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1859 The House That Jack Built (Theatre Royal)

Estelle Vernon

Jessie Ryder

Louisa Angel

1885 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Vesta Tilley

1904 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)

1921 The Queen of Hearts (Theatre Royal)

G S Melvin as King of Hearts

Eddie Garr as Queen of Hearts

Harry Weldon as Knave of Hearts

Bice O'Neill as Queen of Diamonds

Bogie Lambert as Knave of Clubs

Sydney Russell as The Joker

Wat Tyler as The Herald

Christine Roy as The Prince

Billie Browne as Margery - Queen of the May

Enid Marshall as Phoebe

with Mdlee Listakova, Nona Lyn, Lutie Griffiths, Ada Hurcum, The Griffiths Brothers and The Dainty Dances

Devised and Written by Philip Rodway

Additional Lyrics by Tom H Townson

Music speciality composed by Harvey Rushworth

Opened 26th December 1921


1923 Old King Cole (Theatre Royal)

Clarkson Rose as Old King Cole
Olive Fox as Quilini
Florence Hunter as Amaryllis

The Hanlon Brothers as Snip & Snap

Tom D Newall as Mother Hubbard

Byrk Walkley as Ronald

Fred Conquest as Fido

Victor Fairley as Colonol Bogey

Ethel Alderson as The Pixie

Leonta Proctor as Fairy Flora


Devised & Written by Philip Rodway

1932 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Elaine Trevor as Fairy Bowbells
Herbert Langley as The Demon Rat

Gwladys Stanley as Dick Whittington

Jimmy Young as Alderman Fitzwarren

Florence Hunter as Alice Fitzwarren

Marjorie Macklin as Lord Algy

Reginald Jecks as The Emperor of Morocco

Fred Whittaker as The Cat

George Doonan as Jack

A W Baskcomb as Selina The Cook

1932 Birmingham Theatre Royal.png

1936 Puss in Boots (Theatre Royal)

Fred Gwyn as Queen Goslina

Jimmie Leslie as King Herbert

Marjorie Lotinga as Princess Rowena

Roy Jefferies as Plonk

De Haven as Carolus

Sandy Powell as Sandy


Opened 17th February 1936

Produced by Tom Arnold

1936 Birmingham Theatre Royal.png

1938 Sleeping Beauty (Theatre Royal)

Gordon Whelan as Chamberlain

Frank Attree as Maligna The Wicked Queen

Mary Thornley as The Good Fairy

Bunny Doyle as Rudolph

Tom Gamble as The Queen

Albert Darnley as The King

Hazel Jennings as Princess Beauty

Winnie Braemar as Trixie

Jack Edlin as Clown

Evelyn Laye as The Prince

Opened 23rd January 1939


1939 Theatre Royal Birmingham.png

1939 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)

Anne Bolt as Maid Marion

Bert Platt as Baron Baddun

Clarkson Rose as Nurse Merryweather

Ethel Revenell as Ethel

Gracie West as Gussie

Helen Breen as Robin Hood

Charles Cornford as Friar Tuck

Billy Danvers as Jack O Green

Shirley Belmore as Fairy Sunbeam


Opened 23rd December 1939

Produced by Tom Arnold

1939 Birmingham Theatre Royal.png

1942 Cinderella (Alexandra)

Noele Gordon as Prince Charming

June Malo as Dandini

Percy Manchester as Baron Broke

Claire Ruane as Marlene

Jenny Hayes as Ramona

Billie Baker as Cinderella

George Doonan as Buttons

Louise Javotte as Fairy Godmother


Produced by David Cochran

1942 Birmingham Alexandra.png

1943 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

Afrique as Abanazar
Marjorie Matthews as Slave of the Ring

John Farries Moss as The Great Roc

Hazel Jennings as Aladdin

James Heys as The Vizier

Melville Birley as The Emporer

Tom Gamble as Widow Twankey

Dicky Hassett as Pekoe

Mavis Hill as Princess

Collinson & Breen as The Pekin Policeman Li Hi and Li Ho


Produced by Julian Wylie Productions Ltd

1943 Birmingham Theatre Royal.png

1944 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Betty Frankiss as Robinson Crusoe

