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1906/07 Little Red Riding Hood

1927/28 Cinderella

Freddie Foss

Nancy Burne

Gywneth Lascelle

1935/36 Aladdin

Ellen Moody

Norman Griffin

Jimmy Britton

1938/39 Mother Goose

Eddie Childs

Gretchen Franklin (Eastenders)

Joe Hodson

May Hopkins

1940/41 Sleeping Beauty

1941/42 Humpty Dumpty

1942/43 Aladdin

1944/45 Cinderella

Anthony Gordon

Charles Jones

Jimmy Plant

Victor Thomas

1946/47 Mother Goose

1948/49 Babes in the Wood

Norman Griffin

Ruth Russell

Gloria Reardon

Doreen Worth

Bert Platt

Sonny Riley

Barry Edwards

Brenda Cook

1949/50 Cinderella

Freddie Foss

Gwyneth Lascelles

Ken Douglas

Chris Sands

1950/51 Jack and the Beanstalk

Lennox Dalton

Harold Childs

Val Over

Diana Pearson

Judy Kemp

Billy Burden

1951/52 Humpty Dumpty

Stan Little

Freddie Frinton

Jane Bolton

Ivor Evans

Pamela Pearce

1952/53 Red Riding Hood

Freddie Frinton

Billy Danvers

Bert Platt

1953/54 Mother Goose

Peter Dare

Sheila Francis

Joe O'Gorman

Annette Gibson

Violet Plowmen

1954/55 Babes in the Wood

 Ossie Morris

Jimmy Wheeler

Gloria Cole

Nita Croft

Alison Davies

Harry Simms

1955/56 Cinderella

Ossie Morris

Avril Vane

Joan Burden

Joy Jackley

Gordon & Bunny Jay

1956/57 Aladdin

Julie Dey

Alan Webster

Johnny Stewart

Stan Jay

Jean Scott

Clifford Henry

Greta Kemp

Shirley Lane

1959/60 Cinderella

Patton Brothers

Billy Dainty

Anna Dawson

Joy Jackley

Bert Brownbill

Valerie Walsh

1960/61 Mother Goose

Jack Storey

Tommy Fields


1961/62 Red Riding Hood

Roy Hudd

Peter Dare

Patricia Hall

Eddie Reindeer

Ernest Arnley

Clarkson Rose

Opened 26th December 1961

1962/63 Aladdin

Julia McKenzie (French Fields, Fresh Fields)

Ted Durante

Cornelia Lucas

1963/64 Puss in Boots

Ken Roberts

Susan Lane

Nat Jackley

Diana Day


1964/65 Robin Hood

Mike & Bernie Winters

George Lacy

1965/66 Aladdin

Tommy Trinder

1966/67 Mother Goose

Dick Emery

Robert Earl

Julie De Marco


1967/68 Cinderella

Kenny Cantor

Eddie Gray

Charle Naughton

Sheila Southern

Terri Gardener

Barri Cahtt

Lesley King

Noelle Finch

Opened 23rd December 2022

Directed and Written by Dandy Page


1968/69 Puss in Boots

Craig Douglas

Wyn Calvin

Sandy Powell

Margaret Williams

Eddie Molloy

Kay White

1969/70 Babes in the Wood

Jack Douglas (Carry On Films)

Dave Swann

Nicholas Brent


1970/71 Jack and the Beanstalk

Norman Vaughan

Jess Conrad

Kenneth Earle

Malcolm Vaughan

Joan Mann

Maggie Vickers

Nicholas Brent

1971/72 Dick Whittington

Ted Rogers (3,2,1) as Idle Jack

Iris Williams as The Suktan of Morocco

Bryn Williams as Dick Whittington

Barbara Halliwell as Alice Fitzwarren

Nicholas Brent as Aldernan Fitzwarren

Joe Black as Daphne Dumpling

Desmond & Marks as Captain and Mate


1972/73 Goldilocks 

Peter Butterworth (Carry On Films) as Rose Ringler

Lauri Lupino Lane as Gruber
Harry Worth as Professor Ringler

Ronne Coyles as Humphrey

Linda Bryan as Goldilocks

Barry Hopkins as Romano

Linda Williams as Fairy

Sarah Simmons as Mother Bear

Nicholas Brent as Father Bear

Pamela Wendy as Baby Bear

Opened 23rd December 1972


1973/74 Robinson Crusoe

Brian Rix

Ronne Coyles

Barry Hopkins

Leo Franklyn

Peter Bland

Keith Harris & Cuddles


1974/75 Aladdin

Stan Stennett (Crossroads) as Billy

Gillian Humphreys as Aladdin

Ronne Coyles as Widow Twankey

The Falcons

David Hartley

Fourth Generation

Geoffrey Brightman

Clive Hicks Jenkins

Wayne Warlow

1975/76 Mother Goose

Stan Stennett (Crossroads)

