1992 Cinderella

Wendy Craig (Butterflies)

Jonathan Morris (Bread)

Jack Douglas (Carry On Films)
Bodger and Badger

1993 Aladdin

Simon Bates

Seeta Indrana (The Bill)

Super Mario

Ronne Coyles

Geoffrey Hayes (Rainbow)

George, Zippy and Bungle (Rainbow)

1994 Dick Whittington

Kristian Schmid (Neighbours)

Bernie Clifton

Kate O'Mara (Triangle, Dynasty, The Bad Girls)

Mark Rattray

Colin Devereaux

Lucy Benjamin (Eastenders)

1995 Wycombe Swan.png

1995 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Bruce Samazan (E-Street, Neighbours, Home and Away)

Warwick Davis (Star Wars, Willow, Harry Potter)

Millicent Martin (Keeping Up Appearances)
Karen Worth

1996 unknown

1997 Cinderella

Gary Wilmot

Bonnie Langford (Eastenders)

Sam Kelly (Allo Allo)
Scott St Martin
Christopher Brooke
Jon Emmanuel
Patricia Shakesby (Howards' Way)

1998 Wyvombe Swan panto.png

1998 Jack and the Beanstalk

Jean Boht (Bread)

Michael Elphick (Boon, Eastenders)

Bonnie Langford (Eastenders)

Colin Devereaux

Peter Duncan (Blue Peter)

Paul Hendy

1999 unknown

2000 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Colin Baker (Doctor Who)
Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Eastenders)

Andy Collins

Francine Lewis
Arvid Larsen

2001 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

Leslie Grantham (Eastenders)

Joe Pasquale


2002 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Dave Benson Phillips (Playbus, Playdays)

Danny La Rue

Kevin Woodford (Can't Cook, Won't Cook)

Duncan Breeze
Brian Godfrey

David Morton

2003 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment)

Frank Bruno

Sophie Lawrence (Eastenders)


2004 Wycombe Swan.jpg

2004 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment)

Anita Dobson (Eastenders)

Justin Fletcher (CBeebies)

Shane Lynch (Boyzone)

2005 Dick Whittington (Qdos Entertainment)

Basil Brush

Todd Carty (Grange Hill, Eastenders, The Bill)

Mark Jones

Amy Pemberton

Mark Evans

2006 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

Nigel Havers

Sophie Lawrence (Eastenders)

Mark Jones

2007 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Brian Conley

Nigel Ellacott

Peter Robbins

Dawson Chance
Sean Needham
Jody Crosier

2008 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment)

Linda Lusardi

Sam Kane (Brookside)

Kev Orkian

2009 Wycombe Swan Schedule.png

2009 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment)

Shane Richie (Minder, Eastenders, Benidorm)
Peter Piper
Chook Sibtain
Christopher Chilton
The Gumbhat Troupe


2010 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

Steve McFadden (Eastenders)

Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker)

Matt Slack
Dominique Jackson
Penni Tovey
The Acromaniacs

2011 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Lesley Joseph (Night and Day, Birds of a Feather)

Matt Slack

Gemma James
Ben Stock

Kevin Brewis

Mark Adamson

Adam Stafford


2012 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment)

Craig Revel Horwood (Strictly Come Dancing)

Ann Widdecombe
Steve Hewlett & Friends

Will Banyard

Ashley Day

Shinead Byrne

2013 Wycombe Swan Schedule.png

2013 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Shane Richie (Eastenders)

Martin Ramsdin

David Robbins

Sean Needham

Duncan Leighton

Carly Day

Penni Tovey

Bronia Pearce

Dean Pirrie

Grant Jackson

Sarah Chambers

Daniel Harrison

Katy Glover

2014 Wycombe Swan Schedule.png

2014 Dick Whittington (Qdos Entertainment)

Shane Richie (Eastenders)

Malcolm Lord

Nicola Weeks
Kim Tiddy
Phil Hitchcock
Sharon Ballard
Trio Hatton
Bronia Pearce
Stuart Rouse
Josephine Scamell
Hannah Bodenham
Ellis Harman
Laura West

2015 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

Craig Revel Horwood (Strictly Come Dancing)

Paul Burling

Dawson Chance 

Rachel Spry

Joe Sleight

Beth Cooper-Roberts

Isobel Hathaway

Liberty Buckland

Erica-Jayne Alden

Aston Newman-Hannington

Edward Chitticks

Kyle Wardlaw

Sarah-Jane Lowe

Melissa Sharp


2016 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Linda Robson (Birds of a Feather)

Bobby Davro

Louie Spence
Luke Kelly

Ben Stock

Sarah Vaughan

Alex Woodhall

Tonto Appieh

Amber Pierson

Oliver Jack

Kyla Johnston

Gen Cutcliffe

Elle Locke

2017 Wycombe Swan Schedule.png

2017 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos)

Simon Webbe (Blue)

Ashleigh, Sully and Friends (Britain's Got Talent)

Nigel Ellacott

Chris Jarvis (Cbeebies) 

Jo Parsons

Leah Godbold

Oliver Hacker

Megan Jupp

Mim Maley

Ediz Ibrahim

Sarah Owen

India Thornton

Originally Ashleigh and Pudsey were to appear but sadly Pudsey the dog died during 2017 and was replaced by Sully the dog

2018 Wycombe Swan schedule.png

2018 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos)

Brendan Cole
Mandy Muden

Jason Sutton

Kieran Powell

Natalie Spriggs

Naomi Cowe

Robert Tripolino

Luke Higgins

Steven Hardcastle

Tomos Wyn

Robert Wilkes

Paul Toulson

Mark Laverty

Conleth Kane

Laura Allan

Sarah Faith Brown

Nichola Seymour

Billy Lawrence

Molly Rees-Howe

Ediz Ibrahim

2019 Wycombe Swan pantomime.jpg

2019 Dick Whittington (Qdos)

Curtis Pritchard

Kiera-Nicole Brennan

Adam C Booth
Thomas Howes
Jo Parsons
Leah Godbold
Samuel Phelps-Jones
Jordan Palmer
Emily-Jayne Bailey
Sammi McGinlay
Jacob Manning
George Beet
Rebekah Bryant

Video: 2019 panto set build with a classic panto tune from Gary Hind

Video: 2019 panto trailer

2020 Sleeping Beauty (Qdos) CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19


2021 Peter Pan (Crossroads Pantomimes)

Jake Wood

Jamie Brook
Niki Evans
Giselle Byron

Jake Canuso


2022 Cinderella (Imagine Theatre)

Jon Clegg