Sybil Summers as Polly Perkins

Henry Ford as Billy Crusoe

Nat Jackley as Will Atkins

Eddie Henderson as Mrs Crusoe

Murray & Mooney as 1st & 2nd Mate

G H Elliott as Sambo

Richard Beamish as Bosun

George Fairweather as Cannibal King

Harry Eades as Man Friday

1944 Birmingham Theare Royal.png

1947 Babes in the Wood (Alexandra)

Lisa Lee as Robin Hood

Neville Mapp as Friar Tuck

Eunice Hinsley as Labourer

Jack Elmont as The Sheriff of Nottingham

Tommy Jover as Dame Trot

Hermene French as Maid Marion

Oliver Hardwicke as Will Scarlett

Wynn Dyson as Alan A-Dale

Michael Langdon as Little John

Kenneth Dougherty as Much the Miller's Son

Eddie Connor as Little Billy

Judith Whitaker as Fairy Starlight

Neville Mapp as King Richard


1948 Puss in Boots (Theatre Royal)


1952 Dick Whittington (Alexandra)

Gerry Lee as Tidleywinks

Julie David as Alice Fitzwarren

Gordon Craig as Sarah the Cook

Jimmy Plant as Alderman Fitzwarren

Jimmy Wheeler as Idle Jack

Jean Inglis as Dick Whittington

Anthony Sagar as King Rat

Tilsa Page as Fairy Rosebud

Ida Sheepley The Queen of Cantana

Walter Myersonas Town Crier


1953 Puss in Boots (Theatre Royal)

Jimmy Jewel

Beb Warriss

Fay Lenore

Jack Hayes

Fred Kitchen

June Rose

George Hamilton

1953 Aladdin (Alexandra)

Joe Black as Wishee Washee

George Sylvestor as Emperor

Jean Inglis as Aladdin

Clarkson Rose as Widow Twankey

Rosemary Banks as Spirit of the Ring

Shirley Brett as Princess

Tudor Evans as Abanazar

Brian Blades as Genie

Produced by Derek Salberg

1954 Humpty Dumpty (Theatre Royal)

Norman Evans

Betty Jumel


1955 Old King Cole (Theatre Royal)

Andy McFarlane

Robert Marlowe

Vanda Vale

Billy Sutton

Gordon Bellingham

Beryl Foley

Mary Forbes

Harry Shiels


1955 Robinson Crusoe (Alexandra)

Tessie O'Shea

Louis Holt

The Melomaniacs

4 Graham Brothers

Arthur Sumner

Charles Rowley

Ossie Noble

Nemecs and Violet

This production opened 27th December 1955

Produced by Harry Bright

1956 Babes in the Wood (Alexandra)

Terry Hall

William Avenell

Jack Stanford

Charles Harrison

Les Henry

Jimmy Prescott

Eric Yorke

Julia Sutton

Gillian Taylor

Lynette Mills

Anthony  Spurling

1957 Jack and the Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

Beryl Reid

Reg Dixon

Freddie Frinton


1958 Robinson Crusoe (Hippodrome)
Harold Holness

David Whitfield

David Williams

Philip Ashley

1959 Aladdin (Hippodrome)

Norman Evans as Widow Twankey

Dickie Valentine as Wishee Washee

Eve Boswell as Aladdin

Philip Morant as Abanazar

Ramoni Brothers

Sheila Henderson as So-Shi

Grace O'Connor as Princess Yasmin

William Dickie as Emporer

Alan Curtis as Kamar

Jackie Lester as Grand Vizier

David Kirk as Genie


1960 Sleeping Beauty (Hippodrome)

Jimmy Jewel as The King

Ben Warriss as Presto the Jester

Betty Emery as Fairy Florizel

Dorothy Dampier as Carabosse

James Hinson as Chamberlin

Virginia Vernon as Princess Melanie

Ernest Arnley as The Queen

Charles Harris as The Wizard

Bruce Trent as Prince Michael


1960 Sinbad the Sailor (Alexandra)

George Lacy

Morecombe & Wise 

Johnny Stewart

Three Geezers

