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1867-68           ALADDIN

1868-69           THE CLOTH OF GOLD

1869-70           ROBINSON CRUSOE

1870-71           FORTY THIEVES

1871-72           DICK WHITTINGTON

1872-73           TOM THUMB

1873-74           VALENTINE AND ORSON

1874-75           RED RIDING HOOD

1875-76           LITTLE CINDERELLA

1876-77           BABES IN THE WOOD

1877-78           BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

1878-79           HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT

1879-80           SINBAD THE SAILOR

1880-81           JACK AND THE BEANSTALK

1881-82           ALADDIN

1882-83           DICK WHITTINGTON

1883-84           CINDERELLA

1884-85           FORTY THIEVES

1885-86           RED RIDING HOOD

1886-87           SINBAD THE SAILOR

1887-88           BABES IN THE WOOD

1888-89           ROBINSON CRUSOE

1889-90           SWEET CINDERELLA

1890-91           ALADDIN

1891-92           DICK WHITTINGTON

1892-93           BABES IN THE WOOD

1893-94           FORTY THIEVES

1894-95           LITTLE BO-PEEP

1895-96           CINDERELLA

1896-97           ROBINSON CRUSOE

1897-98           RED RIDING HOOD

1898-99           SINBAD THE SAILOR

1899-00           ALADDIN

1900-01           DICK WHITTINGTON

1901-02           BABES IN THE WOOD

1902-03           CINDERELLA    

1903-04           PUSS IN BOOTS

1904-05           THE SLEEPING BEAUTY

1905-06           MOTHER GOOSE

1906-07           HUMPTY DUMPTY

1907-08           JACK AND JILL 

1908-09           ALADDIN

1909-10           OLD MOTHER HUBBARD

1910-11           JACK HORNER

1911-12           JACK AND THE BEANSTALK     

1912-13           DICK WHITTINGTON

1913-14           ROBINSON CRUSOE

1914-15           HUMPTY DUMPTY

1915-16           GOODY TWO SHOES

1916-17           CINDERELLA

1917-18           OLD KING COLE

1918-19           SINBAD        

1919-20           MOTHER GOOSE

1920-21           TOM TOM THE PIPER’S SON

1921-22           ALADDIN

1922-23           JACK AND JILL     

1923-24           KING OF THE GOLDEN MOUNTAIN    


1925-26           ROBINSON CRUSOE

1926-27           THE FORTY THIEVES

1927-28           HUMPTY DUMPTY

1928-29           HOP O’MY THUMB

1929-30           THE QUEEN OF HEARTS

1930-31           GOODY TWO SHOES  

1931-32           CINDERELLA

1932-33           ROBINSON CRUSOE

1933-34           MOTHER GOOSE

1934-35           DICK WHITTINGTON

1935-36           BABES IN THE WOOD

1936-37          ALADDIN

1937-38          CINDERELLA

1938-39          JACK AND THE BEANSTALK

1939 -40         RED RIDING HOOD 

1943/44 Peter Pan (Hippodrome)

Peter Adamson (Coronation Street)

Teddy Brogden

Billie Brook

Betty Brown

Gerald Fox

Alex Collins

Harry Crossman

Billy Darren

John Ellery

William Luff

1944/45 Aladdin (Hippodrome)

Duggie Wakefield as Widow Twankey

Leslie Barker as Slave of the Lamo

Lucille Gaye as Genie of the Ring

Nancy Brown as Aladdin

Roy Jefferies as Abanazar

Bernard Dudley as The Emperor of China

Rubina Gilchrist as Princess So-Shi

Billy Nelson as Wishee Washee

Chuck O'Neil as The Grand Vizier

A Prince Littler Production

Produced by Sydney Smith

Opened 22nd December 1944


1945/46 Jack and the Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

Eddie Gray as The King

Nita Croft as Jill

Eddie Childs as Mrs Hubbard

Bert Murray as Muggles

James Lomas as The Giant

Jeanette Haley as Princess Annabel

Harold Childs as The Brokers Man

Jack Hartman as The Brokers Man

Audrey Ainsworth as Anne

Lennox Dalton as The Ragman

Stella Kemball as The Spirit of the Beanstalk

Charles Ancaster as The King's Entertainer

With Zola and Mattie as the Cow

Opened 22nd December 1945

A Prince Littler Production

Produced by Cavan Lambart

Written by Marriott Edgar


1946/47 Humpty Dumpty (Hippodrome)

