1996 - Puss In Boots

1997 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

1998 - Aladdin

Rhino (Gladiators)

Jason Shirley

Wee Willie Harris

Ana Schofield

Peter Morton

Brian Weston

1999 - Cinderella

2000 - Peter Pan (Hammond Productions)

Tony Scannell

Adrian David

Spencer Kelly

Tim Gannon

Michael Piccrilli

2001 - Snow White (Hammond Productions)

Judy Nunn (Sons & Daughters, Prisoner Cell Block H, Home and Away)

Isla St Clair (The Generation Game)

Shep Wooley

Spencer Kelly

Matt Slack

2002 - Aladdin (Hammond Productions)

Alvin Stardust

Jeremy Spake (Airport)

Julie Paton

Shep Wooley

Spencer Kelly

2003 - Dick Whittington (Hammond Productions)

Keith Harris with Orville and Cuddles

Ronne Coyles

David Perry

David McAlister

Pippa Head

2004 - Cinderella

Jess Conrad

Colin White (Grange Hill)

Paul Burling

David Perry

2005  - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Keith Harris with Orville & Cuddles

Ronne Coyles

Katie Lewis

Nick Wilkes

Ricky Gloacki

The Holloways

2006 - Aladdin

Keith Harris with Orville & Cuddles

Nick Wilkes

Ronne Coyles

David Perry

2007 - Cinderella

Keith Harris with Orville &  Cuddles

2008 - Dick Whittington

Keith Harris with Orville and Cuddles

Ronne Coyles

David Perry

Jamie Wainwright

2009 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Jordan Productions)

Sue Holderness (Only Fools and Horses, The Green Green Grass)

Ian Marr
Laura Sicurello
Edward Baker Duly

2010 - Aladdin (Jordan Productions)

Peter Duncan (Blue Peter)

Chris Edgerley (Hi-5)

Lisa Mathieson

Robert Rawles

2011 - Beauty and the Beast (Jordan Productions)

Ian H Watkins (Steps)

Steven Pinder (Brookside)

Samantha Hughes
Chris Casserly
Zoe Nicole Adkin

2012 - Cinderella (Jordan Productions)

Anne Charleston (Prisoner Cell Block H, Neighbours, Emmerdale)

Carly Thomas

Ben Redfern

Mark Siney
Richard Pocock

2013 - Jack and the Beanstalk (Jordan Productions)

John Altman (Eastenders)

Tracey Penn

Ben Redfern

Mark Siney

2014 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Jordan Productions)

Stefan Booth (Eastenders, Hollyoaks)

Lloyd Warbey (Art Attack)
Daniella Piper
Rebecca Vere
Kim Wall

2015 - Dick Whittington (Jordan Productions)

Todd Carty (Grange Hill, Eastenders, The Bill)

Lloyd Warbey (Art Attack)

Mark Siney
Julia Cave

2016 - Sleeping Beauty (Jordan Productions)

Kay Purcell (Tracy Beaker)

Noel Sullivan (Hearsay)

Mark Siney

David Dobson
Carol Heffernan

2017 - Aladdin (Jordan Productions)

Clive Mantle (Casualty)

Mark Siney

Karis Anderson (Stooshe)

Christian Lee (Britain's Got Talent)

Danielle Haywood


2018 - Cinderella (Jordan Productions)

Andy Moss (Hollyoaks)

Ed Petri

Melissa Jane Fleming

Helen Watson

Richard Pocock

Harry Hart

2019 - Beauty and the Beast (Jordan Productions)

Nicki French (Eurovision)

Matt Lapinskas (Eastenders)
Michael Neilson
Kevin James
Charlotte Christenson


2020 - No panto due to refurbishment
2021 - No Panto due to