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1883/84 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)


1884/85 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Prince's)


1886/87 Robinson Crusoe (Prince's)


1887/88 Puss in Boots (Prince's)


1893/94 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)


1898/89 Sinbad the Sailor (Prince's)

1896/87 Blue Beard Junior (Palace)


1902/03 Robinson Crusoe (Prince's)


1911/12 Little Red Riding Hood(Theatre Royal)

Harry Lauder

May Hill

Aimee Roberts

Billie Sinclair

May Lilian Levey

Edward Lewis

Harry Brayne

Ernest Selig

Harry Lupino

1913/14 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Daisy Wood

Madge Vincent

Albert Le Fre

Lupino Lane

Alice Pollard

Cyril Thompson

Horrace Mills


1916/17 Cinderella (Palace)

Clarice Mayne


1915/16 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Louie Beckman

Jack Pleasants

Joe Nightingale

Cecil Morton York

Constance Caley

George Robey


1916/17 A Kiss For Cinderella (Manchester Royal)

Percy Hutchison

Hilda Trevelyan


1917/18 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Dorothy Ward

Ernie Mayne

Georgie Wood

Shaun Glenville

Fred Allandale

Hilda Glyder

1918/19 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Clarice Mayne

Harry Weldon


1919/20 Aladdin (Palace)

Ella Retford

Lupino Lane

Nellie Wallace

Daisy Bindley

Albert Darnley

Wallace Lupino

Thelma Rayne

1920/21 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Ella Retford

Lupino Lane

Nellie Wallace

1921/22 Puss in Boots (Palace)

Mona Vivian

Billy Merson

1922/23 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Opera House)

Nora Delaney

Horace Mills

Walter Passmore

Lily Long

Edith Pearson

Violet Vernon

Johnny Schofield

Jack Treagle

Wilfred Essex


1922/23 Mother Goose (Palace)

Dorothy Ward as Robbie

Shaun Glenville as Mother Goose

Georgie Wood as Jack

Jean Alexander as Jill

Beryl Beresford as Maise the Maid

Ambrose Thorne as Squire Longacre

Leslie Hinton as Viscount

Fred Conquest as The Goose

Lily Lapidus as Fairy Heartsease


1923/24 Cinderella (Palace)

Vera Pearce

George Gregory

1925/26 Queen of Hearts (Palace)

Gwladys Stanley as prince Theodore

Jack Edge as The Knave of Hearts

James Craig as The King of Hearts

G S Melvin as The Queen of Hearts

George Sanger as Chipps

Bert Rousette as Bluff

Marjorie Battiss as Gipsy Queen

Adrienne Brune as Marcella

The Alva Brothers as The Horse


1926/27 Humpty Dumpty (Palace)

Georgie Wood

1927/28 The Sleeping Beauty (Palace)

Kitty Reidy

Jay Laurier

1928/29 Aladdin (Palace)

Nellie Wallace

Gwladys Stanley


1929/30 Robinson Crusoe (Palace)

Dorothy Ward

Shaun Glenville

Syd Walker

Henry Hearty

June Nolan

Yvette Anning

Arthur Conquest

1930/31 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Jack Edge

Faye Compton


1931/32 Jack & The Beanstalk (Palace)

Betty Jumel

Billy Danvers 

James Craig

Dorothy Penny

Ethel Anderson


1933/34 Cinderella (Palace)

Billy Danvers as Buttons
Phyllis Neilson-Terry as Prince Charming
Winnie Collins as Dandini
Gracie West and Ethel Revnell as Ugly Sisters

Victor Crawford as Baron

Valerie Larg as Fairy Godmother

1934/35 Sleeping Beauty (Opera House)

Binnie Barnes

Gene Gerrard

Rex London

Olive Groves

Ruth Sherman

Helen Brothers

Helga Stone

1934/35 Peter Pan (Manchester Hippodrome)

