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Tommy J, 
Lucy Rose Rollason &
Michelle Rollason

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"Sean “Rollo” Rollason as Wishee Washee is the best comic male we have seen at the Baths for many years. Instantly likeable, warm and engaging...

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‘’Rollo’’ started his career touring as a circus clown touring the U.K. with Tony Hopkins ‘’Circus Fiesta’’ in 1987.

Since then he has worked as a compere, entertainments manager, comedian and of course a children’s entertainer.

Rollo (previously known as “Reggie Mental") has appeared in cabaret venues all over the UK and in Europe. Performing at Hotels, Old Tyme Music Hall, Holiday Centres and of course Theatre. Since the start Rollo has been making panto audiences smile, laugh and feel the magic of theatre. A real staple in the panto season. Rollo is held in high regard by his fellow performers and in 2007 was elected into the world’s most exclusive show business fraternity ‘’The Grand Order of Water Rats’’ Rollo took the title of ‘’Baby Rat’’ from Iron Maiden drummer Nico Mcbrain and in 2009 Rollo was voted ‘’Rat of the year’’ for all his charity work.

Rollo is proud father to Tommy J and Lucy and we're proud to add the whole family to this years award. Tommy was born into a show-business family and has quickly established himself as on of the U.K.’s finest comedy jugglers 

You may of seen Tommy on television this year as he was featured on “Britains Got Talent”, where he received a standing ovation from David Walliams. In 2022 Tommy was initiated in to the “Grand Order of Water Rats”, the worlds most exclusive entertainment fraternity and is the youngest member in the orders history.

Lucy has performed in many pantomimes as well as choreograph many shows. Lucy is also the proud owner of the Rollason Stage School and proud member of the Grand Order Of Lady Ratlings.

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The 2024 PANTO HALL OF FAME winner is a personal choice from me and it all started

back when I was a little boy. Let me set the scene -  every year my Nan and Pap used to 
take me and my cousin to Hunstanton for the May half term break. We went to a "little"

caravan site called Searls, where this amazing man used to present the evening

entertainment every night. He used to lead the kids entertainment before "Goodnight Children"

and then the evening cabaret. I'm ofcource talking about Rollo. Without him realising it - he was inspiring a young man (me) to a career I've loved ever since. I've been told countless times I used to come home saying "I want to do what Rollo does - I want to be an actor and presenter on stage"!

And from that day I never looked back. I remember once meeting Rollo and him being so kind - giving me time to talk to me about me wanting to do arts as a job. He seemed to be one of the nicest people around and as you can see from the film below (made wonderfully by Carl Thorby) lots of people agree with me. I was then very excited to see Rollo come to one of our local theatres in panto - the link started again and what a joy he was. Since then I've been keeping an eye on his wonderful career (especially in panto). It's now amazing to see his children also striving in the arts and I'm sure Rollo would be proud to be sharing the headline with Lucy, Tommy and Michelle. Anyway welcome to the panto hall of fame and thank you for inspiring me (and many more i'm sure). 


February 2024


Panto Credits for Rollo

1992/93: Aladdin

Montrose Mgt. Central Hall Theatre. Chatham.

1997/98: Jack & the Beanstalk

Hammond Productions. Cresset Theatre - Peterborough.

1998/99: Aladdin

Hammond Productions. Cresset Theatre - Peterborough.

1999/00: Snow White

Hammond Productions - Cresset Theatre - Peterborough

2000/01: Snow White

Hammond Productions. Stag Theatre - Sevenoaks.

2001/02:  Cinderella

Hammond Productions. Stag Theatre - Sevenoaks.

2002/03: Dick Whittington

Hammond Productions. Cresset Theatre - Peterborough.

2003/04: Wizard of Oz

Hammond Productions. Cresset Theatre - Peterborough.

2004/05: Jack & the Beanstalk.

Hammond Productions . Pavilion theatre - Worthing.

2005: Dick Whittington.

Rollason Entertainment. Searles resort - Hunstanton.

2007/08: Aladdin

Hammond Productions - Victoria Theatre - Halifax.

2011/12: Peter Pan

Hammond Productions. Pavilion Theatre - Worthing.