The Four Playboys  

1961 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Lonnie Donegan

Danny La Rue

Alan Haynes


1961 Aladdin (Alexandra)

Edmund Hockridge

Joe Church

Tommy Rose

The Patton Brothers

Martin Dell

Atlas Sahara

1962 Robinson Crusoe (Hippodrome)

Norman Wisdom


1962 Mother Goose (Alexandra)

Beryl Reid

Frank Ifield

The Dallas Boys

Jack Tripp

Ted Rogers

1963 Puss in Boots (Hippodrome)

Frankie Vaughan

1963 Babes in the Wood (Alexandra)

Ronnie Carroll

Gordon and Bunny Jay

Billy Burdon

Arthur Worsley

George Lacy

1964 Alexandra Birmingham.png

1964 Jack and the Beanstalk (Alexandra)

The Bachelors

Colin Crompton as Simple Simon

Jack Tripp as Dame Durden

Joy Turpin as Jack Durden

Allen Christie as King Hearty

Pamela Penfold as Princess Sylvia

Ann Shephard as Fairy

Nicholas Brent as Spite


The Renellis, Les Oscars, George Camp and Lina Marvell

1965 Birmingham Alexandra panto.png

1965 Robinson Crusoe (Alexandra)

The Barron Knights

Denny Willis

Kathleen West

Joy Turpin

The Cox Twins

The Miles Twins

Alexandra Four

The Falcons

The Islanders
Lehmiski Ladies

1965 Humpty Dumpty (Hippodrome)

Ken Dodd

Judy Collins

Ken Roberts

Seth Joy

Joy Jackley

Seth Jee

Iris Sadler

1966 Sleeping Beauty (Hippodrome)

Morecombe & Wise

Kevin Scott

Patricia Brendin

Jimmy Lee

Eddie Molloy


1966 Puss in Boots (Alexandra)

Des O'Connor as Desmond

Rikki Fulton as Queen Anne

Lynn Wynters as Princess Valentina

Three Monarchs

Clem Ashby as King

Frank Woodfield as The Witch

Frances Regan

Jean Barrington as Colin

Dennis Spencer as Cobbler

Atlas Sahara Troupe

Jasmine Dee as Puss in Boots

Alison Griffin as Fairy

Sue Jones as Timmy the Cat


1967 Aladdin (Hippodrome)


Lauri Lupino Lane

Harry Worth

Enya Green

Ken Wilson

Peter Butterworth

David Browning


1967 Goody Two Shoes (Alexandra)

Jack Tripp
Fay Lenore
Allen Christie
Jean Harrison
Kay Lyell
Marlowe and Vance

1968 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Des O'Connor

Jack Douglas

Freddie Sales

Joe Black

1968 Birmingham Alexandra.jpg

1968 Dick Whittington (Alexandra)

Ted Rogers

The Dallas Boys

Pat Lancaster

Cy Grant

Gorodn Peters

Robert Harlow

Claude Zola

1969 Babes in the Wood (Hippodrome)

Mike Winters

Bernie Winters

Wyn Calvin

Erica Yorke

Ian Paterson


1969 Aladdin (Alexandra)

Michael Bentine

Donald Peers

Billy Burden

Alfred Ravel

Martin Dell

Robert Marlowe

1970 Dick Whittington (Hippodrome)

Anita Harris

Freddie Davies

Bernard Bresslaw

Billy Dainty

1970 Cinderella (Alexandra)

Ronnie Corbett

Lynn Kennington

The Patton Brothers

1971 Jack and the Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

The Bachelors

Peter Glaze

Frank Carson

Don McLean

Yvonne Marsh


1971 Robinson Crusoe (Alexandra)

Les Dawson

Jack Tripp

Pat Lancaster

New World

Allen Christe

The Miles Twins

The Cox Twins

1972 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Dicki Henderson,

Alan Hayes,

Arthur Askey


1972 Puss in Boots (Alexandra)

Jack Douglas

Millicent Martin

Ken Roberts

George Truzzie

Jacquie Toye

1973 Robinson Crusoe (Hippodrome)

