdin (Palace)

Ken Dodd

1958/59 Cinderella (Palace)

Bob Monkhouse (in his pantomime debut)

Danny La Rue 

Dennis Goodwin

Alan Haynes

Margaret Mitchell

Grace Rich

Walter Kavan

George Arnett

1959/60 Robinson Crusoe (Palace)

Norman Wisdom

1960/61 Humpty Dumpty (Palace)

Harry Secombe
Gary Miller
Roy Castle

1961/62 Turn Again Whittington (Palace)

Bruce Forsyth

1962/63 Snow White (Palace)

Ruby Murray

1964/65 Sleeping Beauty (Palace)

Morecombe & Wise 

1965/66 Aladdin (Palace)

Des O'Connor

Billy Dainty

Jack Douglas

Freddy and The Dreamers

1966/67 Snow White and the Seve Dwarfs (Palace) 

1967/68 Cinderella (Palace) 

Des O'Connor

Vince Hill

Jack Douglas (Carry On Films)

Freddie Sales

Joe Black 

1968/69 Humpty Dumpty (Palace) 

Jimmy Clitheroe 

1968/69 Robinson Crusoe (Opera House) 

Ken Dodd

Hope & Keen
Paula Hendrix
George Barnes
Billy Whittaker

1969/70 Jack and the Beanstalk (Palace)

Jimmy Clithero

Anita Harris (Carry On Films)

Jack Tripp

Gordon & Bunny Jay

1970/71 Cinderella (Opera House)

Mary Hopkin

Lonnie Donegan

Arthur Askey

Peter Butterworth (Carry on Films)

Joe Black

1971/72 Aladdin (Palace)

Billy Dainty

The Dallas Boys

Bernard Bresslaw (Carry On Films)

Anita Harris (Carry On Films)

Freddie Davies

1972/73 Queen of Hearts (Palace)

Danny La Rue 

1974 (March) Peter Pan (Opera House)

Anita Harris
John Gower

1974/75 Cinderella (Palace)

Clodagh Rodgers

1976/77 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Arthur Askey
Dickie Henderson
Mark Wynter
Bertie Hare
Freddie Stevens


1976/77 Cinderella (Opera House)

Billy Dainty (Buttons)
Hugh Lloyd (Hunkamunka - Ugly Sister)

Elizabeth Power (Eastenders) (Prince Charming)

Ayshea (Cinderella)

Russell Hunter (Dollialolla - Ugly Sister)
Pauline Garner (Dandini)

Graham Squire (Baron Hardup)

Jennifer Claire (Fairy Godmother)
Michael  (Major Domo)

1977/78 Jack and the Beanstalk (Opera House)

Stanley Baxter

Christopher Beeney

1978/79 Dick Whittington (Opera House)

Basil Brush

Ayshea (Dick Whittington)

Frank Carson (Idle Jack)

Bert Weeden (Alderman Fitzwarren)
Wendy Smith (Alice Fitzwarren)
Michael Mungarvan (Saltan)
Howard Williams (Town Crier)
Barry Walls (Mate)
Ronne Coyles (Sarah the Cook)

Phil Wood (Captain)
Max Arthur (King Rat)
Maretta Sibley (Spirit of the Bells)

1978/79 Mother Goose (Palace)

Anna Karen
Aubrey Phillips
Dave Peters
Bryan Johnson
Peter Simon
Colin Beach

1983/84 Cinderella (Palace)

Kathy Staff (Last of the Summer Wine, Crossroads)

Bill Owen (Last of the Summer Wine)

Lorraine Chase (Emmerdale)

Matthew Kelly

Sarah Kennedy

Trevor Peacock

John Bardon (Eastenders

Ann Sidney

Ward Allen

1984/85 Aladdin (Palace)

Su Pollard (Hi De Hi)

Derek Griffiths (Playschool)

Matthew Kelly (You Bet)

Anneka Rice  (Treasure Hunt)

Edmund Hockridge

Bob Carolgees (Surprise Surprise)

Tommy Trinder

Ted Mount

1986/87 Jack and the Beanstalk (Palace)

Russ Abbot

Bella Emberg

Tudor Davies

Windsor Davis (Never The Twain)

1987/88  Cinderella (Palace)

Michael Barrymore (Strike it Lucky, My Kind of People)

Norman Collier

Jessica Martin

Bernard Bresslaw (Carry On Films)

Duggie Small

Peggy Mount (Oliver!)

