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1850 Little Boy Blue (Theatre Royal)


1885 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)

1887 Jack and the Beanstalk (Royal Lyceum)

1895 The Forty Thieves (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Arthur Milton, George Barrett, Witty Watty Walton, Ted Young, Gus W. Blake, Pete Bunth, James Bond, Frank Smith, Florence Terriss, Ada Twibell, Florrie Heywood, Marie Dainton, Katie Richards, Lilian Ellis, Len Gifford, Irvin Trio, Alice Alexander, Marie Jeanette

1896 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Madge Merry, Nellie Christie, Harry Lupino, Evie Green, Harry Melbourne, Mdlle. Azella, Grace Henderson, Wallace Kingston, James Norris, Ernest Heathcote, W.E. Lawson, William Benson

1897 Sleeping Beauty (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Amy Knot, Maud Sherman, George Spry, Frederick Eastman, Sydney Sarl, Fred Mulvey, Violey Friend, Audrie Stafford, Laurie Heath, Linda Hereford, William Walton, Mark Sheridan

1898 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Queenie Leighton, Molly Lowell, Arthur Rigby, John Lisbourne, Edd Redway, The Brothers Griffiths, George Power, Violet Raymaur, Gladys Carswell, Little Alma Gray

1899 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Cissy Fitzgerald, Lily Landon, Mark Sheridan, Nellie Christie, Harry Cole, Marie Lovell, W.G. Hurst, Drew and Alders, Maurice Redmond, Victor Leglere

1900 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Jenny Owen, Adrienne Augarde, Maurice and Ross, George Brooks, Charles Bignell, John Dobson, Will Johnston, Lizzie Daniels, Carrie Scott, Tess Owen

1901 The Invisible Prince (Theatre Royal)

Starring - W.P. Dempsey, George Miller, The Brothers Ethairien, George Gilbey, Albery Le Fre, Violet Dale, Jacqueline Blaney, Gurney Delaporte, Vera Eyton, Mary Glenville, Audrey Stafford, C. St. John Medley, Zena Dare

1902 Little Red Riding Hood (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Arthur Ricketts, Ben Brown, Fred Austin, George Le Clerc, Fred Griffiths, Fred Griffiths Jnr., George Bastow, Henry Claff, Sybil Arundale, Grace Arundale, Phyllis Stuart, Nelly May, Violet Hammersley

1903 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Bessie Featherstone, George Lashwood, Mark Sheridan, Alice Russon, Josh Dixon, Gus Le Clerq, Grell and Gray, Henry Lattimer

1904 Jack and the Beanstalk (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Lily Harold, Daisy Le Hay, Violet Englefield, Lilian Grahame, Cecelia Wilman, Malcolm Scott, Ambrose Manning, J.T. Macmillan, Harry Lupino, Arthur Ricketts, Arthur Dandoe

1905 The Forty Thieves (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Ruth Lytton, Tom E. Murray, Rhoda Gordon, Molly Maquire, Ernest Rees, Albert Felino, Rigg and Ryder, Henry Claff

1906 Babes in the Wood (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Mark Sheridan, Daisy Dormer, Harry Conlin, Nipper Lupino Lane, Harry Lupino, Wee Wallace, Brothers Egbert, Gwladys Elvey, Gladys Cooper, Mildred Claire, Edna Loftus, Baby Betty Green

1906 Cinderella (King's)

Phyllis Dare 

Dan Rolyat 

John Humphries

Violet Englefield

Stephen Addison

Vera Vere

Gwennie Hasto

Dorothy Ward

Kitty Sparrow

Marie Rignold

Bay Russel

Margaret Webster

Pictured below: Phyllis Dare with Dan Rolyat also solo picture of Phyllis Dare as Cinderella.


