Pussy in Boots is an adult pantomime based on the classic tale Puss in Boots which was released on VHS in 1994 and starred stand up comedian and Eastenders star Mike Reid. Carry on and Eastenders star Barbara Windsor also appeared alongside John Altman, Lynne Perrie and Condy Milo. This production was filmed infront of a live theatre audience and is considered to be one of the first adult pantomimes. In this tongue in cheek version we follow  'Pussy' as she searches for her pantomime Prince and is helped by Big Dick Whittington (Played by Mike Reid) and  a Fairy Godmother known as  'Wonder Woman' (Played by Barbara Windsor). The pantomime story is halted on a number of occasions for Reid to tell his blue jokes to the audience.

Jim Davidson would follow Mike Reid's example and bought out his own adult panto and would go on to pretty much corner the market in them.  In Sinderella Jim took on the role as the mischievous Buttons whilst Charlie Drake made a legendary appearance as the filthy Baron Hardon. Dianne Lee appeared as Cinderella and 1960s siger and heart-throb  Jess Conrad as Prince Charming and Mia Carla gave a sterling performance as the Fairy Godmother, together they perform the most outrageous version of a fairytale you will ever see. Dave Lee and Roger Kitter appeared as the Ugly Sisters, this pair had no boundaries and took outragous and crude to a whole new level. Everything you would expect to see in a panto was here, just with an adult twist. We rate this as the ultimate out of the adult pantos that are out there, with genuine humour that you will want to watch over and over again.

Jim Davidson followed Sinderella up in 1999 with Boobs in the Wood. This hilarious adult panto sees Jim playing the wicked  sheriff of Nottingham, who has his eyes on a bag of loot, Maid Marion’s assets and anything else that takes his fancy. Victor Spinetti joined the cast and upped the comedy stakes 

Completing the trilogy of Jim Davidson's adult panto's in 2004 he would next bring us Sinderella Comes Again. The original characters were all back and naughtier than ever in another outrageous romp of a loose telling of the Cinderella story. This panto was described as being saucier, sexier ad more sensational than the original.

Below are examples of handbills for productions of various adult pantos that now play in regional theatres, normally just after the standard pantomime season ends and usually just for one or two nights. Who said panto was for kids! 

Above The Stag

Above The Stag Theatre is an award-winning theatre in Vauxhall, London with a focus on producing LGBT+ themed work including new writing, musicals and revivals. They are the only full-time professional LGBT+ theatre in the UK.

Above The Stag Theatre was founded in 2008 by Peter Bull who secured a space above The Stag, a gay pub in Victoria, London, which has since been demolished. In 2013, they opened in their Vauxhall home.As a registered charity, they also host exhibitions, rehearsed readings and other events throughout its annual programming offering new writers, photographers and other forms of artists a platform to present their work.

2013/14 Jack Off The Beanstalk

2014/15 Treasure Island - The Curse of the Pearl Necklace

2015/16 Tinderella - Cinderella Slips one in

2016/17 Beauty on the Piste

2017/18 Snow White - Rotten tot he Core

2018/19 Mother Goose Cracks One Out

2019/20 Pinocchio No Strings Attached