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Richard Cadell
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"Richard Cadell and Sooty win us over right left and centre throughout the ‘Izzy Whizzy – Let’s Get Busy’ whole pantomime".

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Sooty is a British children's television media franchise created by Harry Corbett incorporating primarily television and stage shows. The franchise originated with his fictional glove puppet character introduced to television in 1955, with the franchises focused around the adventures of the character – a mute yellow bear with black ears and nose, who is kind-hearted but also cheeky, performs magic tricks and practical jokes, and squirts his handler and other people with his water pistol, including on other television programmes the guest stars on. The franchise itself also includes several other puppet characters who were created for television, some of whom became the backbone to performances, and features additional elements including an animated series, two spin-off series for the direct-to-video market, and a selection of toy merchandising.

The franchise remained in the ownership of Corbett until his retirement in 1976, before being passed on to his son Matthew. The rights to the franchise were placed on sale and sold in 1996 to a development firm who formed a holding company for the property, with Matthew later retiring and handing over control of the puppet characters to Richard Cadell in 1998. After initial ownership changes from Gullane Entertainment to HIT Entertainment the franchise suffered some setbacks in 2004 and eventually Cadell bought the rights in June 2008. He has since focused on ensuring the survival of the brand with new stage shows and television programmes.

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Sooty, Sweep and Sue have always been a highlight of my life. When I was younger

I used to love watching them on TV with Matthew and I even went to ITV studios to see

"Sooty home". I also remember going to see Sooty on Blackpool promenade when I was

little - they used to be a show next to the swimming pool. Anyway enough about my

childhood - since my earlier year's I've kept an eye on Sooty and now the amazing Richard and

heard nothing but good things about them both in panto. If you look below at there panto credits - he's been around a bit. 2023 marks Sooty's 75th Anniversary and what better why to help celebrate than adding Sooty, Richard and friends to the PANTO HALL OF FAME. I know from experience and reading from others (old and young) about how Sooty still makes people smile - and in my opinion that's what panto is all about. Congratulations and welcome to the PANTO HALL OF FAME.


Panto Credits
A selection of Richards and Sootys Pantos


Harlequin Theatre, Redhill

1991: Aladdin

Barnsley Civic

1995: Sleeping Beauty

Theatre Royal Bath

1996: Aladdin

White Rock Theatre Hastings

1997: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Birmingham Hippodrome

1998: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Southampton Mayflower

1999: Aladdin

Ashcroft Theatre Croydon

1999: Aladdin

New Victoria Theatre Woking

1999: Aladdin

Venue Cymru

2000: Aladdin

Alhambra Bradford

2000: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Milton Keynes Theatre

2001: Aladdin

Theatre Royal Nottingham

2001: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Wolverhampton Grand

2001: Snow White

New Theatre Cardiff

2002: Cinderella

Grand Opera House Belfast

2002: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Cliffs Pavilion Southend

2002: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Swansea Grand

2002: Snow White

Theatre Royal Darlington

2003: Aladdin

Wycombe Swan in High Wycombe

2003: Snow White

Regent Theatre Stoke on Trent

2004: Aladdin

Embassy Centre Skegness

2004: Jack and the Beanstalk

Theatre Royal Windsor

2005: Cinderella

Deco Northamapton

2006: Snow White

Ipswich Regent Theatre 

2008: Snow White

Grove Theatre Dunstable

2009: Snow White

Ashcroft Theatre in Croydon


Snow White

Ferneham Hall in Fareham

2010: Aladdin

Grove Theatre Dunstable

2018: Sleeping Beauty

Wolverhamptom Grand

2019: Cinderella

Theatre Royal Nottingham

2020: No panto due to Covid-19

2021: Cinderella

Southampton Mayflower

2022: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Southampton Mayflower

2023: Jack and the Beanstalk 
Middleton Arena

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Richard and Sooty 3.jpg
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January 2024


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Sooty, Richard and friends on bills

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1991 Barnsey Civic.png
2000 Milton Keynes Theatre panto.jpg
2004 Theatre Royal Windsor.png
2005 The Deco Northampton panto.png
1999 Theatre Cymru.jpg
1987 Harlequin Theatre Redhill.jpg
2006 Ipswich Regent panto.png
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