Roy Hudd

Charlie Williams

1973 Jack and the Beanstalk (Alexandra)

Jimmy Tarbuck

The Grumbleweeds

George Lacy

1974 Aladdin (Hippodome)

Larry Grayson

Alfred Marks

Keith Harris

Ken Wilson

Dilys Watling

1974 Babes in the Wood (Alexandra)

Leslie Crowther

Jack Tripp

The Patton Brothers

1975 Emu in Pantoland (Hippodrome)

Rod Hull

Carl Wayne

Billy Dainty

Barbara New

Georgina Moon

1975 Cinderella (Alexandra)

Peter Goodwright

Dia Francis

Barry Howard

Anna Neagle

Paula Wilcox

Lionel Blair

Terry Hall and Lenny the Lion

Birmingham Hippodrome.png

1976 Jack and the Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

Charlie Drake

The Dallas Boys

Alan Randall

1976 Birmingham Alexandra.png

1976 Dick Whittington (Alexandra)

Frank Ifield

Jim Davidson

Patrick Cargill
Alan Curtis
The Miles Twins

The Cox Twins
Derek Royle


1977 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Richard O'Sullivan as Buttons

Tessa Wyatt as Cinderella

Frank Williams

Robert Young

Mary Laine

Erica Yorke

Bill Boazman

Blayne Barrington

Nicholas & Nickleby

Paul Aylett


1977 Aladdin (Alexandra)

Barbara Windsor

Terry Scott

Jeffery Holland

Ronnie Hilton

1978 Turn Again Whittington (Hippodrome)

Norman Wisdom

Elizabeth Larner

Tony Fayne

1978 Jack and the Beanstalk (Alexandra)

Arthur Askey as Martha Trot

Anna Karen as Vegetable Fairy

Leslie Crowther as Simple Simon Trot

Jimmy Edwards as King Satupon
Mark Wynter as Jack Trot

Robert Aldous as Fleshcreep

with Johnny Vyvyan , Nicholas Hawell, Terry Winter, Peter St James and Kevin Grant


1979 Babes in the Wood (Hippodrome)

Les Dawson

Roger De Courcey

Julie Rogers

Eli Woods

Colette Kelly

Danny O'Dea


1979 Robinson Crusoe (Alexandra)

Frankie Howerd (Replaced mid run by Jeffrey Holland due to injury) as Billy Crusoe

Anita Harris as Robinson Crusoe

Allen Christie as Captain Perkins

Bernard Bresslaw as Blackbeard

Jack Tripp as Mrs Crusoe

Tommy Trinder as Uncle Tom

Dawson Chance as Sam Seaweed

Tricha Deighton as Polly Perkins

Vincent Osborne as Man Friday

Christopher Marks as Lord Nelson

Valerie Socquet as The Sea Fairy

Philip Compton as The Sea Demon

1979 Birmingham Alexandra panto.jpg

1980 Dick Whittington (Alexandra)

Ken Dodd

Wyn Calvin

Jeffrey Holland

Billy Whittaker

Anne Jones

The Simmons Brothers

1981 Aladdin (Hippodrome)

Danny La Rue as Widow Twankey

Dylis Watling as Aladdin
Leon Greene as Abanazar
David Ellen as Genie

Brian Marshall as Wishee Washee
Danielle Carson as Princess Balroubadour

George Giles as Grand Vizier

Johnny Hutch as Captain

Andy Rothwell as PC Boodles

Eric Desiles as PC Noddles

Robert Edmunds as PC Pong

John Betty as PC Pong

Margin Magne as PC Tong

George Reibbitt as Emperor of China

with Kim Rosato, Guy Gregory and The Halfwits


1981 Babes in the Wood (Alexandra)

Barry Howard

Ruth Madoc

Paul Shane

Jeffrey Holland

Lena Zavaroni

1982 Dick Whittington (Hippodrome)

The Krankies as Captain and Mate

Paul Henry as Idle Jack

Billy Dainty as Sarah The Cook

1982 Birmingham Alexandra.jpg

1982 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Alexandra)