John Tudor

Bryn Williams

Reg Dixon

1976/77 Cinderella 

Stan Stennett (Crossroads)

Tammy Jones

Craig Douglas

Howell Evans

Phil Reilly

Patricia Kane

Clive Hicks Jenkins

1977/78 Babes in the Wood

Stan Stennett (Crossroads) as Billy

Ivor Emmanuel

Margaret Williams

Wyn Calvin

The Miles Twins

The Cox Twins

1978/79 Jack and the Beanstalk

Stan Stennett (Crossroads)

Julie Rogers

Ken Wilson


1979/80 Dick Whittington

Roy Hudd

Hope & Keen

Frank Williams

Sian Hopkins

Graham Hamilton

Susan Maughan as Dick

Wyn Calvin as Sarah the Cook

Opened 24th December 

1980/81 Robinson Crusoe

Dicki Henderson

Keith Harris

Nat Jackley

Johnny Tudor

Peter Lewis

Clive Hicks Jenkins

Dudley Long

1981/82 Cinderella

Leslie Crowther (The Price is Right)

Ronne Coyles

Geoffrey Brightman

1982/83 Aladdin 

Ted Rogers (3,2,1)

Ann Aston (The Golden Shot)

Wyn Calvin as Widow Twankey

Dusty Bin (3,2,1)

Johnny Tudor

Gordon & Bunny Jay

Sean Kay

Karl Rainer

1983/84 Humpty Dumpty

Keith Harris & Orville

Bobby Crush

Ronne Coyles

1984 New Theatre Cardiff.jpg

1984/85 Robin Hood

Ruth Madoc (Hi De Hi)

The Chuckle Brothers

Anna Karen (On The Buses, Eastenders)

Stu Francis(Crackajack)

Kim Braden

Douglas Fielding

Opened 17th December 1984

1985/86 Superted the Panto

Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who, Worzel Gummidge)

Melvyn Hayes (It Ain't Half Hot Mum)
Victor Spinetti

Madeline Bell

Wendy Padbury

1986/87 Dick Whittington

The Krankies

Julie Rogers

Brian Marshall

Gordon and Bunny Jay

1987/99 No panto due to refurbishment

1988/89 Jack and the Beanstalk

Max Boyce

Geoffrey Hayes (Rainbow)

Zippy and George (Rainbow)

Jane Freeman (Last of the Summer Wine)

Tony Barton

Wyn Calvin


1989/90 Robinson Crusoe

Ruth Madoc (Hi De Hi)

John Nettles (Bergerac, Midsummer Murders)

Russell Grant

Owen Money

Hope and Keen

Andrew O'Connor

1990/91 Cinderella  

Jonathon Morris (Bread)

Janet Dibley (The Two of Us) 
Windsor Davies (Never the Twain, Carry On England, It Ain't Half Hot Mum)

Cheryl Taylor

Dawson Chance

Nigel Ellacott

Peter Robbins

Hilda Bracket

1991/92 Aladdin

Jeffrey Holland (Hi De Hi, Oh Doctor Beeching, You Rang M'Lord)
Rosemary Ford (The Generation Game)

Mike Doyle

Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo)

Katie Budd

Victor Spinetti

1992 New Theatre Cardiff.png

1992/93 Babes in the Wood

June Whitfield (Carry on Girls, Carry On Abroad,  Terry and June, Absolutely Fabulous)

Jack Tripp

Geoffrey Hughes

Leon Greene was originally announced but was replaced by James Barron

John Darr

Karl Jenkinson

1992 Cardiff panto.jpg

1993/94 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Emily Symons (Home and Away, Richmond Hill, Emmerdale)

Marti Caine (New Faces)

Derek Griffiths (Playschool)

Stifyn Parri

Sean Canning


1994/95 Cinderella

Ronnie Corbett

Kevin Devine

Adrian Mills (That's Life)

The Patton Brothers

Carmen Silvera (Allo Allo)

Peter Byrne (Bread)
Ward Allen

Elizabeth Watts (Playschool, Playdays, Playbus)

1995 New Theatre Cardiff.jpg

1995/96 Dick Whittington

Britt Ekland (Bond Girl)

Wolf (Gladiators)

Wayne Morris

Wyn Calvin

Mark Speight

Robin Askwith

Su Porter

1996/97 Jack and the Beanstalk

Su Pollard (Hi De Hi, Oh Doctor Beeching, You Rang M'Lord)

Mike Doye

Don MaClean

Cheryl Taylor

David Griffin (Hi De Hi, Keeping Up Appearances)

Scorpio (Gladiators)

Zippy, George and Bungle (Rainbow)

1997/98 Aladdin

Les Dennis (Family Fortunes)