2012: Peter Pan

Hammond Productions. Lighthouse Theatre - Kettering.

2013/14: Snow White. 

Hammond Productions. Lighthouse Theatre - Kettering.

2014: Cinderella.

Shone Productions. Middleton Arena.

2015/16: Cinderella.

Shone Productions. Civic Theatre - Rotherham.

2016/17: Snow White.

Shone Productions. Civic Theatre - Rotherham.

2017/18: Cinderella.

Tony Peers Productions. Blackfriars Theatre - Boston.

2018/19: Aladdin

Tony Peers Productions. Blackfriars Theatre - Boston.

2019: Aladdin.

Tony Peers Productions. The Bath Halls - Scunthorpe.

2020: Dick Whittington.

Tony Peers Productions. The Bath Halls - Scunthorpe.

2022/23: Cinderella

Shone Productions. The forum Theatre - Barrow in Furness /  

The Muni Theatre Colne. (Jan’)

2023: Cinderella

Polka Dot Pantomimes - Albert Halls - Bolton



2014  February: Jungle Book.

Gary Starr Productions.

2014. Easter: Alice in Wonderland.

Gary Starr Productions.

2016 Easter: Wizard of Oz

Shone Productions. 

2019 Easter: Wizard of Oz

Shone Productions.

2021. Easter: The Wizard of Oz.

Parking Lot Social / Gary Starr Productions


2009: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears.

Princess Theatre - Hunstanton

2010: Aladdin.

Princess Theatre - Hunstanton. 

2011: Dick Whittington.

Princess Theatre - Hunstanton. 

2021: Treaure Island.

KD theatre. Harlequin Theatre - Redhill

2021: The Wizard of Oz.

Gary Starr Productions The Big Top - Skegness


Feb’ 2019: Sleeping Beauty

Tom Rolfe Productions. Billingham Forum Theatre.
Feb. 2020: Goldilocks. Tom Rolfe Productions Billingham Forum Theatre.


As previously stated we're proud to add the whole of the Rollason
family to this page as special mentions to the hall of fame!

Panto Credits for Tommy J

2017-2018: Cinderella

Princess Theatre, Hunstanton

2018: Spooky Lagoon Show

Tom Rolfe 

2018-2019: Aladdin (Tour)

Exmouth Pavillion, Majestic Theatre, Retford Melton Theatre,

2019-2020: Aladdin

Scunthorpe Bath Halls

2020: Treasure Island 

Outdoor Panto - Ely Deans Garden

2020: The Curser of Haunted Pirate Ship Panto

Coatham, Memorial Hall, Redcar

2020-2021: Cinderella

Parking Lot social panto

2021: The Wizard of Oz

Easter Tour

2021: Treasure Island 

Redhill Theatre

2021: Big Top Panto Summer Season

Wizard of Oz and Goldilocks and the Three Bears

2021-2022: Aladdin

Grove Theatre, Dunstable 

2022-2023: Beauty and the Beast

Secern Theatre Shrewsbury 

2023-2024: Jack and the Beanstalk

Secern Theatre Shrewsbury 

Lucy Rose Rollason 

Please have a look below at a small selection of credits below.


Choreographer - Polkadot Pantomimes

2019 - ALADDIN

Choreographer - Trio Productions


Choreographer - Tony Peers Productions

Michelle Rollason

Michelle Rollason F.B.T.D.A (Principal)

Michelle trained full time at the Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama (M.A.D.D.) in Nottingham. 

A rigorous 3-year course learning all disciplines of dance. After graduating Michelle travelled the world as a professional dancer / dance captain as well as appearing in pantomime, summer seasons, variety shows and more
Michelle also is an established and respected choreographer where she has choreographed and provided dancers for some of the top producers for theatre tours, pantomime, summer seasons, variety shows, holiday parks and more.

Michelle met her husband (Comedian Rollo) on a season at Combe Haven where she was dancer and he was a comedian.
Michelle opened Rollason Stage School n Heacham in 2003. 

Early in 2023 Michelle was elected into the worlds most exclusive sisterhood show business fraternity ‘’The Grand order of Lady Ratlings’’ where she works alongside Sister Ratling Debbie McGee and Vicki Michelle to raise coins for the order

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A selection of bills

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