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1979/80 Cinderella
Bernie Clifton
1980/81 Aladdin (Malcolm Knight Productions)
Ken Goodwin

1981/82 Dick Whittington (David Kirk Production)

Trevor Bannister as Sarah The Cook

Lynda Baron (Open All Hours) as Dick Whittington

Bobby Bragg as Idle Jack

1982/83 Jack and the Beanstalk

Sheila White as Jack

Billie Boyle as Silly Billy

Ian Liston as The Wicked Squire

David Masterman as Dame Durden

Opened 16th December 1982

1983 Beck Theatre Hayes.png
1983/84 Babes in the Wood

Basil Brush

Chris Tarrant (Who Want's To Be A Millionaire?)

Pete Murray

Jimmy Thompson

Leigh Samuels

Donna Freeman

A Paul Elliott Production

Opened 15th December 1983

1984 Beck Theatre Hayes.png
1984/85 Cinderella

Dennis Waterman (Minder, New Tricks) as Buttons

Rula Lenska (Coronation Street) as Prince Charming

Annabel Etkind as Cinderella

Ken Wood as The Brokers Man

Peter Robbins as Ugly Sister

Nigel Ellacott as Ugly Sister

Betty Benfield as Fairy Godmother

Paul Ratcliffe

Jane Danielle as Dandini

Peter Purves (Blue Peter) as Baron Hardup

A Paul Elliott Production

Opened 13th December 1984

1985 Beck Theatre Hayes.png

1985/86 Aladdin

Lorraine Chase (Emmerdale, Worzel Gummidge)

Colin Baker (The Brothers, Doctor Who)

Derek Griffiths (Playschool) as Abanazar

Diana Moran

Michael Sharvell Martin

Mike Amatt

Tony Brandon

Directed by Peter Purves

A Paul Elliott Production

Opened 12th December 1985


1986/87 Dick Whittington (Charles Vance productions)

Barbara Windsor (Carry On Films, Eastenders)

John Craven (Newsround)

Trevor Bannister (Are You Being Served?, Grace and Favour)
Jeff Stevenson

Hugo Myattt (Knightmare)
Pollyann Tanner
Terry Doogan

Opened 12th December 1986

1987 Beck Theatre Hayes.png

1987/88 Cinderella (Charles Vance productions)

Wendy Richard (Are You Being Served?, Carry on Girls, Eastenders) as Dandini

Frank Carson as Buttons

Hugh Lloyd as Baron Hardup
Sara Peters as Prince Charming
Vince Gardner & Simon Parkes as Ugly Sisters

Gina Maher as Cinderella

with Norma Hughes, David Paul

and The Tanwood Dancers

Opened 12th December 1987

1988 Beck Theatre Hayes.png

1988/89 Jack and the Beanstalk

Lynda Baron (Open All Hours)

Charlie Drake

Sally Thomsett

Jack Smethurst

Peter Simon

Hugo Myatt

Little Ginny

Marty Swift

and The Tanwood Dancers

This production ran from 10th December 1988 - 14th January 1989

A Roy Hastings Production

Beck Theatre Hayes.jpg

1989/90 Babes in the Wood

Jan Harvey (Howards' Way) as Robin Hood

Stephen Yardley (Howards' Way) as The Sheriff of Nottingham

Peter Simon (Going Live) as Simple Sion

With Meg Duval, Roy Brandon, Ian Dickens, Allan Stirland, Frankie Jones and The Tanwood Dancers

Directed by Roy Minting

A Roy Hastings Production

This production ran from 9th December 1989 - 13th January 1990

1990 THE BECK.png
1990/91 Aladdin

Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who, Worzel Gummidge) as Abanazar

Peter Simon as Wishee Washee

Sophie Lawrence (Eastenders) as Aladdin

Polly Lawrence

Duggie Clark

James English

Oliver Gray

Allan Stirland

Damian Lloyd

Debbie Perry

The Tanwood Dancers

A Roy Hastings Pantomime

Directed by Roy Minting

Opened 8th December 1990


1991/92 Dick Whittington (Pantoni Productions)

Lucinda Cowden (Neighbours) as Dick Whittington

Ted Rogers (3,2,1)

Linda Regan (Hi De Hi)

Peter Dayson

David Weller

Debbie Stephenson

Robert Rawles

1981 Beck Theatre Hayes.png

1992/93 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Letitia Dean (Eastenders) as Snow White

Lynette Bradley as Fairy Kindheart

Bruce James as Dame Doughnut

Melvyn Hayes (It A'int half Hot Mum)

Su Douglas as Esmerelda the Wicked Queen
Stephne Dean as The Prince
Martin Ball as Jason

With Phil Searle, John Pedrick, Paul Hinton, Trevor Jones, Zena Camplin, Mark Sealey, Little Beam, Paige Clifford, David Street, Justin Cleverly and Dawn Andrews

1993/94 Cinderella

Marion Ramsey (Police Academy)

Bradley Walsh (Doctor Who, The Chase) as Buttons

Rachel Hiew as Cinderlla
Neville Granger
Emma Charles

featuring Fantaisie En Noir
and Perrier Petite Ponies

1994/95 Beauty and the Beast

John Adam (Home and Away) as The Beast / Prince

Sue Hodge (Allo Allo) as Morgana

Kellie Bright (The Upper Hand, Bad Girls, Eastenders) as Beauty

Bryan Johnson as Father

Lesley Hayward as Claudette

Filipa Jeronimo as Clarissa

With Tracey Sparkes, Tonin Mann, Martin Wimpress, Rosie Glossop, Honour Tomkinson, Alex Henry, Rosie Cullinan, Kim Stewart, Caroline Welstead, Darryl Matthews, Craig Matthews, Laura Danaher, Donna Smallworth, Laura Checkley, Vicky Fitzwater and Luke