1907 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Dan Crawley, Jose Collins, Clara Beck, Carlton, J. Walker, George Ide, Arthur Dandoe, Murray Moore, Beryl Somerset, Dorothy Harris, Maisy Hare, Dorothy Rutherford, Lilian Bishop

1908 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Will Evans, Jane Eyre, Ethel Erskine, Phil Ray, WM. Downes, Ernest G. Langford, Albert Feling, Mena Brae, Molly Maquire, Florence Warde, Kirby's Flying Ballet

1908 Aladdin (King's)

Minnie Olive

Charles Adeson

Alice Digby,

J. Harrington Weeks

Josephine Ellis

Dickera Harris

John Reed

Edgar C.C. Ayres

1909 Humpty Dumpty (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Joe Nightingale, Iris Banfield, Radie Furman, Shaun Glenville, Ivon Berlyn, Queen and Le Brun, Ian Lloyd Mackenzie, Arthur Burgoyne, Jack Lane, Maggie Fraser, Clare Hartland, Iris Coley, Zoe Gordon

1909 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Val Morgan

Gracie Sumner

The Decars

Sam Foy

Vi Wilson

Dolly Elsworthy

Mollie Woolstenhulme

Ernest Cass

1910 Old King Cole (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Brothers Egbert, Hilda Guiver, Peggy Primrose, Arthur Ricketts, W.H. Kirby, James A. Watts, Sisters Storm, Florence Lindley, Hebe Bliss, Cordelia Kirby, Nance Hanton, Little Veleta, Stephanie Crawford

1910 Mother Hubbard (King's)

Harry Farrow

Florence Watson

Little Zola

Dorma Morgan

Harry Egan

Stephans and Rennior

Lily Hill

Brothers Gardiner

Sam Thompson

1911 The House That Jack Built (Theatre Royal)

Starring - Billy Merson, Gertrude Lester, Nora Guy, T.W. Volt, Mark Lester, Fred Barnes, Arthur Burgoyne, Daisy West Collins, Queenie Preston, Patricia Bevan

1911 Cinderella (King's)

Victoria Carmen

La Belle Greta

Kitty Clifford

Reg Bolton

Harry Farrow

Chorley and Connor

H.A. Griffiths

Beannie Galletly

1912 Sinbad (Theatre Royal)

Tom Foy, Maudie Thornton, Phyllis Monkman, Sheila Gale, Tatten Hall, Cullen and Carthy, Marie Auld, John Foy, Steve Asher, Winnie Bailey, Maisie Barrie

1912 Dick Whittington (King's)

Maud Esmond, Rose Wylie, Tubby Edlin, Chas. Diamond, John E. Conan, Eddy Foy, Nellie Clifford, Maud May Murray, Two Dainty Danes, Chas Wakeman, Raie Walters, Madelaine Hurst

1913 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

1913 The Forty Thieves (King's)

Marriott Edgar, Nelly Wigley, Madeline Rossiter, Clifford Morgan, Dolf Wheeler, Doris Melrose, Wal Croft, Will Gane, Alice Waldie, Hal Russ, Ray Espinosa

1914 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Scotch Kelly, Rob Wilton, Edna Morgan, Daisy Bray, Jean Lester, Lillie Soutter, Hebe Bliss, Lecardo Brothers, Wyn Weaver, George Fearnley, Donavan Russell, The Kebbles, Mdlle. Wanda

1914 Jack and the Beanstalk (King's)

Lily Morris, Winnie Collins, Jack Edge, Harry Farrow, Leighton and Melville, Pender Troupe, Ethel Gardiner

1915 Little Boy Blue (Theatre Royal)

Brothers Egbert, Pearl Grey, Haidee de Rance, Jack Straw, Violet Egbert, Tom Purslow, Maisy Lowden, The Murrattis

1915 Dick Whittington (King's)

Lily Morris, C.A. Stephenson, Florrie Elliston, Maxwell Carew, Walton and Lester, Eddy Foy, Elise Frasetti, H. Ward Kemp, Chas. Wakeman, Ruby Lingard, Six Crazy Sailors, Three Jewells

1916 Little Red Riding Hood (Theatre Royal)

Marie Brayman, Maudie Francis, Blanche Pearl, Belle Mora, The Dainty Danes, Chrystabel Conway, Billy Walters, Laurence Anarto, Athur Anarto, Ernest Selig, Charles Armand, Fred Carr, Annie Mortimer

