1924/25 Cinderella

1925/26 Bo Peep

Starring Ernie Mayne, Ivy Close, Victoria Carmen

1948/49 Jack and the Beanstalk

Starring Frankie Howerd, John Essex, Eddie & Jack Falcon, Bunny Doyle, Marion Gordon, Eva Kane, Marjorie Russell, Gordon Henson, Shanks & Gay, Alec Duck


1959/60 Jack & The Beanstalk

Starring Tommy Trinder

1960/61 Dick Whittington

Starring Adam Faith

1963/64 Aladdin

Tommy Cooper
Hylda Baker


1965/66 Little Red Riding Hood

Starring Cilla Black
Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who, Worzel Gummidge)
Jack Haig

1966/67 Babes in the Wood

Starring Arthur Askey, Roy Castle, Lulu

1967/68 Aladdin

Starring Bruce Forsyth, Jack Haig, Tommy Tinder


1968/69 Robin Hood

Starring Dicki Henderson
Terry Scott (Terry and June, Carry On Films)
Hugh Lloyd, Peter Gilmore, John Gower, David Hartley, Melanie Munro, David Hartley, Mary Hewing

1968 Wimbledon Theatre pantomime.png

1969/70 Sleeping Beauty

Starring Roy Hudd, Arthur Askey, Alan Haynes, Ian Calvin, June Shand, Dorothy Dampier


1970/71 Cinderella

Starring John Inman (Are You Being Served? Grace and Favour)

1971/72 Dick Whittington
Starring Dana
Jack Douglas (Carry On Films)
Norman Vaughan. Jess Conrad, Martin Dell, Jacqui Toye, Sadie Corre

1972 Wimbledon Theatre.png
1972 Wimbledon Theatre.png

1973/74 Cinderella

Starring David Nixon, Basil Brush

1974/75 Goldilocks & The Three Bears

Starring Dick Emery, Jess Conrad, Brian Marshall, Sheila White, Bill Ryan


1972/73 Jack & The Beanstalk
Starring Jimmy Tarbuck

1972 Wimbledon Theatre panto.png
1975 Wimbledon Theatre.png

1975/76 Dick Whittington
Starring Jimmy Tarbuck, Hugh Lloyd, Bill Kerr, Ian Lindsay. Linda Bryan, Lionel Murton, Terry Doogan

1976/77 Mother Goose

Starring John Inman (Are You Being Served?, Grace and Favour)
Arthur English (Are You Being Served?)
Hope & Keen

1977/78 Babes in The Wood

Starring Windsor Davies (Never the Twain)
Jim Davidson (Big Break, The Generation Game)
Don Smoothey, Don Estelle


1978/79 Emu in Pantoland

Starring Rod Hull & Emu, Billy Dainty, Barbara New, Ton Chatto, JJ King, Gerald Martin


1979/80 Aladdin

Starring Cilla Black, Don Maclean, Frankie Desmond John Gower

1980/81 Cinderella

Starring Frankie Howerd, Henry McGee, Veronica Page


1981/82 Dick Whittington

Starring Brian Murphy (Man About the House, George and Mildred)
Eric Sykes
Jan Hunt
Roy Kinnear
Michael Robbins (On the Buses)

Sandy Strallen

Gwyn Jones

Cherida Langford

Philip Compton

Scott Mackee

1981 Wimbledon Theatre.png
1981 WIMBLEDON.png

1982/83 Mother Goose

Larry Grayson

Honor Blackman

Dilys Watling

Anna Dawson

David Morton

Cheryl Taylor

David Brody


1983/84 Sinbad the Sailor

Ken Dodd

Michael Robbins

Syubbie Jones

Philip Compton

David Brody

Jacquie Toye

Christopher Beck

Freddie Lee

Jonathan Lindsay

Gail Ivey


1984/85 Cinderella

Starring Kathy Staff (Last of the Summer Wine, Crossroads)

Bonnie Langford (Eastenders)
Paul Nicholas (Eastenders)
Bill Owen(Last of the Summer Wine)
Ward Allen, Simon Barry, Alan Vickers


1985/86 Aladdin

Starring Peter Davison (Doctor Who)
Bob Carolgees, George Sewell, Sandra Dickinson, Lena Zavaroni

1986/87 Jack & The Beanstalk

Starring Harry Worth
Denise Nolan
David Griffin (Hi De Hi, Keeping Up Appearances)
Anita Harris (Carry On Films)
Robin Askwith
Linda Regan (Hi De Hi)
Barrie Gosney


1987/88 Robinson Crusoe

Starring Dennis Waterman (Minder, New Tricks)
Rula Lenska (Coronation Street)
Colin Baker (Brothers, Doctor Who)
Sam Kelly (Hi De Hi)
Jan Leeming, Tudor Davies

1987 Wimbledon Theatre.png

1988/89 Peter Pan

Starring Lulu, Christopher Timothy

1989/90 Aladdin

Starring Cilla Black, Gareth Hunt, Bob Carolgees, Gordon Honeycombe, Katie Budd, David Morton

1990/91 Cinderella

Starring Bonnie Langford (Eastenders)

Brian Conley

Gyles Brandreth

Jan Hunt

Ed Stewart

Barabra Windsor (Carry on Films, Eastenders)