Phylis Adrian

Jean Adrienne

John Lloyd Fillingham

Freddie Frinton

Duncan Gray

Hugh Harden

Charles Little

Mary Simmons

Jeremy Simms

Sylvia Vowels

Fred Wynne

1947/48 Babes in the Wood (Hippodrome)

Arthur Lucan

Jean Adrienne

Bert Platt

Valerie Lawson

Carol Lane

Rita Baker

During a matinee  performance of Babes in the Wood on 18th February 1948  a fire broke out backstage and quickly spread towards the stage area bringing that performance to an abrupt end and the extensive damage closed  the venue until the next pantomime that December. The fire was suspected to have been caused by a cigarette butt which had been carelessly discarded. 


1947/48 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

Paul Rogers
Jane Wenham
Nuna Davey
Henry Manning
Alexander Gauge
Richard Longman
Jasmine Dee

1948/49 Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Ted Ray

Hazel Bray

Johnny Kavannah

Freddie Foss

Leslie Barker

1949/50 Peter Pan (Hippodrome)
Jane Wren

Derek Rock

Elizabeth Clifford

Christina Forrest

Margaret Lockwood

Philip Ray

John Justin

1950/51 Humpty Dumpty (Hippodrome)

Freddie Frinton

Stan Little

Harry Simms

Jean Adrienne

Duncan Gray

Fred Wynne

Sylvis Vowels

1951/52 Little Red Riding Hood (Hippodrome)

Graham Danvers

Josephine Evans

Leo Franklyn

Bill Futter

Doreen Lavender

Hugh Lloyd

Bert Platt

Sylvis Vowels

Written by Barry Lupino

1952/53 Peter Pan (Hippodrome)

Brenda Bruce

Eric Carr

Jane Wren

Violet Coleman

James Donald

Gordon Murray

Kenneth Williams

Directed by Cecil King

1953/54 Babes in the Wood (Hippodrome)

Peggie Allen

Patricia Baker

Marion Barton

Sally Bazley

Stanley Beedle

Josephine Bell

1954/55 Cinderella (Hippodrome)
Joan Burden


1955/56  Mother Goose (Hippodrome)

Ethel Revnell

Johnny Lockwood

Fay Lenore

Bert Platt

Alison Davies

Susan Wren

1956/57 Jack and the Beanstalk (Hippodrome)

Richard Beamish

Ben Warriss

Fred Kitchen as The King

Mildred Maybe

John East

Maureen Corp

Barry Craine

Alison Davies as Princess

John East

Julia Hand

Jack Hayes as Mrs Hubbard

Jimmy Jewel

A Prince Littler Production

Written by John Morley

Directed by Leonard Dainton

Opened 24th December 1956

1957/58 Aladdin (Hippodrome)

Richard Hearne

Dave O'Gorman

Jean Scott

Ronnie Collis

Alan Webster


1958/59 Sleeping Beauty (Hippodrome)

Tommy Trinder

Bert Brownbill

Patricia Hall

Hazel Lee

Eva May Wong

1959/60  Cinderella (Hippodrome)

Jimmy Edwards

Ted Rogers


Jill Love

Edit MacArthur

Linda Masters

Robin Palmer

John Taylor

Arthur Howard

Ted Durannte

Written by Oscar Hammerstein

Composed by Richard Rodgers

Directed by Freddie Carpenter

1960/61 Aladdin (Hippodrome)

George Formby

Vanessa Lee

Peter Graves

Valentine Dyall

Jessie Carron

Molly Hare

Geoffrey Webb

Opened 24th December 1960

Written by Cole Porter