1916 Cinderella (King's)

Dorothy Belmore, Katie Kay, Madeline Wells, Archie Glen, Victor Wakeman, Jack Kendrick, Kirby and Anthony, David Fuller, Mat Wilkinson, Agnes Ross, Bob Reed Troupe

1917 Humpty Dumpty (Theatre Royal)

Madge White, Julia de Lacy, Hebe Bliss, George Jackley, Tom D. Newel. Ray Holgate

1917 Jack and the Beanstalk (King's)

Fred Duprez, Nellie Wallace, Lily Morris, Betty Howes, May Noble, Muriel Symes, Fred Borthwick, Eleanor Wilson, Pender Troupe, Yvonne Mehro

1918 Puss in Boots (King's)

Mona Magnet, Peggy Shannon, George Carney, Deane Tribune, C.B. Gardiner, Reginald Crompton, Terri Storri, Violet Field, Elsa Cowie, Fred Terris

1918 The House That Jack Built (Theatre Royal)

Bertie Wright, Florence Helm, Queenie Finnis, Lily Ryal, Lena Burstow, Hilda Newsome, Ethel Walker, Ernie Leslie, Will Vasey, Nat. Ramsey, James H. Whigham, Cliff Berzac

1919 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Louis Beckman, Kathleen Hilliard, Gilbert Payne, C.B. Gardiner, Violet Field, Ian Colquhoun, Edgeley and Dawe, Bob Pender

1919 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Lottie Collins Jnr., Winnie Collins, The Larkum Brothers, Lillie Souter, George Denton, La Pia, Ballard Brown

1920 Dick Whittington (King's)

Mona Magnet, Jack Edge, Eva Lynn, Jimmy Beresford, Burley and Burley, Kitty Vivian, John E. Conan, Will Hallett, Dennis Hoey, Charles Wakeman, Elsa Cowie, Yvonne Mehro, Vera Cowie

1920 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Emmelyn Walter, Marjorie Battis, Moya Nugent, Dolly St Vincent, Inez St Vincent, Isobel Giudice, Peter Donald, Fred Ibid, Herbert More, Hall and Neill, Syd Walter, Kirby's Flying Ballet

1921 Sinbad (Theatre Royal)

Dorothy Leigh

Agnes Croxton

June Mills Juliette De Gai

Les Clicks

Rex London

Billy Rowland

William Innes

Wee Mack

Royal Merry Four

1921 Robin Hood (King's)

Mary Edison, Gabrielle Ray, Frankland Gray, Laveen and Cross, Billy Rego, Billy Moran, Tom Fancourt, Sylvia Cecil, Gordon, Rennie, Ernest Ludlow, Olive and Beryl Thomas, Rita Zalman

1921 Sinbad (Theatre Royal)
Dorothy Leigh, Agnes Croxton, June Mills, Juliette De Gai, Les Clicks, Rex London, Billy Rowland, William Innes, Wee Mack, Royal Merry Four

1922 Puss in Boots (King's)

Dorothy Craske, Leo Bliss, Hal Bert, Francis Halls, Winifred O'Connor, Trixie Gibbs, Dorothy B.Lloyd, Paula Destiny, Harry Roxbury, Mdlle Zeni, J. Gaston, Jack Hylton

1922 Puss in Boots (Theatre Royal)

Laurence Anarto

Arthur Arnato

Florence Helm

Dorothy Arnold

Elsie Videau

Lily Evans

Juana Hudson

Rita M'Lean

Jessie Jay

Victor Kelly

Walter Kirby

Ray Holgate

Leon Dubois

Roy Ray

1923 Goody Two Shoes (King's)

Tommy Lorne, Elsa Cowie, Vera Cowie, Billy Doust, Leonard Ure, Uty Rowlands, Pete Francis, Derry and Toms, Rona Ray