Aubrey Phillips as Dame Martha

Dave Peters as Muddles

Syd Jackson as Lord Chamberlain

Colin Beach as The Wicked Queen

Janie Chappell as The Prince

Debbie Young as Snow White

James Harman as Henchman

Musical Director Mark Snee

This production opened on 22nd November 1982



1982 Cinderella (Alexandra)

Little and Large

Jack Douglas

Bob Grant

Jill Gascoine

Adrienne Posta

Anthea Askey

Kent Baker

1983 Birmingham Alexandra.png

1983 Mother Goose (Alexandra)

John Inman as Mother Goose

Michelle Gordon as Fairy Queen

Bill Maynard as The Squire

Susan Maughan as Colin

Barbara Newman as Priscilla The Goose

Nicholas Brent as King of Gooseland

Dawson Chance as Sammy

Sian Hopkins as Jill

with The Simmons Brothers


1983 Jack & The Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

Cilla Black

Gareth Hunt

Paul Squire

Jimmy Cricket

Harry Worth

Wyn Calvin

1984 Birmingham Alexandra.jpg

1984 Cinderella (Alexandra)

Lionel Blair

Joyce Blair

Paula Wilcox

Anthony Steel

Derek Fowlds

Fred Evans

Anna Neagle

Jacqueline Reddin

1985 Humpty Dumpty (Hippodrome)

Rustie Lee

Keith Harris

Jacqui Scott

Windsor Davies

Gary Holton


1985 Mother Goose (Alexandra)

Danny La Rue as Mother Goose
Robert Aldous as The Demon of Discontent
David Ellen as Town Crier / King Goose
Lisa Maxwell as Jill
Lionel Jefferies as Squire

Kay Lyell as Priscilla the Goose

Isla St Clair as Johnny
with The Simmons Brothers

1986 Birmingham Alexandra.jpg

1986 Babes in the Wood (Alexandra)

Les Dawson

Ruth Madoc

John Nettles

The Roly Polys

Les Ross

Gordon Kennedy

Katie Budd


1988 Jack and the Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

Russ Abbott

Bella Emberg

Tudor Davies

Jill Foot

Norman Painting

Cheryl Taylor

Windsor Davies

1988 Alexandra Theatre Birmingham panto.

1988 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Alexandra)

Rod Hull
Vicki Michelle
Jonathan Kiley
Sean Oliver
Louise English

1989 Birmingham Hippodrome.png

1989 Babes in the Wood (Hippodrome)

Christopher Biggins

Cannon and Ball

Pat Roach

Bernadette Nolan

Mike Holloway

This production ran from 15th December 1989 0 24th January 1990

1990 Birmingham.jpg

1990 Aladdin (Alexandra)

Maggie Moone

Don Maclean

Malcolm Stent

Terry Pearson

Denny Hodge

Debbie Young

Anthony Morton

John Clay

Alan Curtis


1991 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Des O'Connor as Buttons

Peggy Mount as Fairy Godmother

Ian Smith as Baron Hardup

with The Simmons Brothers

des and brum.png
ian smith brum.png
des brum peggy.png

1992 Aladdin (Hippodrome)

Danny La Rue as Widow Twankey

Michael Elphick as Abanazar

Brian Conley as Aladdin

Dawson Chance

Alison Young

This production ran from 23rd December 1992 - 14th February 1993

1993 Dick Whittington (Hippodrome)

Lesley Joseph as Fairy Bowbells

John Nettles as King Rat

Ross King 

Rosemarie Ford as Dick

Wayne Sleep as Tommy the Cat

Wolf (Gladiators)

Vince Hill

Katie Budd

The Simmons Brothers


1994 Jack and the Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

Ray Meagher

Su Pollard

Malandra Burrow

Judi Spiers

Don MaClean

Mike Doyle

Zippy, George, Bungle (Rainbow)