Dawson Chanve

Jilli Foot

1988/89 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Cannon and Ball

Bernadette Nolan

Barry Howard (Hi De Hi)

Richard Gibson (Allo Allo)

Ann Sidney

1989/90 Aladdin (Palace)

Paul Nicholas (Just Good Friends)

Paul Shane (Hi De Hi)

Eartha Kitt

Sylvestor McCoy (Doctor Who)

Peter Blake


1990/91 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Les Dawson (Blankety Blank)

Jon Nettles (Bergerac)

The Roly Polys 

Mark Walker

Ann Sidney

Dooby Duck

Richard Jarmain

Lara Jarmain

1991/92 Snow White (Palace)


Jimmy Cricket 

Mike Holloway

Juliette Kaplan (Last of the Summer Wine)

Su Douglas

Ken Gibson

Kenneth MacDonald (Only Fools and Horses)

1992/93 Aladdin (Opera House)

Michael Barrymore (Strike it Lucky Strike it Rich)

Val Lehman (Prisoner Cell Block H)

Simon Fox

The Roly Polys

Gordon Peters

Hal Nolan

Dooby Duck

1993/94 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Ken Dodd 

Glyn Owen (Howards' Way)

Wyn Calvin

Susan Maughan

1995/96 Aladdin (Palace)

Roy Barraclough (Coronation Street)

Billy Pearce 

Richard De Vere

Maggie Mooney

1998/99 Cinderella (Palace) 

Darren Day

Isla Fisher (Home and Away)

Ruth Madoc (Hi De Hi)


Mr Blobby (Noel's House Party)

1999/00 Peter Pan (Palace)

Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon)

Anita Harris (Carry On Films)

2000/01 Snow White (Opera House)

Julie Goodyear (Coronation Street)

Patrick Mower (Emmerdale)

Danielle Nicholls


Kenny Baker (Star Wars)

2001/02 Aladdin (Opera House)                                                   

Sherrie Hewson (Crossroads, Coronation Street, Benidorm)

Tim Vincent (Blue Peter)

The Roly Polys

Gail McKenna

Richard De Vere

2002/03 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Opera House)             

Lily Savage / Paul O'Grady

2003/04 Cinderella (Opera House)                                               

Brian Conley 

Dawson Chance

Nigel Ellacott

Peter Robbins

2004/05 Dick Whittington (Opera House)                                          

The Chuckle Brothers

Jeffrey Holland (Hi De Hi)

Helen Noble

2005/06 Peter Pan (Opera House)                                                 

Steve McFadden (Eastenders)

Sophie Lawrence (Eastenders)

Matt Slack

2006/07 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Opera House)                                             

Suranne Jones (Coronation Street, Doctor Foster)

Warwick Davis (Willow, Star Wars, Harry Potter)

Justin Moorhouse

John Savident (Coronation Street)

2007/08 Cinderella (Opera House)                                                

Tina O'Brien (Coronation Street)

Johnny Briggs (Coronation Street, Echo Bay)

Roger Kitter (Allo Allo)

Mike Toolan

Bernie Nolan

2008/09 Peter Pan (Opera House)                                                

Gemma Atkinson

John Thomson

Gary Wilmot 

Mike Toolan

Jen Pringle

2009/10 Aladdin (Opera House)                                                  

Gray O'Brien (Casualty, Coronation Street)

Chris Fountain (Hollyoaks, Coronation Street)

Eric Potts (Coronation Street)

Jen Pringle

Mike McClean

2010/11 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Opera House)                                          

Tina O'Brien (Coronation Street)
Deena Payne (Emmerdale)

Andy Devine

Tam Ryan

Jonathan Shotton

Mike Toolan

2011/12 Cinderella (Opera House)                                               

Louie Spence 

Tam Ryan

Suzanne Shaw (Hearsay)

2012/13 Peter Pan (Opera House)                                               

David Hasslehoff (Knight Rider, Baywatch)

Amy Reid

Tam Ryan

2013/14 Dick Whittington (Opera House)                                        

Ashleigh & Pudsey  (Britain's Got Talent)

Jodie Prenger (I'd Do Anything)

Eric Potts (Coronation Street)

Tam Ryan

Ben Faulks

2014/15 Snow White (Opera House)                                           

Priscilla Presley (Dallas)

Warwick Davis (Willow, Star Wars, Harry Potter)

Tam Ryan

Philip Olivier (Brookside, Benidorm)

Daniel Stockton

2015/16 Cinderella (Opera House)                                               

Torville & Dean

Liam Doyle

Dave Lynn 

2016/17 Aladdin (Opera House)                                                     

Sherrie Hewson (Crossroads, Coronation Street, Benidorm)

John Thomson (Cold Feet, Coronation Street)

Eric Potts (Coronation Street)

Ben Adams (A1)

2017/18 Dick Whittington (Opera House)                                        

John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dancing on Ice)

The Krankies

2018/19 Cinderella (Opera House)                                                

Les Dennis (Family Fortunes, Coronation Street)
Connor McIntyre(Coronation Street)

Gareth Gates (Pop Idol)

Ben Nickless

Hayley-Ria Christian

Shannon Flynn

2019/20 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Opera House)                                                

Craig Revel Horwood (Strictly Come Dancing)

Ben Nickless

Eric Potts (Coronation Street)

Zoe George

2020/20 Seeping Beauty (Opera House) CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19
Billy Pearce
Jason Manford
Jodie Prenger
Eric Potts
Louis Gaunt

2021/22 Aladdin (Opera House)