Ray Alan

1991/92 Dick Whittington

Starring Les Dawson (Blankety Blank)
Rula Lenska Coronation Street)
John Nettles (Bergerac)
Dooby Duck, Tracy Hardwick, Jeff Stevenson

Les Dawson was replaced by Bernard Cribbins part way through the run due to ill health


1992/93 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Starring Bobby Davro
Michaela Strachan
Ray Meagher (Home and Away)
Victor Spinetti
Nobby the Sheep
Charlie Cairoli

1992 Wimbledon Theatre panto.png

1993/94 Jack & The Beanstalk

Starring Stefan Dennis (Neighbours)
Vicki Michelle (Allo Allo)
Kevin Lloyd (The Bill) 

Tudor Davies

Little & Large


1994/95 Cinderella

Starring Rolf Harris

June Whitfield (Absolutely Fabulous, Last of the Summer Wine)
Ian Botham
Mark Curry (Blue Peter)
Robin Askwith
Sally Meen
Nigel Ellacott
Peter Robbins
Charlotte Dennis

1995/96 Aladdin

Starring Danny La Rue, Derek Griffiths, Karl Howman, Amanda Reddington, Dawson Chance

1996/97 Robin Hood

Starring Paul Nicholas, Hope & Keen, Forbes Collins, Tudor Davies, Jane Danielle, Jan Hunt

Note the typo on the dates! this did not run fron Dec 1995 - Jan 1997 as it says!

1995 Wimbledon Theatre panto.png

1997/98 Dick Whittington

Starring Lesley Joseph, John Nettles, Bill Pertwee, Jeffrey Holland, Katie Budd

1998/99 Cinderella (Qdos)

Starring Bradley Walsh, Britt Ekland, Melanie Stace, Kriss Akabussi, Gary Bushall

1998 Wimbledon Theatre panto.jpg

1999/00 Peter Pan (Qdos)

Starring Leslie Grantham, Joe Pasquale, Bonnie Langford, Jan Hunt

Wimbledon 1999.png

2000/01 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (Qdos)

Starring Lionel Blair, Sam Kane, Linda Lusardi

2001/02 Jack & The Beanstalk

Starring Shane Richie, Geoffrey Hayes, Allan Stewart, Sadie Nine, Caey Lee-Jolleys

2002/03 Dick Whittington

Starring Russ Abbot, Bobby Bennett, Russ Kane

2004/05 Aladdin (Qdos)

Starring Claire Sweeney
Paul Zerdin
Roger Royle
Russ Kane
Robin Askwith

ew Wimbledon Theatre 2004 panto.jpg

2005/06 Cinderella (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Susan Hampshire

Naomi Wilkinson

John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Dancing on Ice)

Richard Wilson (One Foot in the Grave)


2006/07 Peter Pan  (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Bobby Davro, Henry Winkler

2007/08 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Ross Kemp (Eastenders)

Bobby Davro

Warwick Davis (Willow, Star Wars, Harry Potter)

New Wimbledon Theatre.png

2008/09 Cinderella (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Gareth Gates (X Factor)
Alistair McGoawan
Joanna Page (Gavin and Stacey, Love Actually)

2009/10 Aladdin (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Pamela Anderson / Anita Dobson / Ruby Wax - All sharing one role

with Paul O'Grady, Brian Blessed


2010/11 Peter Pan (First Family Entertainment)

Starring David Hasslehoff /Jerry Springer / Jeremy Jackson - Sharing the same role

with Louie Spence


2011/12 Dick Whittington (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Sam Attwater, Anna Williams, Eric Pots, Dame Edna Everage

Behind the scenes videos:

2012/13 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

Starring Priscilla Presley (Dallas)
Jared Christmas

Warwick Davis (Willow, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Tenable)

Trailer video:

2013/14 Aladdin (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Jo Brand, Matthew Kelly, David Badella, Oliver Thornton, Flawless

2014/15 Cinderella (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Tim Vine

Linda Gray (Dallas)
Matthew Kelly, Wayne Sleep

Trailer video:

Behind the scenes video:

2015/16 Peter Pan (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Verne Troyer (Austin Powers)
 Marcus Brigstocke, Jared Christmas, Flawless


Trailer video:

Trailer video:

2016/17 Dick Whittington (First Family Entertainment)

Starring Matthew Kelly, Arlene Phillips, Tim Vine


2017/18 Jack & The Beanstalk (Qdos)

Starring Al Murray, Clive Rowe


Video trailer:

2018/19 Aladdin (Qdos)

Starring Paul Merton, Lee Ryan, Pete Firman, Linda John-Pieirre, Lauren Chia

During the performance on Friday 28th December Lee Ryan became ill and his understudy took over the title role for Act 2. It was later confirmed Lee was suffering with a chest infection leading to him missing several performances


2019/20 Cinderella (Qdos)
Starring Samantha Womack (Game On, Eastenders)
Lesley Garrett, Melody Thornton, Pete Firman


2020/21 No pantomime due to Covid-19
2021/22 Dick Whittington (Crossroads Pantomimes)
Starring Shane Richie (Eastenders)
Peter Piper, Hiba Elchikhe

New Wimbledon.jfif

2022/23 SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (Crossroads Pantomimes)