Scorpio (Gladiators)

Kevin Lloyd


1995 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Gary Wilmot as Buttons

Rolf Harris as Baron Hardup

Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog as The Brokers Men

Robin Cousins as The Prince

Judy Cornwell as Fairy Godmother

Jodie Jackson as Cinderella

Nigel Ellacott

Ian Sandy

Paul Gyngell


1996 Mother Goose (Hippodrome)

Matthew Kelly (Mother Goose)

Vicki Michelle (Fairy Virtue)

Andy Crane (Billy Goose)

The Chuckle Brothers (Bish & Bash)

Bruce Roberts

Robert Duncan (Demon Vanity)

Suzanne Dando 
Noel Butler (Priscilla The Goose)
Ian Sandy (The King)

with the White Power Ranger

Directed by Carol Todd


1997 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Hippodrome)

Frank Bruno as The Ringmaster

Karl Howman as Heinkel

Emily Symons as Goldilocks

Don Maclean as Gortle

Malcolm Boyden as Boing the Clown

Mike Doyle as Billy



1998 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Danny La Rue as Baroness

Brian Conley as Buttons

Dawson Chance as Baron Hardup

Malcolm Boyden as Dandini

Miquel Brown as Fairy Godmother

Brian Godfrey as Ugly Sister

David Morton as Ugly Sister

Ben Nealon as Prince Charming

Catherine Debenham-Taylor as Cinderella

This production ran from 23rd December 1998 - 20th February 1999

Produced by Paul Elliott


1999 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (Hippodrome)

Lily Savage / Paul O'Grady as The Wicked Queen

Kriss Akabusi as Muddles

Colette Bibby as Snow White

Lizzie Wiggins as The Nurse

Sean Canning as Catmeat

Mark Halliday as The Prince


2000 Peter Pan (Alexandra)

Joe Pasquale as Smee

Leslie Grantham as Captain Hook

Kerris Peeling as Peter Pan

2001 Dick Whittington (Hippodrome)

Brian Conley as Dick

Anna Brecon as Alice Fitzwarren

Don Maclean as Sarah the Cook

Luke Baxter as King Rat

Rachel Spray as Fairy Bowbells

Danny Edwards as Sultan

Craig Turner as Tommy the Cat

Keith Simmons as Findus - The Mate

Alan Simmons as Captain


2002 Aladdin (Qdos) Hippodrome

Amanda Barrie as Genie

Bobby Davro as Wishee Washee

Melinda Messenger as Princess

John Challis as Abanazar

Don MaClean as Widow Twankey

Masachi Fujimoto as Emperor


2003 Birmingham Hippodrome panto.png

2003 Cinderella (Qdos) Hippodrome

Julian Clary as Julian Clary

Dave Benson Phillips as Buttons

Rosemary Ashe as Fairy Godmother

Philip Herbert as Baron Hardup

Ian Gledhill as Lord Chamberlain

Henry Luxemburg as The Prince

Lynsey McCaffrey

David Hill as Henia

Tony Jackson as Verucca

Malcolm Boyden as Brokers Man


2004 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos) Hippodrome

Joe Pasquale as Jack

Letitia Dean as Princess

Don Maclean as Dame Trot

Charlie Cairoli as King


2005 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Joe Pasquale as Smee

Kerris Peeling as Peter Pan

Mina Anwar as Mrs Darling

Toby Hull as Noodler

Ian Sandy as Starkey

Peter Blake as Captain Hook

Lisa Seddon as Wndy

Anna Woodside as Tinkerbell

Natalie Kennedy as Tiger Lily

with Luke Di Bartolomeo, Ben O'Hare and Ashley Andrews

The Acromaniacs


2006 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Brian Conley as Buttons

