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1913/14 Robinson Crusoe

May Lilian Levey as Robin Hood

Molly Hackett as Polly Hopkins

Philo Norton as Fairy Queen

Marie Churchill as Princess

James Craig as Mrs Crusoe

Darrol Richards as Davy Jones

1930/31 Mother Goose (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Norah Blaney

George Lacy

Joan Brett

Marie Picquart

1931/32 Humpty Dumpty (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Ivor Vintor

Hugh Rene

Bertram Dench

Nita Underwood

Gwen May

1932/33 Babes in the Wood (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Irene Lister

Noreen Davies

Mary O'Hara

Albert Modley

Norman Griffin

1934/35 Red Riding Hood (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Bessie Pratt

Jennie Gregson

Fred Walmsley

Roy Barbour

Phylis Godden

1935/36 Cinderella (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Phylis Godden

Bessie Pratt

Ivy Luck

Marian Dawson

Reg Bolton

Claude Worth

1936/37 Mother Goose (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Albert Modley

Rosalind Melville

Iris Sadler

Marion Gerth

Doreen Cheyne

Joan Preston

1937/38 Babes in the Wood (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Robin Coles

Elsie Tree

Fred Walmsley

Betty Conquest

1938/39 Aladdin (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Frank Randle

Peggy Bedall

Iris Sadler

Renee Foster

Pictured below: Renee Foster as Aladdin


1939/40 Mother Goose (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Margaret Morgan

Pauline Lewis

Marian Dawson

Albert Modley

Darroll Richards

1940/41 Jack and the Beanstalk (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

June Bardsley

Joy Francis

Norman Evans

George Baines

Percy Garside

Hal Osmond

1941/42 Red Riding Hood (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Veronica Duke

Anne Singer

Phil Strickland

Jack Hayes

Percy Garside

Marie Delaislane

1942/43 Cinderella (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Rosalind Melville

Pauline Lewis

Georgette Perry

Muriel White

Bunny Doyle

Wilfred Watson

Billy Purvis

1943/44 Humpty Dumpty (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Grace Daper as Prince Rudolph

Irlin Hall as Princess Rosetta

Norman Evans as Martha

Betty Jumel as Humpty Dumpty

Percy Garside as Chancellor

Charlie Jass as Neddy the Donkey

Edgar Driver as The KIng

with Judy Miller and Beatrice Findlay

1943 Bradford Alhambra.png

1944/45 Aladdin (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Sylvia Kellaway

Audrey Hewitt

Bunny Doyle

Bert Rich

Wilfred Watson

Billy Purvis

1945/46 Jack and the Beanstalk (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Bunty Meadows

Gloria Starr

Sonia Stacpoole

Roy Barbour

Jack Hayes

1946/47 Mother Goose (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Norman Evans

Margery Manners

Betty Martin

Betty Jumel

Percy Garside

Edgar Driver

Richard Milner

Billy Purvis

1947/48 Cinderella (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Wilfred Pickles

June Whittfield

Fay Lenore

Marian Dawson

Bert Rich

Richard Milner

1948 Bradford Alhambra.png

1948/49 Red Riding Hood (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Norman Evans

Margery Manners

Mary Merodith

Percy Garside

Billy Purvis

1949/50 Humpty Dumpty (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Albert Modley

Margery Manners

Bonnie Downs

Deidre Payer

1949 Bradford Alhambra.png

1950/51 Aladdin (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Zena Dell

Mary Allen

Claude Chandler

Rob Currie

Alex Lennox

Percy Garside

Billy Purvis

Iris Lawrence


1951/52 Cinderella (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Kathleen West as Ugly Sister

