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1955 - 2023

Paul O'Grady

Paul James O'Grady MBE DL was an English comedian, broadcaster, drag queen, actor, and writer. He achieved notability in the London gay scene during the 1980s with his drag persona Lily Savage, through which he gained broader popularity in the 1990s.


2019/20: Golilocks and the Three Bears (Palladium) 

2016/17: Cinderella (Palladium

2015: Cinderella (Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham)

2012/13: Aladdin – A Wish Come True (02 Arena)

2004/05: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Victoria Palace, London)

2003/04: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Bristol Hippodrome)

2000/01: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (The Mayflower, Southampton) 

1999/00: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Birmingham Hippodrome)

Paul's Panto posters

2003 Bristol Hippodrome.jpg
2000 Southampton Mayflower.jpg
Paul O'Grady Cinderella  2015.jpg


Between 2005 - 2009 everyone used to run home from work and school to watch the PAUL O'GRADY SHOW on ITV and CHANNLE 4.
The Paul O'Grady Show was a British comedy chat show presented by Paul himself. The programme is a teatime chat show consisting of a mixture of celebrity guests, comic stunts, musical performances, and occasionally viewer competitions.


Every year, the show had an annual Christmas pantomime. Roughly 15 guest stars appeared in the panto. There was always one narrator, who told the story throughout the panto. This had been Antony CottonDawn FrenchKate ThorntonSandi Toksvig and Stephen Fry. The panto ran roughly for the whole show, with usually five minutes left at the end when O'Grady and the stars answered the questions that had been e-mailed in by the viewers. However, in the 2006 panto, Peter Pan, the panto only ran for roughly 40 minutes, ending around 5.40 pm. After this, O'Grady interviewed Dawn French, who was the narrator, as he would do on a normal show. There was then, as usual, the organ game and O'Grady and all the stars then answered e-mails sent in by the viewers. The panto was always on the last Wednesday before Christmas, meaning that it was always broadcast live.

The pantos were:

Jo Brand was the only celebrity who appeared in the panto every year. O'Grady thanked Brand for her appearance in every annual panto on the show after the fifth and final panto on 14 December 2009.

The pantomime did not return in the 2013 revival.

The Paul O'Grady Show pantomime was always a highlight in the show's calendar and once again Paul (under his creative decision) brought the joy of pantomime into everyone's home. What a fantastic person! ​

Paul O'Grady show panto

Paul's panto photos

Paul Ogrady.jpg
dick and dom paul o grady bradley walsh.webp
Paul O Grady 1.jpg
Paul O Grady 5.jpg
paul o grady.jpg
Paul O Grady 6.jpg
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