1924 Cinderella (King's)

Marie Brayman, Katie Kay, Will Hay, Harry Farrow, Marjorie Sutherland, Florence Hunter, Frank and Albert, Tom Cable, Herbert Cameron, Raymond Amy

1925 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (King's)

Eve Lynn, Prue Temple, Tom D. Newell, Tom Cable, Victor Crawford, Frances Donking, Herbert Langley, Norman Bowyer, Christo and Strand, Ginnett's Troupe

1926 Dick Whittington (King's)

Eve Lynn, Noreen Davies, Tom Cable, Frankland Gray, Edwin Adeler, Stanley and Fisher, Chris Rapier, Laurie Hunter, Gertrude Ayton, Eileen Connelly, Landport Foster, Nanette and Leon

1927 Sleeping Beauty (King's)

Victor Crawford, Doris Bleach, W.S. Percy, Marjorie Grahame, Myrette Morven, Frank Attree, Henry and Edgar Martell, Francis Donking, Boganny Troupe

1928 Robinson Crusoe (King's)

Tommy Lorne, Victoria Carmen, Myrette Morven, Max Wall, W.S. Percy, Mollie Milne, John Harcourt, Charles Rolfe, Olly Barrett, Oliver Prosser, Phyllis Strickland, Ellis Williams, Marjorie Grahame

1929 Queen of Hearts (King's)

Harry Gordon, Jack Edge, Jenny Howard, Irene North, Blake Adams, Baby Love, Gwen Llewellyn, Molly Seton, Reg Connor, George Sanger, Fred Gerrard, Bert Rousette, Six Keystones

1930 Mother Goose (King's)

Harry Gordon, Nita Croft, Archie Glen, Betty Jumel, Molly Fisher, Jack Holden, Fred Watt, Joe Arthur, Gladys Courtland, Ethel Anderson, St. John Medley, Brothers Ross

1931 Cinderella (King's)

Tommy Lorne, W.S. Percy, Dorothy Langley, Louise Witting, Joan Cole, Nellie Bowman, Peter McSweeney, Tommy Toms, Monica and Pat Daly, John Harcourt, Frances Donking, Valerie Coales, Michael Arnaud, Nanette

1932 Jack and the Beanstalk (King's)

Dorothy Ward, Shaun Glenville, Harry Gordon, Jack Holden, Yvette Anning, Fred Watt, Cora Farrell, Gladys Hirste, Molly Seton, Bert Brownbill, J. Murray Stewart, Shanks Brothers


1932 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Dave Willis as Idle Jack

Lily Long

Gladys Church

Alec Ascot

Joan Lawson

Gilbert Lees

Ann Suter

1933 The Sleeping Beauty (King's)

Alma Barnes, Mimi Crawford, Dan Leno Jnr., G.S. Melvin, Jack Martell, Anita Lowe, George Hughes, Liliane Gilbert, Frank Attree, Babs Wilson-Hill

1934 Babes in the Wood (King's)

George Gee, Mary Honri, Clayton Sisters, Rich and Galvin, Tom Cable, Gavin Gordon, Molly Fisher, Betty Clayton, Hazel Gay, Kathleen Ingram, Ernest Bertram, Edna Squire-Brown

1935 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (King's)

Marjery Wyn, Phil Strickland, Jack Hayes, Renee Foster, Clayton Sisters, Patrick Colbert, Betty Clayton, Ellis Holland, Shaw and Weston, Three Hiltons, Karino, Vadio and Hertz

1936 Dick Whittington (King's)

Nancy Fraser, George Doonan, Valerie Hay, Reso and Reto, Frank Hilton, Hazel Gay, Wyn Weaver, Alison Stewart, Tom Cable, Wally Mark, Hart Athol, Beate Bradna, Smith Brothers, Jean and Joan Ormonde

1937 Aladdin (King's)

Cora Goffin, Stanley Holloway, Dave Burnaby, Joe Jackson Jnr., Collinson and Dean, Gloria Day, Patrick Colbert, Kevan Bernard