1995/96 Dick Whittington

Andy Crane (CBBC) as Dick Whittington

Mike Burns (The Brittas Empire) as Bertha the Cook

Gordon & Bunny Jay as Captain and Mate

Damien Williams as King Rat

Rob Stuart as Sarah the Cook

Liana Bridges as Alice Fitzwarren

with FantaIsie Ne Noir and Matthew Stirling

1996 Beck Theatre Hayes.png

1996/97 Babes in the Wood

Juliette Kaplan (Last of the Summer Wine) as Fairy

Bruce Montague (Bitterflies) as Sheiff

Jeff Stevenson as Muddles

Simon Davies

Jill Greenacre (The Brittas Empire) as RobinHood

Charles Burden as Nurse

A Charles Vance Production

1997 Beck Theatre panto.png

1997/98 Cinderella

Bernie Clifton as Buttons

Jackie Piper (Carry On Films) as Fairy

Lydia Watson as Cinderella

The Lavelles as Ugly Sisters
Sara France as Prince Charming

A Charles Vance production

1998/99 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Charles Vance pantomimes)

Kym Valentine (Neighbours) as Snow White

Paul Laidlaw as Wicked Queen

Gary Hailes (Eastenders) as Henchman

Kim Smith

1999/00 Aladdin (Charles Vance pantomimes)

Ian Rawlings (Sons and Daughters, Neighbours) Rod, Jane and Freddy (Rainbow)

Hugo Myatt as Abanazar

Ruth Carr

Geoffrey Davies as Widow Twankey

2000 Beck Theatre Hayes.jpg

2000/01 Jack and the Beanstalk (Charles Vance pantomimes)

 Little & Large

 Gemma Bissix (Hollyoaks, Eastenders)

 Paul Mead

 Andrew Ryan

 Natasha Gray

2001/02 Dick Whittington (Charles Vance pantomimes)

Ryan Maloney (Neighbours) as Idle Jack

Ruth Carr

Tweedy & Alexis

Hugo Myatt (Knightmare) as King Rat

Marty Swift as Sarah The Cook

Elisha Gazdowicz (Neighbours) as Dick Whittington

2002/03 Cinderella (Charles Vance pantomimes)

Bobby Crush as Buttons

Emma Willis (Grange Hill) as Cinderella

Ruth Carr as Dandini

Rod, Jane & Freddy (Rainbow) as Prince Charming and the Ugly Sisters

2003/04 Peter Pan (Qdos pantomimes)

John Altman (Eastenders) as Captain Hook
Russ Kane

Jeff Stevenson

Sara Hillier as Peter Pan

2004/05 Beauty and the Beast (Qdos pantomimes)

Paul Daniels

Debbie McGee

Hilary O'Neil

2005/06 Aladdin (UK Productions)

Sid Sloane as Genie

Peter Ellis (The Bill) as Abanazar

Eva Alexander as Aladdin

Rik Gaynor as Wishee Washee

Chrales Burden as Widow Twankey

2006/07 Jack and the Beanstalk (UK Productions)

Sarah Thomas (Last of the Summer Wine) as Fairy

Andy Collins as Simple Simon

Kristin O'Brien as Jack

Stephen David as Dame Trott

Terry Morrison as Fleshcreep

with Marcus Knibbs

2007/08 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos pantomimes)

Sid Owen (Eastenders, Bad Girls) as Prince

Jemma Keys

Mark Jones

2008/09 Peter Pan (Qdos pantomimes)

Leslie Grantham (Eastenders) as Captain Hook

Mark Jones

Toby Hull & Emu

2009/10 Cinderella (Qdos pantomimes)

Mark Jones as Buttons

2010/11 Sleeping Beauty (Qdos pantomimes)

Lorraine Chase (Emmerdale) as Carabosse

Mark Jones

2011/12 Aladdin (Qdos pantomimes)

Mark Jones

Matthew Rixon as Widow Tankey

Natasha Jayetileke

2012/13 Peter Pan (Qdos pantomimes)

Adam Woodyatt (Eastenders) as Captain Hook

Neal Wright

Kerris Peeling

2013/14 Cinderella (Qdos pantomimes)

Joe McElderry (X Factor) as Prince Charming

Shane Richie Jnr as Dandini

2014/15 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos pantomimes)

Linda Robson (Birds of a Feather, Loose Women) as Wicked Queen

Lauren Stroud

Tim McArthur

2015/16 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos pantomimes)

Lee Ryan (Blue) as Jack

Kerris Peeling as Fairy

Neil Bromley as Dame Trot

2016/17 Cinderella (Qdos pantomimes)

Pauline Quirke (Birds of a Feather, The Sculptress) as Fairy Godmother

Charlie Quirke (Birds of a Feather as Dandini

2017/18 Aladdin (HQ Theatres in association with Daryl Back)

Rita Simons (Eastenders) as Spirit of the Ring


2018/19 Peter Pan (HQ Theatres in association with Daryl Back)
Ryan Thomas (Coronation Street, Neighbours) as Captain Hook


2019/20 Sleeping Beauty (HQ Theatres in association with Daryl Back)

Debbie McGee as The Good Fairy


2020/21 No panto due to Covid-19

2021/22 Jack and the Beanstalk (HQ Theatres in association with Daryl Back) 

Anne Hegerty

James Moore
Adam Shorey


2022/23 Cinderella (Imagine Theatre)

Nathan Connor as Prince Charming

Parle Patel as Dandini

Sue Holderness as Baroness 


2023/24 Beauty and the Beast (Imagine Theatre)

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