Lorrae Desmond - Shirley Gilroy
1956/57 Cinderella - New Regal Cinema, Gloucester /  Rialto Theatre York

1957/58 Cinderella - The Globe, Stockton

1958/59 Cinderella - Grand Theatre, Leeds

1959/60 Jack and the Beanstalk - Liverpool Empire

Lorrae passed away 23rd May 2021 aged 91


Shane Porteouus - Terrence Elliott
1970 Dick Whittington - Parade Theatre, Kensington, NSW (Australia)


Brian Wenzel (Frank Gilroy) is also known to have appeared in pantomimes but we sadly do not have any details.


Other actors who appeared in the series in smaller roles and also appeared in panto include Beth Buchanan (multiple ACP roles), Tom Oliver (Multiple ACP roles), Maggie Dence (Multiple ACP roles), Rebekah Elmaloglou (Christina Agapitos), Ray Meagher (Multiple ACP roles), Terence Donovan (Multiple ACP roles), Shane Connor (Multiple ACP roles), Justine Clarke (Nicki Simpson), Jackie Woodburne (Multiple ACP roles), Debra Lawrence (Multiple ACP roles), Judy Nunn (Nancy  Brewer), Julie Mullins (Cathy Hatfield), John Adam (Rick Morrison), Vanessa Downing (Fiona Farrell), Roger Oakley (Multiple ACP roles), Frank Lloyd (Multiple roles, Rona Coleman (Anita Novak) and Maggie Millar (Sister Evelyn)

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A Country Practice 1988 Opening titles

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The first 148 episodes in one collection on 34 discs

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This re-release of the series takes us all the way from the very first episode through to the middle of the third series, binge watching at it's very best with our favourite Wandin Valley residents! You don't need to worry about this not being the complete series as further collection releases are already planned to give you the complete A Country Practice saga. This set is beautifully presented and will take pride of place within your DVD collection, maybe alongside other Via vision releases such as Sons & Daughters or The Young Doctors. A Country Practice is pure nostalgia and great for spotting actors form other shows, it seems that every actor in Australia has passed through Wandin Valley at some point during their career.  Let's remember this is a 40 year old series but the picture quality is wonderfully clear on this release.