1953 Babes in the Wood (Palace Theatre)

Connie Graham

Billy Percy

Margaret Heath

Anne Trotter

Bernard Dudley

Hal Scott

Al Farrell

Vic Farrell

Mavis Walker

1956 Dick Whittington (Palace Theatre)

Jack Anton

Helen Hurst

Jay Martell

1957 Mother Goose (Palace Theatre)

Tommy Rose

Valerie Lawson

Margaret Hampton

Palace Theatre Hull pantomime.png

1962 Mother Goose (New Theatre)

Ronne Hilton
Ken Barnes
Bonnie Downes
Tony Snape
Margaret Manners
Arthur Sumner
Ann Haven

1962 Hull New Theatre.png

1965 Robinson Crusoe (New Theatre)


1968 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Ronnie Hilton

George Lacy

Jan Hunt

Bryan Wolfe

Jan Fogarty

Ray Chiarella

1969 Goody Two Shoes

Norman Collier

Jimmy Thompson

McDonald Hobley

Sandy Lane

Tom Meddard

1970 Aladdin

Joe Baker

Eve Boswell

Sandy Lane

1972 Babes in the Wood

Sandy Lane

Jane Fyffe

Antony Bygraves

Tom Menard


1973 Jack and the Beanstalk

Ronnie Hilton
Bobby Dennis
Richard Murdoch


1973 Hull New Theatre panto.png

1974 Dick Whittington

Ronnie Hilton

Dave Butler

Finn & Jones

Sandy Lane

Diane Rayner

1975 Dick Whittington


1977 Babes in the Wood

1980 Cinderella

Terry Hall

1981 Aladdin

Johnny Ball (Playschool, Think of a Number)

Frankie Desmond

John Gowes

Doreen Kay

1981 New Theatre Hull.png

1982 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Mike Newman
Frankie Desmond
Edmund Dehn
Sulie Branscombe
Mark Perry
Barbara Halliwell



1983 The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Vince Hill

Norman Collier

Ronnie Cryer

Eli Woods

1986 Aladdin

Little and Large

Norman Collier

1987 Humpty Dumpty

Keith Harris & Orville

Ronne Coyles

Steve Harvey

Derek Rutt

Geraldine Jay

1987 New Theatre Hull pantomime poster.j

1989 Cinderella

Les Dennis (Family Fortunes)

Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who)

Ronnie Hilton

Ward Allen

Cheryl Wilkinson

Peter Robbins

Nigel Ellacott

1989 Hull New Thetare with Les Dennis and Sophie Aldred.jpg

1990 Jack and the Beanstalk

Ruth Madoc

Colin Baker

Bobby Crush

Norman Painting

Paul Toothill

Mia Carla


1991 Dick Whittington

Cannon and Ball

David Ian

Freddie Lees

Bernadette Nolan

1992 Aladdin

The Krankies

Hilary O'Neil

Gareth Hunt

1993 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dee Smart (Home and Away)

Mark Curry (Blue Peter)

Geoff Capes

Robbie Dee

1993 New Theatre Hull panto.png

1994 Cinderella

Paul Hendy
Juliette Kaplan (Last of the Summer Wine)
Robert Fyfe (Last of the Summer Wine)
Zippy, George and Bungle (Rainbow)

pantomime poster.jpg

1995 Jack and the Beanstalk
Jonathon Morris (Bread)
Panther (Gladiators)
Simon Perry
Chubby Oats
Steve King

Joanne Cameron

1995 New Theatre Hull.jpg

1996 Babes in the Wood

Alvin Stardust

Wolf (Gladiators)
Julie Paton
Peter Dayson
Neil Wheatley


1997 Dick Whittington (Pantoni Pantomimes)

Craig Charles (Red Dwarf, Coronation Street)

Wendy Craig  (Butterflies)
Steve King
Peter Dayson

The Grumbleweeds


1998 Aladdin

Kathy Staff
Stephen Lewis
Simon Perry

Nigel Harvey

Laura Medford

Anna Edwards

Steve Elliott

Keily Hampson

Lee Tarone

1998 New Theatre Hull pantomime.png

1999 Cinderella

Billy Peace

Otis the Aardvark

1999 New Theatre Hull.png

2000 Jack and the Beanstalk

Billy Peace

2000 New Theatre Hull panto.png

2001 Babes in the Wood

Little & Large

Peter Thorne

Richard Swerrun

Emma Stace

Samantha Rowlands

Jarad Morgan, Jim Brooks

Pat Swales

Claire Butler

Suzanne Howlett

Rita Proctor Dancers

Skelton-Hooper Starlets

Val Rood

Paul Mellors


2003 Peter Pan

Gareth Hunt

Martin Daniels

Vicki Michelle

Diane Youdale

2002 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Jansen Spencer (Neighbours)

 Lysette Anthony (Night and Day)

Paul Zerdin

Celena Cherry

Nick George
Tony Stansfield
Carrie Shaw,
Pat Swales
Ian Guest
Sara Thrustle
Rachel Ellis
Sarah Preston
Linzi Impett
Pam Knowles
Welsey Waring
Sebastian Sykes