Walter Niblo as Buttons

Joy Beattie as Prince Charming

Jasmine Dee as Cinderella

Betty Dayne as Dandini

Trevor Morton as Ugly Sister

Melanie Paul as Fairy Godmother

Geoffrey Denton as Baron Broke

1951 Bradford Alhambra.png
1951 Cinderella Bradford Alhambra.png
1952 Bradford Alhambra.png

1952/53 Mother Goose (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

George Hackford as Bailiff

Bonnie Downs as Gretchan

Jack Storey as Mother Goose

Doreen Duke

Billy Purvis as Blotte the Dog

Horace Mashford as Squire

Phyllis Gladwyn as Jill

Sheridan Grant as Fairy Silverleaf

John Martin as King

Bernard Bedford as Demon Discord

Les Murphy as Jack

1952 Bradford Alhambra programme.png
1952 Mother Goose Bradford.png

1953/54 Jack and the Beanstalk (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Bunny Doyle

Betty Dayne

The Romas

1954/55 Red Riding Hood (Francis Laidler Pantomimes)

Jack Storey

Jasmine Dee

Viki Emra

1955/56 Robin Hood (Gwladys Stanley Laidler Pantomimes)

Jimmy Paige

Eddie Henderson

Call Macord

1956/57 Sleeping Beauty (Gwladys Stanley Laidler Pantomimes)

Joe Black

Lorna Dean

Billy Whitaker

Barbara Sumner

1957/58 Puss in Boots (Gwladys Stanley Laidler Pantomimes)

Ken Barnes

Bonnie Downs

Patricia Vivian

Donald Stewart

1958/59 Dick Whittington (Gwladys Stanley Laidler Pantomimes)

Ronnie Hilton

Sonny Jenks

Billy Stutt

Don Aroll

Susan Swinford

Derek Westlake

1959/60 Jack and the Beanstalk (Gwladys Stanley Laidler Pantomimes)

Ken Dodd

Tony Heaton

Lisbeth Lennon

The Manetti Twins

The Astaire Brothers

Carol Payne

Opened 23rd December 1959

1959 Bradford Alhambra panto.jpg

1960/61 Robin Hood (Gwladys Stanley Laidler Pantomime)

Freddie Frinton

Patricia Starr

Jack Douglas

Ray Elston

James Locker

Steven Page

Mavis Ranson

Gayna Martine

John Hanson

Keith Lazar

Peter Trey

Robert Robinson

Jimmy Wheeler

1961/62 Puss in Boots 

Tommy Cooper

Diana Day

Joy Turpin

George Bolton


1962/63 The Frog Prince

Billy Dainty

Freddie Frinton

Charlie Cairoli

Henry Lyton

Astra Blair

Nico Ferry


1963/64 The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Reg Varney (On the Buses)

Freddie Sales

Joe Church

Terry Feris

1964 Bradford Alhambra.png

1964/65 Tom Thumb

Hope and Keen

Jimmy Clithero

Kathleen West

Danny Purches

1965 Bradford Alhambra pantomime.png

1965/66 Robin Hood

Mike & Bernie Winters

George Lacy

Michael Bevis

Ruth Evans

The Manetti Twins


1966/67 Cinderella  

Freddie Frinton

Derek Dene

Kathleen West

Betty Jumel

Ruth Evans

John Larson


1967/68 The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Freddy Davies

Mark Wynter

Roy Stathers

Michael Lomax

Holly Doone

Roy Hepworth

Don Smoothey

Christine Cassel

Betty Emery


1968/69 Merry King Cole (Bernard Delfont Pantomimes)

Harry Worth

Peter Butterworth (Carry on Films)

Robert Earl

Ken Wilson

Lynton Boys

1969 Bradford Alhambra Programme Cover.png

1969/70 Dick Whittington

Vince Hill

Bobby Dennis

Don MaClean

Don Smoothey

Toni-Sue Birley

1970/71 Robinson Crusoe

Tommy Trinder

Jack Tripp

Marion Grimaldi

Allen Christie

The Cox Twins

The Miles Twins

1971/72 Cinderella

John Hanson

David Hamilton

Wendy Bowman

Tommy Rose