Kriss Akabusi

Kerry Ellis

Tudor Davies

1998/99 Robinson Crusoe

David Essex

1999 Cardiff New Theatre.png

1999/00 Cinderella

Bobby Davro

Bob Carolgees

Bella Emberg (The Russ Abbot SHow)

Sue Hodge (Allo Allo)

Maria Rice-Mundy

Hope Augustus

Kerry Ellis

Rachel Ray

Postman Pat

2000 New Theatre Cardiff.webp

2000/01 Peter Pan

Michael Starke (Brookside, Coronation Street) as Smee
Robert Duncan as Captain Hook

Sonia as Peter Pan

Wyn Calvin

Frank Hennessy

Betsy Pennington

The Acromaniacs

2001/02 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (A Qdos pantomime)

Linda Lusardi (The Bill, Brookside)

Sam Kane (Brookside)
Emma Hignett

2002/03 Dick Whittington (A Qdos pantomime)

Cannon & Ball as Captain and Mate

Frank Hennessy as Alderman Fitzwarren

Casey Lee Jolleys as Alice Fitzwarren

Stifyn Parri as King Rat

2003/04 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime)

John Inman (Are You Being Served?, Grace and Favour) as Widow Twankey

Tony Wright

Naomi Wilkinson

Kev Orkian

2004 New Theatre Cardiff panto.png

2004/05 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime)

Danny La Rue as Fairy Godmother

Dave Benson Phillips (Playbus, Playdays) as Buttons

Tony Wright

Brian Godfrey


2005/06 Peter Pan (A Qdos pantomime)

Paul Nicholas (Just Good Friends, Sunburn, Eastenders) as Captain Hook

Mike Doyle as Smee

Aston Merrygold (JLS) as Peter Pan

Tony Wright

Sara Weymouth

Gemma James

Joanna Frost

Emily Hawgood

2006/07 Jack and the Beanstalk (A Qdos pantomime)

John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Dancing on Ice, Torchwood)

Andy Jones

Tony Wright


2007/08 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (A Qdos pantomime)

Lesley Joseph (Birds of a Feather, Night and Day)

Andy Jones

Kai Owen (Torchwood)

Tony Wright

Gemma James

2008/09 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime)

Antony Costa (Blue)

Chris Gascoyne (Coronation Street)

Andy Jones

Gemma James

Ceri Dupree

2009/10 Robin Hood (A Qdos pantomime)

John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dancing on Ice)

Andy Jones

Don MaClean

Sandra Marvin

Pete Gallagher

2010/11 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime)

Brian Conley as Buttons

Andy Jones

Amy Pemberton

Dawson Chance

Brian Godfrey

Darren Southworth

2011/12 Robinson Crusoe (A Qdos pantomime)

Christopher Biggins

Andy Jones

Paul Zerdin

2012/13 Sleeping Beauty (A Qdos pantomime)

Joe Pasqulae

Ceri Dupree
Lucy Evans

2013/14 Jack and the Beanstalk (A Qdos pantomime)

Julian Clary

Mike Doyle

2014/15 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime)

Lee Mead (Casualty, Holby City)
Mike Doyle

Gareth Thomas

Linda Lusardi (The Bill, Brookside)

Andy Jones

Sam Kane (Brookside)

2015/16 Aladdin (A Qdos pantomime)

Ian H Watkins (Steps)

Linda Lusardi (The Bill, Brookside)

Sam Kane (Brookside)

Mike Doyle

Gareth Thomas

Andy Jones

2016/17 Peter Pan (A Qdos pantomime)

David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knight Rider) as Captain Hook

Mike Doyle

Stephanie Webber

Matthew Chase

Julie Cullen

Emma Prosser

Natalie Winsor

2017/18 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (A Qdos pantomime)

Samantha Womack (Game On, Eastenders)
Gareth Thomas

Stephanie Webber

Chico (X Factor)

Mike Doyle

Tam Ryan

2018/19 Beauty and the Beast (A Qdos pantomime)

Lisa Riley (Emmerdale, Loose Women)
Gareth Thomas

Mike Doyle

Ben Richards (Footballers Wives, The Bill)

Adam C Booth

Danny Bayne

Stephanie Webber


2019/20 Cinderella (A Qdos pantomime)

Gok Wan

Mike Doyle

Ceri Dupree

Phil Butler

2020/21 No panto due to Covid-19









2021/22 Aladdin (Crossroads pantomimes)

Paul Chuckle

Gareth Gates

Gareth Thomas

Mike Doyle

Stefan Pejic

Stephanie Webber

Denquar Chupak


2022/23 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Crossroads Pantomimes)

Ian H Watkins

Sian Reeves

Gareth Thomas

Mike Doyle

Steve Hewlett

Denquar Chupak

Nay-Nay Gapomo

2022/23 Jac and the Beanstalk (Crossroads Pantomimes)

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