1938 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Netta Underwood, Douglas Byng, Hal Bryan, Gracie Schenk, Henderson Twins, Stainless Stephen, Con Kenna and Partner

1939 Humpty Dumpty (King's)

Gene Gerrard, Betty Baldwin, Bobby Comber, Betty Barker, Ernest Arnley, De Haven and Page, Leslie Beaufort, Ella Drummond, Sheila Hawthorn

1940 Robinson Crusoe (King's)

Elsie Bower, Evelyn Dall, Jewell and Warriss, Eddie Henderson, Maurice Colleano and Co, Toni Raglan, Elizabeth Meech, Norman Bartlette, Douglas Herald, Queenie Royal, Three Admirals

1941 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Jean Adrienne, Jewell and Warriss, Rubina Gilchrist, Jimmy M'Kinlay, Chas. King, Robinson Twins, Gwladys Garside, Bernard Ross, Douglas Herald, Ganjou Bros. & Juanita

1942 Cinderella (King's)

Elizabeth French, George Clarke, Angela Braemar, Ed. Morelle, Edna Wood, Yale Brothers, Rita Bernard, Lena Brown, Helen Crerar, Cleef and Moroney, Joan Hobbs, Edna Squire-Brown

1943 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (King's)

Adele Dixon, Jackie Hunter, Mary Naylor, Jack Hayes, Geo. and Jack D'Ormonde, Mary Honer, Jimmy M'Kinlay, Clifford Morgan, Dolinoffs and Raya Sisters

1944 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Dave Willis, David Dale, Phyllis Hunter, Betty Norton, Jimmy M'Kinlay, Kathleen West, Cleef and Moroney, Helen Crerar, Robinson Twins, Paul Stanton, Christine Spencer, Les Trois Matas

1945 Mother Goose (King's)

George Lacy

Betty Huntley Wright

Daphne De-Wit

Jack Edge

Noel Dyson

The Maiberts

Gordon Rennie

Owen Fellows

Maria Perilli

Harry Cranley

Jenny Hayes

Beatrice Appleyard

Hank The Mule

Ian Jarvis

1946 Sleeping Beauty (King's)

Gene Gerrard

Carol Eric

Betty Leslie-Smith

Eddie Henderson

Eddie Reindeer

Doreen Lavender

Constance Stocker

Les Pierrotys Wilson

Keppel and Betty

Nancy & Molly Munks

Kathleen Gray

Airdrie Ladies Pipe Band

1947 Goody Two Shoes (King's)

Douglas Byng

Nancy Brown

Sheila De Haan

Davies & Ross

Jack Tripp

Four Nemac

Ed Morelle

Yeaman's Sporting Dogs

Audrey Mortimer

Betty Dayne

Arthur Turton

Jacquelyn Dunbar

1948 Goody Two Shoes (Theatre Royal)

Douglas Byng

1949 Jack & The Beanstalk (Theatre Royal)

Dave Willis

1950 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Dave Willis

1951 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Dave Willis

1951 Puss in Boots (King's)

Gretchen Franklin as Puss

Allan Gabriel as Colonel Willoughby Whiskers

Jean Dando as Mrs Willoughby Whiskers

Daphne Willis as Good Fairy

Max Lee as Joe

Eddie Davies as Bill

Freddie Sales as Baroness Penny-Come-Quickly

Albert Burdon as Simple Simon

June Bishop as Jack

Pamela Kay as Princess Wild Rose

Jack Holden as King Cabbage Rose

Anthony Redmond as Hunchbacks Herald

Veronica Kimmins as Amanda

Opened 14th December 1951

Diretced by Freddie Carpenter


1952 Cinderella (Theatre Royal)

Stanley Baxter

George Lacy

1953 Puss in Boots (Theatre Royal)

Harry Gordon

Jimmy Logan

1954 Aladdin (Theatre Royal)

Stanley Baxter

Alec Finlay

1955 Dick Whittington (Theatre Royal)

Harry Gordon

Jack Radcliffe

1956 Robinson Crusoe (Theatre Royal)

Jack Radcliffe


1957 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Jimmy Logan

Joan Mann

Aly Wilson

Gillian Barber

Leslie Robertson

Johnny Scrim

Robin Wentworth

1967 Cinderella (King's)

Allan Stewart

Grant Stott

Andy Gray

1970 Mother Goose (King's)

Stanley Baxter

John Grieve

Pat Michael

Ian Paterson

1974 Kings Theatre Edinborgh.png

1974 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Moira Anderson
Johnny Beattie
Gordon and Bunny Jay
Blayne Barrington