Shobna Gulati as Fairy Godmother

Dawson Chance as Baron Hardup

Jody Crosier as Dandini

Nigel Ellacott as Susannah

Peter Robbins as Trinny

Sean Needham as Prince Charming

Michelle Potter as Cinderella


2007 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

John Barrowman as Aladdin

Don Maclean as Widow Twankey

The Grumbleweeds as The Chinese Policeman

Masashi Fujimoto as Emperor

Lila McConigley as Princess Yasmin

Peter Gallagher as Abanazar

Philip Andrew


2008 Robin Hood (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Paul Zerdin

Titan the Robot

John Barrowman as Robin Hood

2009 Sleeping Beauty (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Joe Pasqulae

Ray Quinn as The Prince

Ceri Dupree

Lucy Evans

2010 Dick Whittington (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Joan Collins as Queen Rat

Julian Clary 

Nigel Havers

Jeffrey Holland

Keith Harris

2011 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Lynda Bellingham as Fairy Godmother

Brian Conley as Buttons

Basil Brush

2012 Robinson Crusoe (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Brian Conley

Lesley Joseph

2013 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

John Partridge as The Prince

Gok Wan as Man in the Mirror

Stephanie Beacham as Wicked Queen

Gary Wilmot as Dame

Paul Zerdin as Muddles

Matt Slack as Oddjob

Danielle Hope as SNow White


2014 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Jane McDonald as Fairy

Duncan James as Jack

Chris Gascoyne as Fleshvreep

Gary Wilmot as Dame

Paul Zerdin

Matt Slack

Lynda Bellingham had originally signed to star as Fairy but illness prevented her from appearing and she personally asked her friend Jane McDonald to take on the role instead


2015 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Marti Pellow as Abanazar

Julian Clary as Slave of the Ring

Lee Mead as Aladdin

Matt Slack as Wishee Washee

Andrew Ryan as Widow Twankey


2016 Dick Whittington
(Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

John Barrowman as Dick

Steve McFadden as King Rat

Matt Slack

The Krankies

Jodie Prenger

Andrew Ryan

2017 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Beverley Knight as Fairy Godmother

Danny Mac as Prince Charming

Matt Slack as Buttons

Suzanne Shaw as Cinderella

Ceri Dupree

Phil Randall

The Grumbleweeds


2018 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Matt Slack as Smee

Jimmy Osmond / Darren Day as Captain Hook

Jaymi Hensley as Peter Pan

Meera Syel as The Mermaid

Sascha Williams

Stephanie Nock

Kellie Gnauck

Cassie Compton

Imogen Brooke

Becky Bassett

Elizabeth Civil

Joshua-Kyle Cantrill

Kimberley Brightcliffe

Charley Da Silva

Stephen Johnson

Elysia Pemberton

Ben Rutter

Josh Packham

Luke Redford

The Timbuktu Tumblers

Whilst performing the evening show on Thursday 27th December, Jimmy  Osmond began to feel unwell during Act 2, despite feeling so poorly he struggled through to the end of the show and was then rushed to hospital where it was confirmed he had suffered a stroke whilst on stage. With a month of the production left to run Darren Day was brought in to take over the role of Captain Hook for the rest of the run.

Birmingham Hippodrome Snow White

2019 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment) Hippodrome

Lesley Joseph as Wicked Queen
Joe McElderry as The Man in the Mirror

Faye Brookes as Snow White


Doreen Tipton

Andrew Ryan

Matt Slack as Muddles
Jac Yarrow


2020 - No Hippodrome pantomime due to the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 and a proposed production of Robin Hood (a touring panto from Qdos) was cancelled as the UK was plunged into it's 3rd lockdown in January 2021 due to Covid-19. 


2021 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Crossroads Pantomimes)

Jason Donovan
Matt Slack / Johnny Mac

Andrew Ryan

Doreen Tipton

Samantha Dorrance

Alexia McIntosh

Birmingham Hippodrome 2021 cast.jfif

2022 Dick Whittington (Crossroads Pantomimes)
Matt Slack as Dick

Suzanne Shaw as Jill

Marti Pellow as King Rat

Dr Ranj as Spirit of the Bells

Doreen Tipton as The Cat

Andrew Ryan



2023 Jack and the Beanstalk (Crossroads Pantomimes)
Matt Slack


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