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Enjoy a special programme below celebrating the Wyvern's 50th Anniversary (2021)



Produced by Wyvern Arts Trust

Freddie Lees (Buttons)

Patricia Kane (Valderma)

Howell Evans (Germalina)

Sue Holderness (Dandini) from Only Fools and Horses and The Green Green Grass

Linda Rusby (Cinderella)

David Davenport (Baron)

Sally Saunders (Good Fairy Crystal)

Pitt Wilkinson (Demon Dandruff)

Imogen Claire (Bad Fairy Nettlerash)

Delia Sainsbury (Prince Charming)

Dennie Bayliss (Antonio)

David Davenport (Baron)

John Rudling (Chancellor)

Christine Kimberley (Bun)
David Jordan & David Woodhouse (Daisy the Cow)

with the Mollie Tanner Juvenile Dancers - Dawn Taylor, Sharon Ellison, Jane Carmichael,  Polly-Ann Tanner, Wendy Ellison, Juliet Sheppard, Lynne Davies, Rena Hunt, Susan Johnston, Anna Ochman, Julie Desmond, Linda Marsh, Simon Chitty and Nicholas Ringham

Featuring The Wyvern Theatre Orchestra with singers Deborah Russell, Frank Baker, Colin Fay, Alison Fontaine, Osmond Bullock and Chrstine Lohr

Directed by Donald Bodley / Musical Director Robert Mitchell / Choreographed by Larry Oaks

Sue Holderness appeared in this production years before finding fame as Marlene in the BBC TV Sitcom Only Fools and Horses .

Freddie Lees made a guest appearance in several episodes of Coronation Street which he filmed shortly after finishing this panto.  Freddie passed away in 2015

Seat prices started from 30p

The production ran from 23rd December 1972  - 13th January 1973



Produced by Wyvern Arts Trust

Sally Saunders

Paddy Glynn

Kent Baker

Gerald Moon

Denise Baylis

Michael Beavis

Imogen Claire

Pitt Wilkinson

Linda Rusby

John Rudling

with the Mollie Tanner Dancers

Ticket prices started at 40p per seat

This production ran from 24th December 1973 - 14th January 1974


1974/75 ALADDIN

Produced by Wyvern Arts Trust

Directed by Tony Clayton / Musical Director Robert Mitchell / Choreographed by Mollie Tanner<