1975 Jack and the Beanstalk (King's)

Pat Armet

Stanley Baxter

Caroline Bernstein

Elizabeth Cavers

Sarah Collier

Philip Crowther

Tim Curtis

Hazel Elliott

1979 Cinderella (Kings's)

Stanley Baxter (Mr Majeka)

Angus Lennie (Crossroads)

1980 Kings Theatre Edinburgh.png

1980 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Rikki Fulton

Jack Milroy

Ruth Madoc as Robin Hood

Mary Lee

Fiona Kennedy

1983/84 Sleeping Beauty (King's)

Rikki Fulton as Queen Josephine

Jack Milroy as King Francis

Mary Lee

Jan Wilson

Gregor Fisher

Lindy Whiteford

Christina Collier

Mandi Martin


1985 Aladdin (King's)

Stanley Baxter

Allan Adams

Alan Curtis

Bill Clement


1986 Cinderella (King's)

Rikki Fulton

Walter Carr

Kings Theatre Edinburgh 1987 panto.png

1987 Jack and the Beanstalk (King's)

Jimmy Logan
Una McLean

John Ramage

1989 Robin Hood

Allan Stewart

1990 Kings Theatre Edinburgh.png

1990 Cinderella (King's)

Stanley Baxter

Angus Lennie (Crossroads)

Lynn Bustard

Amanda Crooks

Kalman Glass

Fiona Laird

Claire Massie

Edith Macarthur

Bruce Green


1991 Aladdin (King's)

Gerard Kelly

Una McLean

Michael Macenzie

Hope & Keen

Rodney Charles

Sharon Mudie

Amanda Burdett

Fletcher Mathers


1992 Dick Whittington (King's)

The Patton Brothers
Allan Stewart
Jan Wilson
Eric Cullen
Alex McAvoy

1993 Kings Theatre Edinburgh.jpg

1993 Sleeping Beauty (King's)

Les Dennis

Gerard Kelly

Jan Wilson

Michael Greco

Melanie McReady

Steven Wren

Gary Denis

1994 Babes in the Wood (King's)

Cannon and Ball

John Leslie (Blue Peter, This Morning) as Robon Hood

Grant Stott as Little John

Martin Thom as Sheiffs Companion

Maria Miller as Maid Marion

Jim Byars as Friar Tuck

with Gary Denis and Charles Kearney

1995 Edinburgh Kings.png

1995 Cinderella (King's)

Ross King
Jonathan Watson
Andy Gray
Paul Young
Una McLean

1995 Edinburgh Festival Theatre.jpg

1995 Peter Pan (Edinburgh Festival Theatre)

Toyah Willcox as Peter Pan

Frank Finlay as Captain Hook

1996 Robinson Crusoe (King's)

1997 Kings Theatre Edinburgh.png

1997 Jack and the Beanstalk (King's)

Natalie Robb as Princess
Mary Riggans as Good Fairy
Alison Paton (Gladiators) as Guardian of the Woods
Rudi West

Max Boyce as Jack

Allan Stewart as Dame Auntie may

Ross Davison (Eastenders, Hollyoaks) as Fleshcreep

with Hazel and Paul Kidd and John Murtagh

1998 Kings Theatre Edinburgh.png

1998 Aladdin (King's)

Gerard Kelly

Briony McRoberts (Take the High Road)

