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CAIRO – 23 January 2018: The pantomime show “In the Garden” will stage Sunday at Wanas Center for Arts and Culture. 

A collaboration between Naas group for cultural development and Wanas Center, the pantomime show “In the Garden” is a new hilarious comedy show about solitude and pain, performed by mime artist Mustafa Huzayen. 

Huzayen is an Egyptian actor, director and a mime performer. He has taken long term training with many mime experts from different schools; he won many prizes at different theater and mime festivals in Cairo, including El-Sawy Cultural Wheel Mime Festival, and the National Theater Festival. 

He founded his own mime company, Mime Features, and gavemany performances on numerousstages in Egypt and Europe. 
In 2004, he founded his Mime & Pantomime troupe,Malameh,that performed its first show in 2005. 

Among Malameh'ssuccessful Pantomime performances are “SaherWi Mohareg WiAa’lametEstefham” (A Magician, Clown, and Question Mark), and “YoumA'ssefGedan” (A Very Stormy Day). 

Mime, pantomime, or silent acting, is based on the body movements and signs that the actor performs on stage. It includes numerous forms that vary. In India, mime is combined with music and dance. 

The inspiration behind mime comes from reality, tackling universal issues in fictional plots. In the postmodern era, mime was presented through masks, black and white face painting, or clothing, inspiring a number of mime crews to promote their stage names, such as Oreo, The Story of the Mask and Gray Team

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