Dinah Sheridan

1935/36 Jack and the Beanstalk (Palace)

G S Melvin as Dame Trot

Oriel Ross as Jack Trot

Billy Danvers as Miffins

Wallace Lupino as King Gerald

Victoria Hopper as Princess Sylvia

Betty Pugh as Sarah Jane the Maid

Ernest Lester as The Henchman

Dorothy O'Dell as Fairy Hyacinth

Fred Watt as The Henchman

The Shanks Brothers as Jessie the Cow


1936/37 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Marie Burke as Robin Hood

Jean Adrienne as Maid Marian

Charles Cornford as Friar Tuck

Arthur Rigby as Baron Bodun

Tom Gamble as Nurse Merryweather

Jack Edge as Jack O The Green

Mary Thornley as Fairy Sunbeam


1938/39 Aladdin (Opera House)

Cora Goffin

Stanley Holloway

Dave Burnaby

Gloria Day

1939/40 Babes in the Wood (Opera House)

Hal Bryan

Veronica Wilson

1940/41 Cinderella (Opera House)

Tommy Trinder, Fay Compton, Naughton and Gold, Joy Hayden, Doreen Dalton, Bernardi

1942/43 Red Riding Hood (Palace)

Jean Adrienne as Prince Charming

Jean Colin as Red Riding Hood

G S Melvin as Mother Hubbard

Dave Morris as Pickles

Robert Wilson as Jolly Jenkins

Billy Smith as Baron Badlotte

Prudence Hyman as Fairy Silverleaf

Donald Keir as Kingwolf


1943/44 Jack and the Beanstalk (Palace)

1944/45 The Queen of Hearts (Palace)

Tom Gamble as The Queen of Hearts

Dave Morris as The King of Hearts

Jean Colin as Princess Rosamund

Jean Adrienne as Joscelyn

Bill Burke as The Knave of Hearts

Billy Smith as The Ace of Hearts

Sylvia Leslie as The Queen of Spades

Arnold Rooke as The Yellow Dwarf

Jean Burgess as The Joker


1946/47 Cinderella (Hippodrome)
Billy Tasker

1947/48 Cinderella (Palace)
Beryl Reid as Clematis

George Moon as Buttons

Hazel Bray as Cinderella

George Bolton as Farinella

Bertram Dench as Baron Stoneybroke

Viola Johnstone as Fairy Godmother

Bunty Meadows as Dandini

Muriel Zillah as Prince Charming

John Palmer as Captain of the Guard

With Russell & Kapota


1948/49 Dick Whittington (Palace)

Stella Hamilton as Voice of the Bells

Gerry Lee as The Cat

Raymond Bennett as Captain Scupper

Freddie Fowler as The Mate

Herbert Hare as Alderman Fitzwarren

Reg Dixon as Idle Jack

Jean Adrienne as Dick Whittington

Sheila Mathews as Alice Fitzwarren

Leo Franklyn as Martha the Cook

Kenneth Birrell as Grand Vizier

Leslie Jones as The Sultan of Morocco


1949/50 Babes in the Wood (Palace)

Jimmy Jewel as Marmaduke

Ben Warriss as Horrace

Prudence Hyman as The Good Fairy

Charles Doak as The Innkeeper

Lucas Bassett as Friar Tucj

Jack Hayes as Nurse Merryweather

Bobby Kerrigan as Billy

George Hamilton as Baron Baddun

Erica Yorke as Maid Marion

Marjorie Browne as Robin Hood


1949/50 Jack and Jill (Hippodrome)

Bernard Bedford as Ben Beer

Henry Lytton as Dame Horner

Afrique as Twist - The Crooked Man

Jean Telfer as Jill

Eve Eacott as Jack

Roy Barbour as Simple Simon

Ellis Carlyle The Witch

The Chevalier Brohers as Johnnie Stout and Willie Green

Wendy Terry as Mary Mary Quite Contrary