David Rintoul

Grant Stott

Allan Stewart

Vivien Heilbron

Stewart McLean

1999 Cinderella (King's)

Allan Stewart as Buttons

Dorothy Paul as Fairy Godmother

Andy Gray

Postman Pat

Lesley Anne Johnson

Nigel Ellacott

Peter Robbins

2000 Kings Theatre Edinburgh.png

2000 Dick Whittington (A Talentspot Pantomime) King's

Allan Stewart as Sarah the Cook

Dorothy Paul as Fairy

Andy Gray as Idle Jack

Grant Stott as The Captain

Charlie Caroli as The Mate

Debbie Boyd as Dick Whittington

Jenni Keenan-Green as Alice Fitzwarren

Stewart McLean

Luke Baxter

2001 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Gerard Kelly as Smee

Andy Gray as Captain Hook

Grant Stott as Starkey

2002 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Nursey

Andy Gray

Briony McRoberts (Take the High Road)

Grant Stott

2003 Kings Theatre Edinburgh panto.png

2003 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Dame Trot

Andy Gray as King

James Pearson as Jaxk Trot

Grant Stott

Charlie Caroli

Bryony McRoberts (Take the High Road)

2004 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Widow Twankey

Andy Gray

Grant Stott as Abananazar

Masahi Fujmoto

2005 Mother Goose (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Mother Goose

Andy Gray as Billy Goose

Grant Stott as Demon Discontent

2006 Edinburgh Kings panto.png

2006 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Fairy Godmother

Andy Gray

Grant Stott

2007 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart

Grangt Stott

James MaCkenzie

Tweedy & Alexis

2008 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Widow Twankey

Johnny Mac

Grant Stott as Abanazar

Jo Freer

Tom Urie


2009 Robinson Crusoe (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Mrs Crusoe

Johnny Mac as Robinson Crusoe

Grany Stott as Blackheart the Pirate

Jo Freer as The Mermaid

Charlie Caroli as The Captain

Moyo Omoniyi as Girl Friday

Quintin Young as Bosun McTrap

Featuring Safire and Churchill the Dog

with Huw Roberts, Robin Mills, Callum Francis, Karl Bowie, Michael Eboral, Steve Bloor and Luke Bartholomew


2010 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Dame Trot

Andy Gray as King

Grant Stott as Fleshcreep

2011 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart

Andy Gray as Buttons

Grant Stott


2012 Mother Goose (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Mother Goose

Andy Gray as Elvis McSporran

Grant Stott as Demon Vanity

Hannah Robertson as Jill

David Haydn as Squire McFerret

James Hume as Torben

With Eian Crockatt, Cameron Dyer, Gemma Lawson, Rebecca Wallace, Jessica Sugden, Garry-Patrick Urwin, Martin O'Gorman and The Edinburgh Dance Academy


2013 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart

Andy Gray

Grant Stott

2014 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Widow Twankey

Andy Gray as Wishee Washee

Grant Stott as Abanazar

2015 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Nurse

Andy Gray as Muddles

Grant Stott as Wikced Queen

2016 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Jack Trot

Andy Gray

Grant Stott as Fleshcreep

2017 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Fairy Godmother

Andy Gray as Buttons

Grant Stott as Wicked Stepmother

2018 Beauty and the Beast (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart as Mrs Potty

Andy Gray (Had to pull out due to ill health) as Hector

Grant Stott as Flash Bolby


2019 Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Qdos Entertainment) King's

Allan Stewart

Andy Gray 

Grant Stott

Jordan Young

This was the final panto for Andy Gray who sadly passed away in January 2021.

There was no panto in 2020 due to Covid-19.


2021 Sleeping Beauty (Crossroads Pantomimes) King's

Allan Stewart

Grant Stott

Jordan Young

Clare Gray

Nichola Meehan

Sia Dauda


2022 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Crossroads Pantomimes) Festival Theatre

Allan Stewart

Grant Stott

Jordan Young

Clare Gray

Liz Ewing

Francesca Ross

Brian James Leys


2023 PETER PAN  (Crossroads Pantomimes) Festival Theatre

Allan Stewart

Grant Stott

Jordan Young

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