1946 Queen of Hearts

1955 Dick Whittington (Tom Arnold Pantomime)

Joan Regan

Sonnie Hale

1956 Cinderella (Tom Arnold Pantomime)

The Beverley Sisters

Ken Dodd

1957 Babes in the Wood

Jimmy Jewel

Ben Warris

1958 Dick Whittington

Joan Regan

Sonnie Hale

1959 Jack and the Beanstalk 

Lorrae Desmond (A Country Practice)

Morecombe and Wise

Jimmy Clitherhoe

Hylda Baker

1963 Puss in Boots (Tom Arnold Pantomimes)

Jimmy Tarbuck

Frankie Vaughan

1966 Merry King Cole (Tom Arnold Pantomimes)

Dusty Springfrield

Peter Goodwright

Sid Plummer

Paul Ryan

Barry Ryan

Pat Lancaster

Charlie Cairolo

1972 Dick Whittington

Frank Ifield

Riy Hudd

Nat Jackley

1977 Aladdin

Syd Little

Eddie Large

Charlie Cairolo

Norman Collier

Patsy Ann Scott

John Gower

1978 Dick Whittington

Cilla Black

Cannon and Ball

Frankie Desmond

George Roper

The Smurfs

1979 Jack and the Beanstalk

Tom O'Connor

1980 Babes in the Wood

Les Dawson

1981 Cinderella

Windsor Davis

Melvyn Hayes

1982 Mother Goose

John Inman (Are You Being Served?' Grace and Favour)

Dawson Chance

Jimmy Patton

Brian Patton

Barbara Newman

1983 Aladdin

Tom O'Connor

1985 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Stan Boardman

Denise Nolan

1986 Aladdin

Cilla Black

Gareth Hunt

Bob Carolgees

1987 Dick Whittington

Syd Lttle

Eddie Large

Patsy Ann Scott

Peter Lewis


Roland Rat

John Bett

Pepe & Co

1988 Snow White


Dean Sullivan (Brookside)

Su Douglas

Ken Gibson

Bobby Bennett

1989 Cinderella

Peter  Howitt (Bread)

1990 Babes in the Wood

Stefan Dennis (Dream Team, Prisoner Cell Block H, Neighbours)

Emma Wray (Watching)

Maureen Nolan

Wally Scott

Billy Butler

Ken Wilson

Franky Whittle


1991 Aladdin

Mr T (The A Team)

Danny McCall (Brookside)

Wyn Calvin

Richard De Vere

Bradley Walsh

Johnny Kennedy

1994 Robinson Crusoe

David Essex

1995 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Letitia Dean (Eastenders)

Steve Johnson

Sue Denning

Ken Gibson
Stephen J Dean

Margi Clarke (Making Out, Coronation Street)

2002 - No panto

Joseph and the Amazing Tecnicolor Dreamcoat

2003 - No Panto

Scrooge The Musical

2004 - No Panto

Jesus Christ Superstar

2005 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Julian Clary

2006 - No Panto

Santa Claus The Musical

2007 - No Panto

Doctor Dolittle

2008/09 Cinderella (First Family Entertainment)

Cilla Black

Les Dennis (Family Fortunes)

Ted Robbins (Phoenix Nights)

John Pickard (Hollyoaks)

Jennifer Ellison (Brookside)

2009/10 Peter Pan (First Family Entertainment)

Henry Winkler (Happy Days)

Les Dennis (Family Fortunes)

Natasha Hamilton (Atomic Kitten)

2010/11 Aladdin (First Family Entertainment)

Pamela Anderson (Baywatch)

Les Dennis (Family Fortunes)

Mark Mraghan
Dani Rayner


2011 - No Panto

White Christmas

2012/13 Cinderella (First Family Entertainment)

Coleen Nolan

Liz McClarnin (Atomic Kitten)

Pete Price

Pauline Daniels

2013/14 Peter Pan (First Family Entertainment)

Ray Quinn (Brookside)

Louis Emerick (Brookside)

Pete Price


2014/15 Aladdin (First Family Entertainment)

Ray Quinn (Brookside)

Claire Sweeney (Brookside, Scarborough)

Leanne Campbell

Pete Price


2015/16 Dick Whittington (First Family Entertainment)

Sally Lindsay (Coronation Street)

Leanne Campbell

Eric Potts (Coronation Street)

Pete Price


2016/17 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (First Family Entertainment)

Jorgie Porter

Leanne Cambell

Liam Mellor


2017/18 Cinderella (Qdos Entertainment)

Duncan James (Blue)

Jodie Prenger (I'd Do Anything)

John Evans


2018/19 Jack and the Beanstalk (Qdos Entertainment)

Shirley Ballas (Strictly Come Dancing)

John Evans


2019/20 Peter Pan (Qdos Entertainment)

John Evans

Tony Maudsley (Benidorm, The Job Lot)

Asa Elliott (Benidorm)

Niki Evans (X Factor)

Louis Emerick (Brookside)