2002 Snow White at the New Theatre Hull with Neighbours star Jansen Spencer.jpg

2003 Peter Pan

Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo)
Gareth Hunt (The New Avengers)

Sue Hodge (Allo Allo)

Martin Daniels

Diane Youdale (Gladiators)

2003 New Theatre Hull.png

2004 Aladdin

Paul Shane (Hi De Hi, You Rang M'Lord, Oh Doctor Beeching, Holby City)

Frazer Hines (Follyfoot, Emmerdale)

Alvin Stardust

Sue Hodge (Allo Allo)

2004 New Theatre Hull panto.png

2005 Dick Whittington (Qdos Entertainment)

Cannon and Ball

Amy Black

Steve Arnott

Paul Burnham

Benjamin Timothy

Richard Linford

Kieran Jae

Kiri Frost

2005 New Theatre Hull panto.png

2006 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

The Chuckle Brothers
 Spencer K. Gibbins

Roni Hart

Innis Robertson

Noel Brodie

2007 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment)

Cannon and Ball

Dan O'Connor

Luke Baxter

 Nick Wilton

Lucinda Gill

Emily Trebecki

Andy Fox

2008 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment)

The Grumbleweeds

Vicki Michele (Allo Allo)

James Mackenxie

Polly Parsons

Spencer K Gibbins

2008 New Theatre Hull panto.png

2009 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

Paul Nicholas (Just Good Friends, Eastenders)

Keith Harris and Orville

Ben James-Ellis (Any Dream Will Do)

2010 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment)

Stu Francis (Crackajack)

Chico (X Factor)

Dean Sullivan (Brookside)

Chris Chilton

Aiping Guo

David Lawrence

2011 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

The Chuckle Brothers

Duncan Leighton

Nathan Kiley

Andrew Dyer

Dom Hodson

Nicky Adams

Emma Dearden

2012 Sleeping Beauty (Qdos Entertainment)

The Chuckle Brothers

Des King

Wendy Sommerville

Barry Bloxham

Lea Marinelli

Nick Millward

2013 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment)

Christopher Biggins

Bob Carolgrees and Spit the Dog

Sophie-Louise Dann

James Barron

Sam Cassidy

Mia Lincoln

Roy Sampson

Enric Marimon

Hollie Amanda

Kerry Crozier

George Greatbatch

Emily Storr

Alice-Jane Murray

2014 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment)

Sherrie Hewson (Coronation Street, Benidorm, Loose Women)

David Witts (Eastenders)

The Grumbleweeds

Nigel Ellacott

James Barron

Sam Cassidy

Tara Verloop

Rebecca Perry

James Pullum

Emily Kenwright

Chante Simpson

Callum Clack

Hollie Amanda

Katie Singh

2015 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Qdos Entertainment)

Joe McElderry (X Factor)

Cannon and Ball

Lucy Williamson

Luke Newton

Charlotte Haines

Richard Johnston

Adam Colbeck-Dunn

George Knapper

Paul Toulson

Rhys Rice

Bex Roberts

Christian Wood

Emma Johnson

Joseph McMurray

Jessica Oakman

Katrina Ridley

Pamela Blair

2016 No pantomime due to refurbushment

2017 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

Darren Day

Brenda Sheerin (Coach Trip)

Charlie Hardwick (Emmerdale)

Jonny Labey (Eastenders)

Sid Sloane

Ricky K

Savanna Darnell

Alice Strachan

Bethany Relf

Annabelle Adey

Molly Hirt

Louis Mackrodt

Owen McHugh

Harrison Wilde

Daisy Quainton

Christopher Foley

Isabelle Monk


2018 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Anita Dobson (Eastenders)

Neil McDermott (Eastenders)

Bernie Clifton

Martyn James

Jocasta Almgill

Tommy Wallace

David Dale

Liam Marcellino

Hannah Nicholas

Alexandra Wright

Cecil Jee Thomas

Elliot Booty

Sadie Clark

Isabella Baldock

Reece Darlington-Delaire

Oliver Hacker

Emma-Leigh Rose

The Chuckle Brothers had been announced as the headline stars, sadly Barry Chuckle passed away 5th August 2018


2019 Aladdin (Qdos Entertainment)

Simon Webbe

Robn Askwith

Jake Canuso

Neil Hurst

Charlotte Barnes

Keith Higham
Darren Machin
Bethany Whittle
Philip Town
Lawrence Parsons
Brittany Hope
James Alexander-Chew
Charlie Barker
Penny Smart
Linda Brennan

Hull New Theatre 2019 poster panto.jpg

2020 No panto due to Covid-19

2021 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Crossroads Pantomimes)

Neil Hurst
Faye Brookes

Olly Holmes

Nigel Ellacott


2022 Jack and the Beanstalk (Crossroads Pantomimes)

Gareth Gates

Neil Hurst

Chelsae Hall

Georgia Iudica-Davies