Rona Coleman
Heather O'Brien  (Episodes 387 - 692)

1981/82 Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Philip Street Theatre, Sydney (Australia)

Cornelia Frances
Barbara Armstrong / Hamilton (Episodes 13 - 736)

1990 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Cliffs Pavilion, Southend
1991 Dick Whittington - Rhyl Pavilion
Cornelia passed away in 2018 aged 77 following a battle with bladder cancer.
In 2003 Cornelia released her autobiography 'And What Have You Done Lately'. The book offers a fascinating insight into the professional and personal lives of one of the most recognisable faces 
from Australian TV history including the real reason she came to depart from Sons and Daughters.
Note that on the flyers below for her panto appearances
in the UK her name was spelt on the posters as
Francis rather than Frances, this was the same for
any work that Cornelia carried out in the UK as there
was another Cornelia Frances on Equity's books.

Danny Roberts
Andrew Green (Episodes 342 - 972)

1988 Jack & The Beanstalk - Harlequin Theatre, Redhill
1988 Harlequin Theatre Redhill panto.png

Judy Nunn
Irene  Fisher (Episodes 422 - 738)

2001 Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs - Ferneham Hall, Fareham

Ian Rawlings
Wayne Hamilton (Episodes 2 - 972)

1999 Aladdin - Beck Theatre, Hayes

Other actors to have appeared in Sons and Daughters in smaller roles and also pantomime include...
Jackie Woodburne (Young Patricia) episode 1 

Tom Oliver (Andrew Brooks)
Terence Donovan (Tom Chaplin) episodes 680 - 711
Debra Lawrence (Lisa Cook) episodes 323 - 348
Shane Connor (Angel Jones) episodes 894 - 900
Craig McLachlan (Student)
Vanessa Downing (Cheryl Ryan)
Roger Oakley (Doctor)


Sons & Daughters theme tune
Sons and Daughters opening titles from 1987

DVD release review
Sons & Daughters Collection One DVD

In November 2020 Via Vision Entertainment in Australia released the complete first year of Sons & Daughters on a 25 disc DVD set. 

We give high praise indeed to Via Vision Entertainment for finally arranging for this cult Australian series to get a long overdue DVD release, something fans have campaigned for and wanted for many years. It is always important with releases like this that fans throw their support behind it and make a purchase to secure future collections get their deserved releases.


Collection one contains the first full year of episodes, all 174 glorious episodes from 1982 which launch us into the lives of the wealthy Hamilton family of Sydney and the struggling Palmer family from Melbourne as we follow the initial story of twins separated at birth who meet again twenty years later in the most bizarre of circumstances. Meet for the first time the deliciously scheming Patricia, or as she became known to a generation, Pat the Rat, played by Australian TV royalty Rowena Wallace. Also featuring in this collection are other well known Australian actors including Cornelia Frances, Pat McDonald, Brian Blain and Peter Phelps to name just a few.

Each episodes is presented in 4:3 aspect ratio and has been transferred from the original master tapes. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are joined together to be presented as the original feature long opener to the series, the quality of this feature is fine for the age of the programme but the picture quality does improve slightly for all of the other episodes. There is nothing to complain about here with the quality, let's remember the age of the show after all and having previously only really being able to enjoy the series on dodgy 30 year old VHS recordings this becomes pure luxury.

This collection will give you 67 hours and 19 minutes of glorious viewing pleasure as you indulge in pure  melodramatic nostalgia.

There are no special features on this collection sadly, maybe the odd cast commentary from the likes of Rowena Wallace, Ally Fowler or Tom Richards would have pushed the price of the release up a bit too much for fans but maybe we will get treated to something along these lines later in the releases. We are however thrilled to have this wonderful DVD set as part of our collection and we would highly recommend this for any fan of Australian Tv shows, this rates up there with the very best of them.

We can forgive a few minor errors on the rear cover of this release, poor Syd Conabere has been renamed as Sally Conabere here, Kim Lewis is missed off of the cast list whilst minor player Paul Wayne is credited with the principal cast. Anne Henderson-Stires also has the 'Stires' missed off the box credit but we don't think she will mind too much.

With the promise of Collection 2 coming in early 2021 and further releases to complete the entire series (Bring on Alison Carr and Caroline Morrell!) on the horizon we watch in anticipation of new release news from Via Vision Entertainment and we once again thank them for dusting off this series and releasing it to a very appreciative audience of Sons and Daughters fans.


Sons & Daughters Collection Two DVD

The Collection 2 DVD release was initially scheduled for December 2020 but was pushed back to 3rd March 2021.

This 26 disc set features all episodes from the second year of the series, originally aired in 1983 (Episodes 175-352). An exclusive edition signed by Rowena Wallace (Patricia) and Tom Richards (David) was also made available. 

This season introduces us to new characters such as Stephen Morrell (Michael Long), Andy Green (Danny Roberts), Amanda Morrell (Alyce Platt), Brett Healy (Brett Climo) Margaret Dunne (Ilonna Rogers), Terry Hansen (Andrew Clarke) and Dee Morrell (Mary Ward). This set concludes with episode 352 which is the 1983 cliff-hanger episode featuring the Woombai shooting.