1959/60 Humpty Dumpty (Gaumont)

Petula Clarke

Tommy Cooper

Derek Roy

Betty Jumel

Edmund Hockridge

1960/61 Mother Goose (Gaumont)

Don Maclean
Libby Morris
Mark Wynter
Jimmy Edmundson
Dale Williams
Pauline Mee
Ken Wilson


1962/63 Babes in the Wood (Gaumont)

Anita Harris
Roy Bradley

Pauline Mee

Mike Sarne
Jimmy Jewel
Ben Warriss


1963/64 Puss in Boots (Gaumont)

Bill Maynard

Joan Regan

Richard Hearne

1984/85 Cinderella (Gaumont)

Colin Baker

Jacqueline Pearce

Mary Tamm

The Trollettes

Nicola Bryant

1987/88 Babes in the Wood (Mayflower)

Les Dawson

John Nettles

The Roly Polys

Allan Stewart

Aiden J Harvey

1988/89 Cinderella (Mayflower)

Paul Nicholas

Roy Walker

Fern Britton

Dame Hilda Bracket

1990/91 Babes in the Wood (Mayflower)

Cannon and Ball

Christopher Biggins

Bernadette Nolan

The Halfwits

Maurice Thorogood

1991/92 Aladdin (Mayflower)

Stefan Dennis

Michael Elphick

Allan Stewart

Jane Danielle

Danny La Rue

Dawson Chance

1993/94 Cinderella (Mayflower)

Brian Conley

Gloria Hunniford

Gareth Chilcott

Ian Smith

Ann Sidney

Brian Godfrey

David Morton

Jodie Jackson

1994/95 - Dick Whittington (Mayflower)

Lesley Joseph

John Nettles

Jeffrey Holland

Windsor Davies

Rosemarie Ford

Kris Akabusi

Katie Budd

The Simmons Brothers

1995/96 - Jack & The Beanstalk (Mayflower)

Ray Meagher

1997/98 Cinderella (Mayflower)

Due to ill health Dudley Moore had to pull out of this production before rehearsals started. He was replaced by Brian Conley
Brian Conley
Danny La Rue
Postman Pat
Ann Sidney
Dawson Chance 
Brian Godfrey
David Moreton

Pictured below: Brian and David as the ugly sisters

1998/99 - Goldilocks & The 3 Bears (Mayflower)

Karl Howman

Frank Bruno

Stephen Beckett

Emily Symons

Mike Doyle

Don Maclean


1999/00 Cinderella (Guildhall)

Ruth Madoc

John Challis

Andy Collins

Maureen Nolan

Jack Douglas

Shep Wooley

2000/01 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Talentspot) Mayflower

Lily Savage / Paul O'Grady

2001/02 - Dick Whittington (Mayflower)

Jim Davidson

Roger Kitter

Kate Ritchie

Victor Spinetti

John Lyons

John Virgo

2002/03 - Cinderella (Mayflower)

Brian Conley 

Dawson Chance

Nigel Ellacott

Peter Robbins

Lynsey Britton

2003/04 - Aladdin (Mayflower)

Jim Davidson

Lucy Benjamim

Roger Kitter

John Lyons

Mr Blobby

2004/05 - Peter Pan (Mayflower)

Paul Nicholas

Geoffrey Hughes

Nadia (Big Brother)

Sarah Jane Honeywell

2005/06 - No Mayflower panto - Santa Clause the Musical was playing instead starring Anita Dobson, Hilary O'Neil, Roy Barraclough and Gary Wilmot

2006/07 - No Mayflower panto - White Christmas was playing instead starring Ken Kercheval and Craig McLachlan

2007/08 - No Mayflower panto - The Wizard of Oz was playing instead starring Russ Abbot, Gregor Fisher, Matthew Kelly and Gary Wilmot

2008/09 No Mayflower panto - Santa Claus and Jack Frost was playing instead starring Roy Barraclough

2009/10 - Santa Claus & Jack Frost (Mayflower)

Roy Barraclough

2010/11 - Aladdin (Mayflower)

Paul O'Grady

Jon Lee

2011/12 - Peter Pan (Mayflower)

Ben Richards

Lucy Benjamin

Daniel Boys

Les Dennis

2012/13 - Jack & the Beanstalk (Qdos) Mayflower

Julian Clary

Lee Mead

Nigel Havers

Jeffrey Holland

Paul Zerdin

2013/14 - Robinson Crusoe (Qdos) Mayflower

Brian Conley

Lesley Joseph

Video: 2013 panto advert

2014/15 - Cinderella (Qdos) Mayflower

Brian Conley

Gok Wan

Video: 2014 panto advert

2015/16 - Aladdin (Qdos) Mayflower

Joe Pasqulae

Duncan James

Ceri Dupree

Video: 2015 panto advert

2016/17 - Robin Hood (Qdos) Mayflower

Shane Richie

Jessie Wallace

2017/18 - Snow White (Qdos) Mayflower

Craig Revel Horwood

The Chuckle Brothers


Video: 2017 panto advert

2018/19 - Dick Whittington (Qdos) Mayflower

Steve McFadden

Bobby Davro

Andrew Ryan

Joe McElderry

Suzanne Shaw

Sheila Ferguson

Video: 2018 TV trailer

2019/20  Peter Pan (Qdos) Mayflower

Darren Day

Marti Pellow

The Grumbleweeds

Jaymi Hensley

Cassie Compton

Kellie Gnauch

The Timbuktu Tumblers

Micha Richardson

Video: 2019 panto advert 1
Video: 2019 panto advert - main tv spot

2021/22  Sleeping Beauty  (Qdos) Mayflower

Joe Pasquale
Lesley Joseph
Neal Wright
Ceri Dupree
Georgia Carr
Sarah Earnshaw

One act Covid safe pantomime!

Although this performance did open it was forced to close after one day due to ongoing casst illness meaning the rest of the run was pulled. 

2021/22  Cinderella  (Qdos) Mayflower

Craig Revel Horwood
Debbie McGee

Richard Cadell and Sooty